First Sunday Morning in April

Last Sunday was a bit special, as we woke up rather early than usual. My husband needed to go to "cheng beng" his ancestors. Before my husband left and joined his parents for "cheng beng", we went for Dim Sum breakfast together,
Then I sent April to her table tennis lesson at the club. Last weekend was the 3rd week that she went for the table tennis training, she shows a lot of interest in this game now. I hope she can maintain the enthusiasm in this sport for long. Since her swimming coach didn't have time to teach her on weekend, she has temporary stopped going for swimming lesson.
I didn't want to go home as I didn't need to cook that day. MIL would normally have ample dishes after the "cheng beng". In order to spare some rooms  for the grilled pork, steamed chicken and roasted duck, I decided to go hiking with my little May at this hill that we used to call "Second Emperor Hill" (二皇山) and it located in the Lake Garden.  
There is a Heritage Mansion on top of the hill. When I was trying to snap a picture of the view, my Little May suddenly ran to the focus point and wanted me to take a picture of her in front of the mansion.
 The gate of the mansion is always locked, and no outsider is allowed to enter without permission.
This is my pair of Nike sport shoes, which I bought 11 years ago with only RM200. I wore it to aerobics, gyms, jogging and hiking, and it still looks like brand new to me every time after washed. So, Nike sport shoes is always worth the value of investment.

Since we woke up so early, we took a very good nap together in the afternoon.
Today my leg muscle is still pain after the hiking on Sunday.


  1. I used to go hiking at 二皇山 with my buddy, Crystal.
    Usually we would hike (half hike and half jog actually) for 6-7 rounds, then my leg muscle will started to feel pain, hahaha :D

  2. You must be kidding me 11 years ago,still looks the same, it either could be hardly use,or mmmmmm you got many pairs of sports shoes, like Imelda Marcos,i think the latter best describes you hhahahah,(just kidding)

  3. Little May is so cute in front of the mansion.

    Wait... where is this 二皇山?? Haha, not a hiker / jogger :p

  4. wow, if you don't say, I can't tell that the Nike shoes is 11 years old :D It's great to be out in the outdoor for some fresh air huh?

  5. RM200 for 11 years and more lifespan, worth it to bits!

    Such good workout, which reminds me it has been quite some time I didn't workout my muscles liao!>_<

  6. oh dear, i didnt go walking uphill for many months now.. i think my shoes also went rusty already.. hahaa...

  7. It's been such a long time we didn't go out to the outdoors. My Nike shoes koyak-ed already and I seldom use it too.