Vietnam goodies

We spent less than RM600 on Vietnam local products, which including friends' souvenirs. If you are new to Vietnam, hopefully the following pictures will give you an insight of what they have.
 Handmade hand bags and toy vehicles with the recycling beer canned and soft drink canned
 Hand bags, be it fake designer hand bags or original non designer hand bags. lol!
 Kids clothing, like pyjamas, dress, gown, blouse and pants.
 Candies, sweet sour plum, potatoes chip, dried and preserved fruit and lots of junk food.
Dumplings and glutinous rice, which have red beans and green beans as the filling.
Shoes galore. I didn't buy all the above, except a pair of hand made Bollywood inspired heels, 2 clogs and some clothing.
 Fruit stall. The fruit there seems larger and nicer than our fruit here. When I were there, it was the mangoes season. We had quite a lot of mangoes, and they were so sweet and yummy.
Hand made coconut shell products like necklace, bangle, bracelet, hand bag, and lots more.

I enjoyed shopping in Saigon Squares and Benh Thanh, because things there were cheap and nice.


  1. I really think it is a shopping haven there, good for you ladies kan? anyway,i would reckon stuff are quite similar to that in Thailand, juga.

    I am sure you sure bought the pyjamas for your girls one, and for yourself, i bet there would be handbags right, assortment of color and shapes,,,,,

    more pictures comeing up?

  2. Hehehe, the LongChamp there got so many patterns leh! You should have bought a few la! :P

  3. Can get better bargain for the same item at the night market compared to the stalls inside Ben Tahn market

  4. It's truly a shopping haven. I would go crazy over the shoes and handbags, and their crafted items.

    I'm surprised to see the can could be recycled into handbags and toys. A good way to help to save the environment :)

  5. Ooohh....if I'm there, I would love to get my hands on the handcrafted items! Wah, this market really has lots of things to see.

  6. Wow, very resourceful toys and hand bags, look at the fruits... I'm drooling already, so many goodies yet my husband used to come back from Vietnam empty handed, tsk tsk!=_="

  7. The fruits are so fresh and yes they do look bigger than the ones we have in Msia.

  8. i have heard so much about vietnam and always wanted to go there.hope will be able to travel there, when I can give up my job.(which I have learn to hate) is it any different from thailand in terms of choices??