Things that we brought home on Friday

I took this picture, and later I saw that it captured all the things that we brought home on Last Friday.

1. I brought 3 boxes home from office, which included a mini tower CPU, a 21.5 inches LED monitor and 2 speakers. I ordered online and it delivered to my company's address. My husband bought these for his princesses as their 2011 Birthday gifts.
2. Can you spot the green color card on the wooden coffee table? April brought her new library card which has her photo sealed on it, back home from school. She may utilize it to borrow some backs after her test on Wednesday.

3. Can you spot the yellow face and pink ears bunny on the same desk? May brought her art work back home from kindergarten. She told me that it is a mask, after tying 2 rubber bands on each side of the yellow face.

4. My husband brought his very tired body home, much later in the evening. He must be working very hard in the day. Thank God it is Friday.


  1. Great....a new computer for the girls!

  2. My boy still shares my laptop. It's time to get him one oredi but before that we will have to set some rules and time limit.

  3. Hehe good, new desktop set for your princesses. Sure they love this gift~

  4. Lol at point#4. Your hubb is working hard to bring happiness to his queen and princesses. You ought too give him some massage then *wink*

    Btw, it's a good investment & birthday present for your children.

  5. Wah, nice gift....computers!

  6. wow, computers for the princesses? how nice. the girls are so lucky to have a doting father :)