What Matters Most?

Folks, I read this in Ai Lian's blog. I really impressed by the content of what she shared below.  I feel guilty after checking the questionnaire. I have got her permission to share it again in my blog, as it really gives me a lot of inspiration. 

Many parents are worried about their children growing up in front of the computer. The computer can be for good or for bad. Well, it is not just the kids living in this internet age. Most of us parents too are knee deep (maybe even neck deep) in it.

Quickly go through this questionnaire:

Do you constantly wonder what to blog about?

Do you wish your children will go to bed early so you can have some time on the computer?

Does your heart drop when hardly anyone leaves a comment on your blog?

Do you experience a pang of envy when you come across someone else's blog that has 40 over comments?

Do you check your Facebook every hour to see what everyone else is up to?

Is your hobby tweeting? (and it has been a while since you heard real birds tweeting).

Do you have 1000+ followers (and you want more)?

Do you follow 2000+ people (and you are still adding to your list)?

Well, thus is the parent in the internet age. Maybe our children should be worried about us instead.


Take time to ponder what really matters in life.

Make sure you have more conversation time with your kids and spouse then your online buddies (whom you've never seen before).

It's more important to have your kids follow you than to have 5000 followers online.

Leaving constructive comments in your children's lives will have greater impact than commenting on other people's blog.

Wonder how to make your children feel loved and valued and not so much what to blog about.

It's okay if you're not the most popular blogger around (unless you're blogging for BIG BUCKS), what matters is that you are popular with your kids.

At the end of the day, it's your relationship with your family members that will bring you ultimate happiness, not the relationship you have with your computer.


  1. True enough. :)
    I blog just to document those moments I treasured. I do not mind whether I have readers/comments.

  2. This is so true. Though I am addicted to Facebook like clicking every now and then to check, I think I can do without it for a few days :P As for my blogs, I blog for $$ and also to stay connected with my blogger friends :) I used to feel a lil upset when I get only a few comments in my blog but not anymore. Maybe i've grown tired of blogging? Thanks for posting this up. A good reminder :)

  3. Computer, games console and Internet... These are the 'IT' in our era. No one is spared from using them and relationship between spouses and children is slowly widen.

    For me, I'm already not spending enough time with my family for I'm working from 8 - 6pm. Hence decided not to have Internet connection at home (at least for now). We'll only have plays, conversation, cuddling and TV at night.

  4. Absolutely true. Is a very good entry to keep us aware. Thanks for sharing this info.

    Initially, I know blogging becos of u. Till now my purpose of blogging is still the same. I don't share everything in my blog. Mostly are places, holiday, food and those moments I treasured. The rest and problems I usually speak out and discuss.

    FB - lesser now...
    Twitter - before bed time, read some news...

  5. Very true and inspiring! Luckily I only guilty for the "Do you wish your children will go to bed early so you can have some time on the computer?"

    Blogging provides me self satisfaction other thn jotting down a little here and there about my sweet little sprouts, moreover it motivates me to spend more quality time with them(doing activities) since I always want to make my kids' blog more interesting!=)

  6. Blogging serves as a diary for me and my boy to jot down thoughts and happenings though I don't share everything under the sky in my blog. Though I blog hop but only to a limited numbers of blogs, yours being one of them.:) It used to bother me if I received only a few comments but not anymore. I realised that I have far more important things to do than gluing myself to the computer.:)

  7. Out of all the questions in the questionaire, I answer Yes to most of them =_=
    Thanks for sharing! Really something worth pondering on....

  8. Broccoli Ginger, some said people who blogged are happy person. I believe you are one.

    Barb, you are welcomed.

    Yvonne, you are so right to decide not to have internet at home. Good for you and your family.

    Angeline, everyone has their own reason to blog. Just have to remember to spare more time with family. I am sure you know this pretty well.

    Alice Law, High 5, I scored that too. I constantly nagged them or threatened to sleep earlier, so that I could have some computer time. Ever since I read this, I will tell my kids that mummy needs some time on computer and will come back to them again.

    Ian's mom, thanks for the support. I have decided to reduce my time on computer and spare more time to listen to my kids.

  9. Hayley, you are welcome. I put this up to remind myself not to forget what is more important in my life.

  10. OMG...this is so true when I first started blogging..hehe. I'm bothered if there are no comments on my blog...LOL. I am very happy to meet alot of mummy bloggers like you who are so nice to come by and leave nice comments on my blog. Really appreciate that.

    Ok..this serves as a good wake up call..haha. I'm sleeping early tonight. :P

  11. Mummy Gwen, yes, please sleep early if you can. I will reduce my time on computer and listen to my girls more instead. I keep telling myself this, scare I will forget. Glad to know you too.

  12. I don't blog that much, FB also same same,,, to me it is about my time with the family,,,,,, after all i don;t really earn much from blogging, and i don't care about page rank, visit stat or whatever

    it is also nice to know friends like you,that's all

  13. Family comes first! Only blog when have the extra time....thanks for the post!

  14. My initial purpose of blogging is to keep my hubby's family (especially Shenny's grandma) in Holland update with Shenny's doing. But now, feel great to get to know other bloggers mommies.

  15. This is indeed a good one. Luckily I'm not neck deep yet. hahaha..... I only blog during office hour. Back home, it is for my family. They sleep, I also sleep.