Art and the future

I sent my 7 years old, April to her school and noticed that the wall in her class has pasted with a lot of students' art work. I quickly took out my phone to snap, as I found 3 pieces of April's art works were there too.
The below two art works that I have sent to Playhouse Disney Magazine drawing contests.
April's masterpiece.
May's masterpiece.

The following was our conversation related to Art and the future.

April: When I grow up, I want to be a teacher in future, and I want to teach Art.

Mummy: Very good, you can open an Art studio to teach people who is interested in Art like you. Your sister, May can help you there too. She probably can teach younger students. Mummy and Papa will be there to help too, after we have retired.
(Sounded so excited)

Mummy: Mummy can help you clean your studio.
(Trying to show my support)

April: Yes, Papa is there to collect the school fees, and also make sure the students are well behaved during the lesson. More like a Principal.
(Sounded happy for the family involvement)

T__________T. In mummy's heart, why papa is a Principal, then mummy is a cleaner? What a wrong option that I suggested. tsk tsk....


  1. Hahaha :D
    I think you and your hubby should switch position :P

  2. No lar, you offered yourself in the 1st place mar!

    April is lucky to have a supportive mum like you, my mom when she heard that I wanted to be an artist(those good old days), she replied, " You want to be a beggar ar?"=_=

    p/s: She is talented, hope she can keep up her good work!

  3. wow, april n may can draw very nice. future art sifu.
    agree with alice, u offered urself as cleaner in the 1st place ma. hahahha...

  4. Both April and May's art works are so nice!

    Good investment. Don't bother which position as long as got $$$ flowing in. hahaha....

  5. Really nice art pieces!

    PS : Posted soup recipe. Click on Soup link for 16 others of my soup recipes...Hv a nice weekend!

  6. hhahhaha....i think she knows mama cleans better :)

  7. lol@ Alice's dream to become an artist!

    April's drawing is very nice and the colors blended very well. May is not bad either. Good job, girls!

  8. Both of them can draw and colour very well. :) Hehe...Mummy should offer to be the Principal in the first place.