King again

Saturday evening, I went online to check my email as usual, at the same time read new comments on my blog. My little May and April were just clinging on me.

My little May happened to see the picture of 'king' in this entry. I waited to see her reaction.
As  per what I expected, she said immediately, "KING!".
I said, "May, I told you already, he is not king, why you always say he is king?"
She said, "是king 啦!I saw him holding the gate of the mansion........."

OMG! Tak boleh tahan. She still insists that he is king.

I wanted her to open her eyes as big as possible, as I really adored her big round eyes. Just for your information, her big round eyes are not inherited from my husband, nor me.

p/s: To answer Yvonne's question in the comment,
April asked, "Mummy, why mei mei said he is king?"
I said, "You ask her tonight during your pillow talk."


  1. Yes, her eyes are really round and big! Hmmm, I can see April studying at the back? hehe :P

  2. Lol! Still with her King! How about April? What she comments about that 'King'?

  3. oh yes, she had a very beautiful eyes... my Small J also had a big round eyes , His big round eyes are not inherited from my husband, or me either .... duno where the gen come from ... hahhaha

  4. So envy of May's big round eyes. :) Gwen has small eyes like me.

  5. OMG....what a pair of beautiful eyes your girl got!!! I love it too..

  6. She looks like those fairy tale princess.. normally they have big eyes! so rounded and nice too!

  7. I reckon she make believe the park is a kingdom! I always wow by kids with their unbelievable imagination!

  8. Hi Sheoh Yan, who is 'King'? Your daughter sure has lovely big eyes.
    In Japan I read they pay a lot of money to get big eyes...
    Someday those eyes going to melt a man's heart, ha ha.
    Have fun and keep well.

  9. oh her eyes are lovely. so big and round :)

  10. Hehehe little May is so cute to insist that the man is the King. Love her big, round eyes too :)

  11. haha, i think she will keep insisting that man is the "King" unless you bring her to ask that man, haha.. yeah, really big round and shiny eyes she has, beautiful~~ :)