Mother's Day weekend 2011

Hey! Hey! I  have gone through a good Mother's Day weekend this year. In fact, I found last weekend are the best to be pen down, when compare to my Birthday in February or the 14 Feb Valentine's Day. Why I said so? May be because I had no expectation other than receiving cards and gifts that my daughters made in school. So, some of the things really came as a surprise.

Saturday, the eve of Mother's Day

2pm: MIL cooked and delivered Yee Mee soup to us for lunch. It tasted so good until it can beat the best Clay Pot Yee Mee in town.
Other than the Yee Mee soup, she also cooked us the red beans + black glutinous rice + dried longan dessert. Sweet soup dessert is always my favourite.
3.30pm: we took a nap.

6.00pm: I went for 1 hour Yoga session, kids were with Pa Pa at home.

8.00pm: Dinner, then I went for a facial.

12.00am: Daughters wished  me Happy Mother's Day, and sang me a song . Video will be uploaded in next post.
That's all for the eve of Mother's Day. I was actually having quite a good mood.

Sunday, the Mother's Day.

9.30am: Sending April for the table tennis training, and I myself going for 1.5 hours gym at the same place.

11.30am: Reaching home to prepare for lunch, but husband said no cooking. He wanted to bring us out for  lunch at LA Promise Cafe.

12.00pm: Going to the saloon for a hair cut and hair wash.

1.00pm: Husband picked me up from the saloon, together with my two princesses heading to LA Promise Cafe.
 April ordered Chicken Chop in potatoes source (Fried chicken).
My husband ordered Spaghetti bolognese
Little May ordered Chicken Chop in potatoes source (grilled chicken).
I specially ordered a Banana Split for my princesses as dessert.

My two princesses chipped in RM2 each to buy me these 2 slices of cakes. The balance of the bill was all paid by Pa Pa of course.

I took a few bites of my husband's spaghetti bolognese, a few bites of my little May's chicken chop, a few
of bites of Banana Split, and a few bites of chocolate brownies and white forest blueberry cake. I was very satisfied and full already.

I have had a facial done on Saturday, and a hairdo done on Sunday to pamper myself as a mother. When I  complained a lot of my stiffed shoulder and sored neck, I didn't get a full body massage, but I get this Dermo Rub Liniment, which my beloved husband bought for me from pharmacy.
I am indeed having a very wonderful Mother's Day. Thanks to MIL, FIL, husband, my two princesses and all your wishes.


  1. Looks like you were having such a wonderful pre and post mother day celebration,,, some more like got programmes one lol, so geng.

    wait till your birthday next year, i am sure your loving hub will surprise you even more....

    it is good to have such a good bonding,,better than anything else, i rekcon

  2. Hmmm, looks like you had a really wonderful Mother's Day weekend~
    I miss those cakes in La Promise cafe!

  3. That was great! Glad you had such a wonderful Mom's Day. I also liked the fact your princesses chipped in money to get you the cake. 2 thumbs up!!

  4. so nice..~~ so long i haven't been to saloon or facial already.. :)

  5. I reckon that's the best day so far in year 2011! Perhaps he will surprise you on your wedding anniversary.....

    p/s: I'm missing the food in LA Promise.

  6. what a great mother's day celebration :) the food look delicious too and my tummy is growling now (almost lunch time)

  7. Indeed it was an awesome Mother's Day celebration for you. :) The food looks great and your Hubs is very thoughtful.

  8. Very well planned & balance celebration ~ good food + exercise + hairdo + facial... all in :-)


  9. wah....a bit here and a bit there also full already ar? When i saw western food, i must order a portion for myself. haha....

  10. Facial + hairdo, such a nice way to pamper yourself..

    Happy mother's day!~

  11. Hi Sheoh Yan, Holy Smoke! Your MIL is a good cook! That yee mee soup looks sinfully delicious!
    I think I can polish off 2 bowls easy, ha ha.
    Love the other dishes....

    Glad to read you take naps. When you take naps you relax your face, relax the muscles.
    When you laugh you exercise the 67 muscles....
    Love that banana split.
    When a teen, used to have that.....

    Have fun, Sheoh Yan.....keep a song in your heart.

  12. Wah, had a nice mother's day leh!

  13. Your hubby and your girls are so thoughtful!!! My husband asked him where was my gift, he replied it was Mother's day and I wasn't his mother!=_=""

  14. Very thoughtful in laws you have.

  15. I'm drooling at your MIL's yee mee :) You are a very lucky woman... so blessed with good and loving family members :)