Lavender scent is all around

Last week, I went and bought some necessities from Guardian. The cashier told me that I have bought over certain amount and I was allowed to purchase some offer items at lower price. The reed diffuser set caught my eyes. It was sold at RM19. There have Eucalyptus and Lavender scents. Lavender is always my  choice.
I placed the reed diffuser bottle at the side table in my bedroom. After half an hour, my bedroom has filled with light Lavender fragrance. I feel so relax and calm, every time I enter my bedroom. I have now fallen in love in this home decor aromatherapy, as it is safer than candles, it is lasting than flowers  and it  is working better than the fragrance spray.

There were also a few tips that you must remember when using reed diffuser,
  • Rotate the ends of the reeds or skewers once a week to refresh and prolong the fragrance.
  • Experiment with different scents. These make nice gifts too.
  • The smaller the opening at the neck of the glass container the better, this will force the oils to travel up the wick to diffuse their scent rather than evaporating up through the neck.


  1. Really that good? Hmmm, I have a set of Lavender aromatherapy oil and burner in my room too. Guess I can buy this diffuser set and try.

  2. Something new for me here. I love Lavender too!

  3. Ahhh... I can feel the serenity too after seeing your reed diffuser!

  4. oh i love the smell of lavendar too. it is very calming and relaxing :) so do you sleep better at night with the nice smell?

  5. Hi Sheoh Yan, thats really nice. Lavender always has that soothing scent.
    We have a lilac plant, a big one beside my carpark and very soon it will spring out leaves then the lilacs....
    and the whole area has a lovely scent.

    Good idea have this lavender in the room....sleep better as helps to relax.
    Have a nice day.

  6. I'm tempted to get one now.... maybe put at my work station, to make my day better.

    I'm not allow to put anything with scent in the bedroom - hubb's order.

  7. It sounds good.. will keep a look out next time i visit Guardian.

  8. i love lavender! makes me sleep better!

  9. Hey thanks for sharing, i must check it out at Guardian alrady, scent of lavender has always been my fav but for RM19, i think it is worth trying,, thanks again.

  10. Barb, yes, I can sleep better in the Lavender scented room.

  11. Maybe I should get one for my home in KL too. I like Lavender scent too.