Music course

March 2011, my Little May has started her music course.

May doesn't have as many extra activities as April. She only has Arts and I-Maths classes once every week. Besides, her I-Maths lesson is going to finish by this year end when she completes up to level 6. She is currently at the level 5. She refused to go for the swimming course after going for 2 times.

Every time, when April is away for tuition, May feels very bored at home. So, I brought her to tour a music school on one evening last month. Back at home, I asked May whether she wants to go there again. She said yes excitedly.

After talking to the person in charge of the music school, I decided to sign up Music for Little Mozarts(MfLM). May and I have gone for the first lesson last week. Parents are encouraged to sit next to the child through out the lesson. The first lesson is fun and the music teacher is very lively. May came home with smiley face, and she did some colouring homework which was assigned by her music teacher in the first lesson.

Last night she told me that she is looking forwards to the next music lesson.
On the other hand, April also pestered me to let her learn piano. I haven't decided, as April already has too many activities. Her life has become so hectic after she entered the Primary 1. If she is going to take up the piano class, I will want her to drop one of her current activities. I am thinking of  asking her to drop the UCMas Arithmetic lesson, but it is a bit wasted, because she is doing quite well so far. I am puzzled now. Any advice anyone?


  1. Piano is only half hour or so.. but of course, needs practising at other times.. anyway, if she is interested, it is a good hobby..

  2. Both your girls have a lot of extra curricular activities. Alycia has Mandarin tuition twice a week. I am very keen to sign her up for guitar (she loves guitar), art or take up swimming again. But I haven't really made up my mind yet. Her school gives her a lot of homework. As it is now, I find that Alycia does not have much time to do things that she likes. I'm undecided too.

  3. Music is good if April is interested. Too bad Ashley didn't want to follow the instruction when it got harder thus we have to stop it. Do you need to sit in with April too? If yes this means you would need to sit in music different classes? I wasn't looking forward to that when Ashley was in JMC at Yamaha :) BTW, how long does UCMas Arithmetic course take? A few years? Ashley is now taking it and has been there for 3 months.

  4. Well, you can probably try to hire a (decently good)home piano teacher for her... no hassle of rushing!=)

  5. Hi Sheoh Yan, good for you letting your kids take up music.
    Here practically every Chinese kid can play musical instruments.
    And every year there's a National music contests, and Chinese kids from 7 to 17 will run away with the prizes.

    Good to start them young.
    Have fun.

  6. I love piano! It's great to see May learns music now. Music is good for brain and mental development Aunty Yan! Music stabilizes human brain (especially right brain) when we're too tired with tasks, writings numbers, and stuff that related with left brain. Positive choice for May ^^

  7. I'm sure May will find lots of fun in music. Gambateh.

  8. If she likes it i think no harm to let her get a try. Maybe she has talent in playing piano.

  9. Since she has voiced up her interest, perhaps you can let her try it out... like, arrange it during weekend when she's more free?

  10. good to start them young at music.....

  11. Like the others, I think you should let April try the music since she is interested with it. Maybe she is really talented and can excel in music. We can't turn back the time. Don't let her regret. Just my 2 cents

  12. It is good to nurture the kids in the activities that they are interested in. Music is a very good start. As I'm a pianist myself, I'm always hoping that Chloe will have some musical talent or interest in it. Too bad, she just refused to go for lessons. I'm quite disappointed in her but this can't be forced...

    In a way, you are so lucky cos your girls are so open to learning and willing to attend so many enrichment classes. I think you should let April join the music class since she's so interested. She might feel left out in the future if May becomes a good pianist :)

  13. hi yan,
    first of all, i would like to express how happy i am because finally i found your blog because we live in the same area too..wow, you are a great and super gorgeous mummy. i am a full time mother of a 4 years old boy and 3 months old baby girl..i would like to ask you where is this music school you send May to?? because i wish to send my son there too after how you describe how fun is it..

  14. Jane,

    This Music Course is available at Taiping Yamaha Music School and Doremi Music School.

    If you need further information, please write to me at