4 and half days

I will be temporary off from the manufacture work, and be a temporary home maker.

Start from this afternoon, I will leave my work station and return only on Wednesday.

This afternoon, I have a plan date with my husband for the movie -The Ghost must be crazy (鬼也笑) 2011, which Hayley had watched. It is time to hold hands again and rekindle that fire like what Eugene reminded.

MIL will go for a short trip with friends on Saturday, it is time for me spend more time with my children while taking care of them.

It has been quite some time that I didn't send my younger, 5 years old May to her kindergarten. It is time to catch up with her teacher on her progress in school. She is very happy to know that I am going to send her to her kindergarten on Monday. She said that her classmates are interested to know her mother.

I am quite worn out, since coming back from the holidays in Vietnam  and went back straight to work. It is time for me to catch up more shut eyes on the long weekend.

Folks, wish you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. So jealous at you Yan... I also wish can have days off like you, haha :D
    Enjoy your movie date with your hubby later, and have a great weekend!

  2. Hayley, wait for 2 more weeks, there is another long weekend on May 1 Labour Day.

  3. Glad to know you can have more time to spend with your loved ones. ENjoy your date with your Hubby. :)

  4. *envious* I long for a long holidays too...
    Happy holidays to you~

  5. yan,

    good on you. maybe add on romance. ?

  6. so nice you have a long weekend break.. i guess it's nice to take it easy and give yourself a relax break doing nothing much.. :)

  7. Have a nice weekend and holidays!

    Wah, romantic date with hubby! LOL!

  8. A short break, wow... something I hardly get nowadays! Envy!

    Please enjoy and have a nice week ahead!

  9. Hi Sheoh Ya, wayyyy to go! Nothing like adding firewood to the love of your life.
    Have fun, stay young.
    And enjoy the break.

  10. I like to sent my boy to the kindie myself too...can talk a bit with the teacher. But due to working, I don't have the chance......;(