Something about Yan

After reading something about Mommy to Chumsy, I want to do something about myself too.

Making : effort to be a better mummy, better wife, and better person.
Cooking : soup every weekend for my family.
Drinking :
a lot of fluid to stay slim.
Reading : bedtime stories every night to my daughters.
Wanting : a baby, but having too many concerns.
Looking : forwards to weekends on weekdays.
Playing : the role as a full time working mother ain't easy.
Wishing : for good health for my loved ones and myself.
Enjoying : watching TVB dramas, and movies very much.
Waiting : is always tiring, so I am waiting for nothing.
Liking :  good looking and tall men like Leon Lai.
Wondering : how to get enough sleep.
Loving : my daughters and my husband very much.
Hoping : to lose 4 kg.
Marveling : at Kate Middleton, the princess life after the Royal Wedding on 29 April 2011.
Needing : to exercise more to shed fat I accumulated due to greediness.
Smelling : nice is so feminine.
Wearing : uniform to work every day, except Saturday.
Following : news, FB status and blogs that I like every day.
Noticing : my weight gained, when I have a hard time buckle my pants.
Learning : line dancing is so fun.
Thinking : of sleeping early every night, but always fail.
Bookmarking : my menses days.
Giggling : when hearing my two daughters' funny conversation with their father.
Feeling : sleepy and tired every day.
I hope by now, you should have known me better.


  1. Now i am getting to know you better already,, thanks for sharing,, now go and have another baby, it will be such a joy.

    You know that's the part that me and my lovely wife regret the most, back then, duit tak cukup, now duit ada sikit sikit tapi umur sudah menjangkau already..

    seriously think about it,,,,, don't wait lah,,, every concern can beres one lah

  2. thanks for sharing about yourself :) it's fun to read!

  3. Got to know u better now.

  4. Bookmarking your menses to get another baby? Or the other way round? Wakakakaka!

  5. Yea, this post is so much fun! I'm planning to write about it as well, hmm.. may be tonight~ :P

  6. This is interesting... we have quite a lot in common :)

  7. I've read from Barb, n now even great reading urs...Interesting and thanks for sharing...

  8. Thanks for sharing with us a little about yourself with us. I think getting enough sleep is very important for good health. Do you know that one will gain weight if don't get enough sleep?

  9. It's nice to know you better. :) Thanks for sharing.

  10. sheoh yan
    wow that is a long list of dos.
    keep it up.

  11. Great sharing for a new visitor like me. I'm inspired to do a list myself!

  12. haha, it's fun to have all these marathon chain "games" huh?? but sometimes it does crack your head on how to respond~~ :)

  13. Great post...i need to crack my head over these..

  14. Aiyar, don't worry about weight gain lar(you are still slim)... I always heard ppl say dancing is the best way to shed extra calories!;D

  15. Wah, want to lose 4kg..., must eat only vegetable all day...LOL!

  16. That was an interesting post. I also have to cook soup every week now. My baby looooves to drink soup. The daddy is the same. Good luck on the losing weight.

  17. something in common here.. haha. I hoping to lose 4kg too! Btw, Yan... you already looks so great, no need to lost anymore kg liao..

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