Ho Chi Minh City Tour

There were a lot of pictures that I snapped here and there in my Ho Chi Minh trip, and I really feel like sharing some of them here, if not all.
This picture could clearly tell you how messy their traffics and there have more motorcycles than any other vehicles on the road. Every rider on motorcycles needs to wear helmet. They like to wear those cute and fancy design helmets, which do not  provide safe protection for their head from the impact of an road accident.
Street cafes which mainly sell "pho" were packed with people. You will be surprised to see motorcycles passing by so close to their back, and they can still go on enjoying their food.
They will not be summoned for taking more than 1 people at the back of the motorcycle. Most of the riders will wear mask, as the air is quite dusty.
 We stopped at some famous City spots too to take pictures. Notre Dame Cathedral.
 Ho Chi Minh Centre Post Office.


  1. Wow, the traffic there looks dangerous to me leh... =_=

  2. see those motorcycles also felt so scare to cross the road. haha...

  3. That's why i don't like Ho Chih Ming the city,, don't like that type of hustle and bustle,and that's why i didn't follow my family there last year....

    I rather stay in Hard Rock Penang, enjoying the sun, the beach and the beers..hahahah

    but i like old and medieval buildings,like the Ho Chich Ming Centre PO,,, i think it is the remnant of the French.

  4. Imagine one person with one motorcycle.... There would be thousands in the streets at a time. Wow~

  5. I like their heritage buildings, very beautiful but I don't like their horrible traffic.

  6. really hard to cross the road there with all the motorcycles....