Music for Little Mozarts Level 1

It has been a while that I last updated about my 5 years old, Little May. These pictures were taken on the 6th lesson of Music for Little Mozarts Level 1.

1. Lesson started with Hello Song. Students need to bring along  their two music friends toys, Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear while singing this song. There are actually 4 in the class, but 2 were absent on that day.
 2. Flip to open the lesson book and get ready to practise some songs, which they have learned in previous lessons.
 3. Practise walking on the black keys with right hand.
4. Follow by walking with left hand.
 5. Teacher did some fun action songs in between the lesson. They were doing Mexican Hat dance.
 6. The students were doing the Finger song.
 7. The 6th lesson, Little May has started to use both hands on key board.
 8. Teacher praised May for curving her hands nicely.
 9. The lesson was ended with Good Bye song.
 10. Back home. Little May would do the Music lesson homework immediately. The homework is mostly to colour the musical notes and keys.
Since the lesson needs parent to sit next to the kid, I was there with her for 6 x 60 minutes already. I am a person who actually know nothing about music, now forced to learn some simple notes, keys and names of some musical instruments. Guess, I am not too old to acquire new knowledge, and excel together with my Little May.


  1. Same here. When my daughter learns music, I learn with her. And when she learns swimming, I was there observing and practising myself too. Ha..sky has no limit and goes the same to us...never too old to excel ourselves. :)

  2. very interesting :) only 4 students per class is good :) ashley was in JMC last time and it was packed to the brim. i didn't enjoy sitting next to her for an hour :(

  3. Well done to May and mummy!
    By the way, why only 2 students in the class? :P

  4. Little May is enjoying herself to the fullest. She's concentrating hard with 2 hands on the keyboards :)

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  6. so while "baby sitting" your little girl, you pick up some knowledge in the process. not a bad deal.

  7. good to start learning music early...

  8. Hi Sheoh Ya, really good you get her to start on music, playing the piano.
    Here every year there's a music contest and the Chinese kids as young as 7 will sweep the prizes. Practically every Chinese kid here can play a musical instrument as its encouraged by schools.
    Have a nice day.

  9. After reading your post, I feel like enrolling Gwen to music class too. Little May seemed to enjoy the class. We are not too old to learn or do anything. Just go for it. :)

  10. Little May seems to be enjoying her music class. The teacher is so kind to let you take photos while the class is in progress :)

    Ok, I shall not procrastinate anymore. I am going to bring Chloe to the music centre this Friday! Hehe *keeping my fingers crossed*

  11. She showed interest in music! I wish to let my girl learn piano and son guitar but not too sure if they are interested or not.

  12. May I know which music centre you sent May too? I'm looking for Music for Little mozart near Cheras Taman Midah for my 4 yr old son. You can email me at eilynn7@yahoo.com. Thanks.