Moral supporter

April's mid year exam will be here soon, in less than 2 weeks time. Other than revision, tuition and homework, April is also working on some past years exam papers. We believe that more hand on practices are beneficial than reading alone.
While April is working hard on the test papers, she wants me to accompany her to provide her some mental and moral support.
Whenever I went into April's study room to accompany her, my "kay poh chi" would be following too. However, she dared not go near her tigress jie jie, she would just stand  far far away to watch her jie jie doing work. She in fact a very good moral supporter. When I praised her jie jie, she would clap her hands . When I scolded her jie jie, she looked very concern.


  1. Haha, I like the way you describe Little May =)
    Your 'kay poh chi' can be cute sometimes!
    Oh by the way, good luck to April!

  2. when come to exam time, us parents feel the stress as well. Good luck in your exam April, you have a supporter here as well!

  3. Such a close bonding.. nice to hear that...

  4. good job April. such a hardworking girl.

  5. Your girls really ' Han Sei Gak Lei'( envious by neighbours)!! The eldest one so matured and diligent with studies, while the youngest one full of charisma and compassion!

  6. I wished I had a sister. What a strong sisterly bond they have. Good on you for encouraging that. All the best April!! I see her study also I stress man!!

  7. wah.. good girl! Both also good girls. :) Seeing your kids photos, already making me tension. How my boy will be when come exam time when he starts schooling >:P Hope that he's as independent as your April. Then I will have a big big grin on my face :)

  8. Haha, tigress April and kay poh chi May. Your younger daughter is so supportive - no teasing when her sister is studying hard, unlike my naughty son.

  9. April's a very good girl, she takes her own innitiative to do revision.. unlike my nephew who doesn't seem to care and have to be scolded and force to do his revision for his exams..

  10. Wah, so serious, study hard leh. Good lah.

  11. Hi Sheoh Yan, nice photographs. You are good with your camera. That first pic is very good, caught at the right moment.

    Yes, give her moral support, motivate, encourage, praise her.....most times, praise works best.
    Incidentally she or both your dolls play any instruments? Piano?
    I think April will be good in piano....she has the fingers, as I mentioned before.

    If no piano, get a 2nd hand one....most parents do....instead of a new one. Besides older pianos have better, seasoned tone, sounds.
    You have fun, stay easy.....
    Enjoy the Royal wedding.

  12. All the best to April. May is such a caring sister.....

  13. I am sure your girl will excel in her exam, simply because there is so much love in the house,kan?

    you know, with love we can really make things happen.

    share this story with you.

    a friend of mine asked me once how to encourage her son to do well in his exam for he always gets somewhere 40 +,she said she was helpless, then i told her.

    then i told her to encourage her son to do a little better than the last she said i was crazy, (why got good like that)
    i begged her to try it, she conceded,then her son really improved by 2 marks to 48 (previous) 46, i then told her to take her son out to celebrate KFC or Mcd, she said i lagi seow, fail already some more can celebrate

    I told her i would pay for that meal and asking her to tell the son that she was proud of her by getting that extra 2 marks even if it meant fail, from then on, his son improve a lot.

    you see......if you encourage the children even they achieve a little, then can do good one,, trust me ,,

    bye bye sorry for being long,, i feel strongly about this lah

  14. Aww...they are loving sisters. Good Luck to April in her exams.

  15. such a sweet sister! Moral support is indeed very important.... hope April passed her exam with flying colors!