Simple but nice

Ever since I got married with my husband, I was blessed to have my MIL, who cooks us dinner every day. Except on weekends, either my husband will cook, or I will cook or we eat outside food. On certain days, when I needed to attend function like this, MIL would also cook some simple but  nice dinner for my family.
 These two foods were the most common one, fried rice and 'fucuk' barley dessert.  
Fried rice with long bean, carrot, Chinese sausage, prawn and egg.

Barley dessert with egg, 'fucuk', and ginkgo biloba. I tell ya, they were so yummy until I forget that I had the 8 course dinner awaited for me at the function.


  1. Now I see where your hubby got the skills and talent from... lucky you!^-^

    Have a great weekend ya!

  2. You're so blessed~ The 'fucuk' barley looks very very yummy!

  3. Home cooked meals regardless its complexity is always hearty.

  4. You are very fortunate to have MIL around to help you out whenever you need her.

  5. Mmmm...the fucuk barley is my favourite dessert. You are so lucky to have homecooked food :)

  6. So long did not drink that fu chuk barli already....