Sampan ride at Tien River, Vietnam

My princesses have taken ferry and banana boat before, but this was their first riding on sampan. They seems enjoyed through out the ride. Thus, it has become one of their valuable experience in this trip.
 Arrive at Mekong Delta to embark on cruises navigating along Tien River.
 He is our group tour guide, a very helpful and jovial man.
After sightseeing 4 beautiful islands, Long, Lan, Phuong, wandering through Thoi San Island. Then we stopped by Mr Nam Ngo's house to enjoy honey tea and snacks.
 We were led to visit coconut candy shop and orchard Qui Islet to taste 5 seasonal fruits.
While walking to take another smaller sampan ride, checking out their handmade and hand craft products  at the stalls.
 We were lining up for riding the sampan through narrow water coconut creek.
My husband was one of the members in Dragon Boat team last time. He was showing off his rowing skills to his girls.
 His girls were quite nervous seeing him rowing the sampan. lol!
 We were then transferred to bigger sampan which took us back to the jetty.
A family picture of us at the Mekong Delta is to end my Vietnam trip posts. I hope you enjoy reading.

The End.


  1. April is more relax and confident in her papa's sampan-ing skill, but not for little May. It shows on her facial expression, lol!

  2. This is so much fun :) I bet mine would enjoy a sampan ride :) Ahh..your hubby was a member of the Dragon boat team? No wonder he looks like a very experienced boat rower :D

  3. So many small sampan.....your hubby kayuh so fast.....traffic jam lorr! LOL!

  4. Mr Nam Ngo the tour guide kar, so generous to invite your all to his house for honey tea(sounds interesting)! Sampan... I(so old liao) haven't got chance to take any yet, it's great that your girls have a lot of exposure!

  5. p/s: Thanks for the compliment for Juan Juan's long hair! My ai sui, girl wants to keep her hair long like Rapuzel(apparently influenced by the movie lar)!>_<

  6. Interesting boat ride. Love it very much.

  7. Sorry Aunty Yan, long time not visit ur blog! I just finished 9 out 13 of my final exams :(
    But, since I dreamt about April today *I really did*, so I managed to come and take a peek.
    Glad to see you and your family enjoying the vacay! I never go to Vietnam. The sampan, 'fake taxis', Notre Dame cathedral, traditional clothing of Vietnam, they all are so interesting! I wonder if you go to Tuol Sleng Prison (something like historical museum).

  8. *Sorry for my mixed up, Tuol Sleng happened to be in Cambodia! lol I always get Cambodia and Vietnam wrong -_-"

  9. oooh, that time i was scared of the narrow sampan too.. i was imagining a big crocodile coming out from nowhere and knocked us out from the sampan.. hahaha..

  10. I enjoy reading your holiday posts. :) Sampan ride sounds interesting but I think I will be a little bit scared to be honest..haha.

  11. I must say that you are very brave. I won't dare to sit on the narrow sampan... scared that it will overturn :p Overall, your family vacation turned out to be great. I can feel the fun and excitement you all had :)

  12. Nice family pic! Very relaxing.. u look stylish, yan!