Princess May is 5 years old today

Today is the last day to school before the school holiday start again. May's kindergarten is having a colouring contest today, so I decided to let her celebrate her birthday a day in advance at her kindergarten.
Guess, who is the girl on the cake? I wanted the baker to draw May's favourite cartoon character, but his drawing failed. Long hair, big eyes and thin face girl, she looks more like the Birthday girl now.

 The Birthday girl.
 Birthday girl with all her boy friends in her class.
 Birthday girl with all her girl friends in her class.
 Her best buddies who sit at the same table with her.
Boys who are quite close to her.
One of her boy class mates gave her a present.
The Birthday girl with her presents. We wished her a happy birthday last night, before leaving her bedroom. She said "Thank You".

Being the second daughter, she is far easier to be taken care than her jie jie. Nevertheless, I love two of my princesses equally. They are my sunshine.

Happy Birthday, May. Mummy always loves you.


  1. Happy Burpday Princess May. May you be happy, healthy and safe always :) Love your sweet pink cake. Ashley is going to ask for if she sees it :D

  2. Happy Birthday cutie May.. i like your headband! Cute! Hope you had fun in your party ! :)

  3. Happy 5th birthday to sweet princess May! Wah, so many boyfriends ;)

    The girl in the cake does look a bit like the birthday girl :) It's supposed to be Barbie, right? Actually the drawing is considered not bad.. it's not easy to draw on a cake using those gel!

  4. Happy Birthday to May! Muahahaha! If you didn't mention, I actually thought you intensionally request her face on the cake, lol!

    Happy Holiday to your girls too, enjoy and hv fun to the fullest!

  5. Happy birthday to May! She looks so adorable among the boys, like a rose among thorns, lol!

  6. All the kids look so cute with their 'peace' sign!
    Happy birthday Little May!!

  7. Happy Birthday May.very adorable.

  8. Happy Birthday May!! :) Wah, so young got admirer already.. hehe... what to do hor? May-may so pretty and cute! :)

  9. Happy Birthday May! What nice presents you got. Next time, ask mommy for a barbie cake. No need to draw, just stick a real barbie on top of the cake. Hehehehe.

  10. Happy Birthday May !

    Wow...the birthday girl got a chair to seat during the photo session. hehe

  11. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to May,,yeh...Happy Birthday to you..

    Ask Mommy to bring you to Penang lol ,then uncle Eugene will buy you cake cake to blow candle,,five of them....

    you are such a darling and remember Mommy and Papa will always, always love you ya

  12. Thanks everyone for your Birthday wishes to my Little May.

    Uncle Eugene, you serious? we are packing now. See you in Penang. Please don't get to buy cake and 5 candles.

  13. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl...

  14. Happy Belated Birthday To Princess May! Her head band is very cute. :)

  15. Happy 5th birthday, May! At first when I haven't started reading the blogpost, one look at the cake and the first thing in my mind is the picture on the cake is meant to resemble the birthday girl. :-)