Handmade Mother's Day Card

As promise, I am going to share with you April's handmade Mother's Day card. After making the first Teacher's Day card, both April and me were really motivated in the second card. I decided to do the pop up flower card. I printed 2 pictures on card stocks from this website. Then, I helped April cut and paste the pop up flower on the card.
April wrote short greetings on stick on notes, which later she pasted on the card.
April decorated the Mother's Day card with craft papers.
Ta da....Seriously, I don't know whether this is a carnation or lotus flower.
Last step, April wrote the Mother's Day greetings again inside the card. 
This was cover of the Mother's Day card. April drew a portrait of me. So cute looking mummy *blush*.
In case you find the curtain roof of the card familiar. It was actually the blouse that April wore in this picture.
I found the blouse was too small for April, and thought of dumping it. Thank Goodness I didn't. I cut out the plated part from the collar and used it as part of the decoration at the cover.

After doing these two cards, I have a few tips that I think is useful for your handmade card.
  • Don't tear off the present papers next time you unwrap your presents, the used present paper can be recycled for making beautiful decoration.
  • Before you dump your kids old pajamas and old clothes, remember to cut out the buttons, ribbons and plated parts, they can also be a good decoration in your cards.
Now, please tell me, which one is nicer, Teacher Day's card or Mother's Day card?


  1. huh .... when is mother day ar ??? i also dont realize and i love ur girl creative cards ... and u r right, it can be carnation & lotus flower too ... well done !!!

  2. A very nice card !!!!

    Love the pop up flower and those recycled items.

    I like the mother's day card more even both also very nice.

  3. I like both cards, they are so lovely and warm. Despite using most recycled items, it's the thought that counts, right?

  4. That's very creative,i like the curtain on top of it and when i took a closer look at it, i saw the button on it too, is that a button?

    She must have used a lot of sam si to do it for you,,,, nothing beats that, doesn't it?

    hey have a great weekend ya

  5. Both cards are nice! But I prefer Teacher's Day one ^^

  6. Very nice card! I usually donate away our old clothes cos feel too sayang to cut them up.

  7. O-M-G~! You look so cute and sweet in the picture, from the way she portraits you... I must say she really loves you with a beautiful smile!

    p/s: Lovely lotus... or perhaps water lily?!

  8. Hi Sheoh Yan, hey...your daughter is good and very creative. I like the pics see her concentration....
    and the way she holds or grip her pen.

    I studied Grapho-Therapeaupatics in England, part of hand writing analysis, or Graphology, and one of the things we learn is to note how children hold, grip their pens to write.
    Your daughter holds it well. Looking at the pic, good pressure.
    Have a pleasant weekend.

  9. Hye, the card looks for creative with the curtains on! *_^

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  11. Gosh, I love the card! It is so pretty. There is nothing better than a handmade card made with lots of luv :D

  12. Wah, very nice card....mother's day coming again....time really flies!

  13. Both cards are so beautiful, colourful and creative, I think both are incomparable.
    Well done, May and April. Keep that up.