Princess April is 7 years old today

Today is Princess April's 7 years old Birthday, and of course I want to write something about her.

My girls have started to sleep in their own bedroom since 2 years ago, but they are allowed to come and stay with us in our bedroom on Saturday night only. Recently, my Little May refuses to sleep on the extra mattress on the floor in our bedroom. She prefers to sleep on her own bed. My husband and I have no choice, but to split on Saturday. He is sleeping with my Little May in the children's bedroom, and I sleep with April in the master bedroom.
I enjoy the one to one time with my precious first born on all the Saturday nights. When my husband and Little May went back to their bed, April would offer me a full body massage. She acted as if she was a pro. She asked me to relax myself on the bed and dimmed the light. She covered my lower part body with the blanket. Then, she started massaging my head and my hands. When reaching my tummy, she rubbed her both palms with some black color Chinese medicated ointment (Minyak Angin),  and only rubbed her palms on my belly. She would do the same for my back. After she has done with the massage, she pressed my tube of cocoa butter body lotion out and apply on my foot, then hands. Before she turned off her side table lamp, she reminded  me to stay in bed and sleep. She didn't allow me to stand up and walk some more. Even when I felt like going to pee, I have to wait until she has fallen asleep, then only tipped  my toes to the toilet.
We would some time chat for a while before she dozed off completely. She would tell me things that happened in her day or in the school. She would talk and talk until she forget the time, and I need to remind her to sleep.
Kids being kids, there was time April was misbehaved, and get punished as well. She was reprimanded by her beloved father to mop the floor after her bath, as she playfully splashed a lot of soup water out from the bath room and caused the kitchen nearly flooded.
Princess April is a vain pot too. She would ask me to tie her a bun or a pleat, whenever she was out for activities or tuitions.
Most of the time, she is a darling to me, and I am blessed for having her as my precious baby.
I want to wish my Princess April a Happy 7th Birthday. 
May you stay healthy, happy, pretty and sweet always and forever. I am always love you.

p/s: April brought this home from her most recent Art class. 大宝贝,妈妈超爱你的作品,你要继续努力。


  1. Happy birthday to 大宝贝!! She is so good in art!

  2. Happy birthday to your 大宝贝 ... such a good helper .. and her art of colouring was amazing good !!

  3. Happy B;day to April......she is such a good girl.

    Her art is very very nice !!!!

  4. April is so sweet and nice... I like how you narrate her 'massage skill'..
    Wishing April a happy blessed birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Princess April :) I wonder where she learned to do the massage like a pro :) Her art is very good :)

  6. Now i jelos already, you see i've always wanted a girl but mmmmmm never mind looking at April i also happy already..

    Now to little April,, uncle Eugene is here wishing you a grea birthday,,, and always shall be a nice girl

  7. Happy birthday, April. Hope you happy and lucky always.

  8. Happy belated birthday, April.

    She offers massage to you and insists you to stay on bed, what a thoughtful girl! She knows that you work hard all day and wishes you to have a good night sleep.

  9. Happy Belated 7th Birthday, April! She looked so grown up and pretty in the 1st picture. I love her artwork too, so pro looking.

  10. April is such a great daughter and friend to have. I love the mother-daughter chats too. I do that almost every night with Chloe and I find that a daughter can really be our best friend indeed!

    Her drawing is simply beautiful! Amazing lah, even I can't colour that well haha :)

  11. Happy Belated Birthday To Princess April! May all your wishes come true. :)

    I totally agree, her drawing is awesome.

  12. She looks so cute while mopping the little flood she actually caused. Haha! Playfully splashing water when taking a bath normal for kids, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn't learn to clean it up themselves. They just have to understand how difficult it is to clean things up, so they won’t make a habit of playing with water too much. Cheers!

    Gail Wallace @ Emergency Flood Masters