优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass

One fine evening, my 7 years old April, coming back home and telling me, her Moral teacher brought them 优顿草 and let them taste. According to her Moral teacher, this plant is good for curing cancer (cancer patients) and preventing cancer (healthy people). Her Moral teacher encouraged them to spread this information to parents.

April retained this information well. She kept telling me and her dad how good is 优顿草 again and again. She also said one of her classmates has 优顿草 in his house garden. This boy was going to pluck some for those who are interested to plant it.

On the next day, April really brought one tiny grass back from school. When my husband took a closer look at the grass, it resembles the grass which my next door neighbour planted in his garden.

When chatting with my neighbour, I enquired her the usage and benefits of the grass. She confirmed that what April's Moral teacher said is right. It was very kind of her to give me this whole pail of 优顿草.
Being a juice lover, my husband and I have no problem at all in taking this 优顿草. We put in 10 leaves (this number is only meant for maintaining health, cancer patients need more, please refer to the link below this entry) with 4 small green apples, and juiced them together. It tasted fine for us.
April who has full trust in her Moral teacher, taking the juice without any problem.
My 5 years old, May too, showed no fuss when taking 优顿草with green apple. Since 优顿草 is quite cooling, it is not advisable to take it with empty stomach. I let them take it after their meal.
Out of curiosity, and I wanted to know more about this grass. I have been googled information on it for the past few days. I get to know 优顿草 can also control High Cholesterol, High Blood, High Uric Acid and Diabetes.

If you are interested to know more about the real life story and experience after taking 优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass, you can read the article in English, and the news and link in Mandarin.

My husband has planted stems from the grass, which April took back and also my neigbour gave me in our garden.
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Their M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E was published

We waited for 2 months. Finally, April and May's drawings were published in Playhouse Disney Magazines.
April drew Minnie and Mickey at the picnic. Hers was published in issue 24.
May drew Mickey in the park. Hers was published in issue 25.

They are now anxiously waiting for their prizes to arrive.
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Primary 1 drawing contest

April, 7 years old was informed by her form teacher that there would be a drawing contest on the second day after the school reopened. The title is My favourite toys

During the school break, I informed her Art teacher whom I engaged outside the school, on the title of the drawing. Her Art teacher  prepared a few designs and let her choose. She chose the below one.  Her Art teacher wanted her to choose the other one, but she insisted on this one.
After one complete cycle of drawing and colouring at her Art teacher's place, she did a few more rounds of practices at home.
 This was one of her practices at home.
Yesterday, she told me that she was the first runner up. Today, when I sent her to school, I went to take a look at her drawing, as well as other winners' drawings.
Apparently, the champion's drawing was the one that her Art teacher wanted her to do, but she refused. (p/s: The champion and April were engaged with the same Art teacher.)
This champion drawing had the best illustration of My favourite toys, I reckon.

They are only primary 1 students.
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Happy Papa's Day

Teacher's Day card and Mother's Day card that April created were both chosen to be the Top 10 best cards in the contest.

April got really motivated to make cards. This June, she made two Father's Day cards. One is meant for the contest, and another one is really meant for Papa on this Sunday.
This is the card that April created to take part in Father's Day card contest in her school.
There are some pop up ocean creatures inside the card.
Colouring, drawing, lucky stars and greetings were all done by April. I was there to advise only.
The Apple Macbook card that Little May created for her Papa.
A family portrait was pasted inside the Macbook as the wallpaper.
Another card that April secretly did for her papa, and she is going to present this to him on this Sunday.
Initially, April started with some cute drawing that she always enjoyed doing during her free time. Then slowly, she decorated the paper into a card.
It is the heart that count. I believe their papa will be touched by his angels.
When they missed their papa and their papa wasn't home, they would ask me to take pictures of them and sent via MMS to his papa.
Their papa in return, would also send back his picture to them. Then, they would laugh together and chat a while through phone before saying goodnight.

I am going to have them chipping in money to buy her papa a cake this Sunday.

To all great dads out there, Happy Father's Day.
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4 self healing spells

I attended a Yoga health talk yesterday evening. Before I forget whatever I heard and I learned from the talk by the Yoga master, I must note it down here.

Value 1.
The Yoga master asked audiences that how many of us communicate to our own body every day. Then, she continued by sharing with us the book called Zero Limits:The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More (零极限:创造健康、平静与财富的夏威夷疗法.
The book is about the psychologist, Dr Len that he used 4 statements to heal patients. Today, the ward is closed due to all patients are all well and released home.
These 4 self healing spells are "I love you" , "Sorry", "Please forgive" and "Thank you". (“我爱你”、“对不起”、“请原谅”、“谢谢你”). These words are to tell others and also ourselves for expressing our repent and grateful.

Value 2.
The Yoga master asked audiences that what is the best medicine on earth. She then taught us a few Laughing Yoga poses.
The benefits of laughing are

  • relaxing the whole body. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.

  • boosting the immune system. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.

  • triggering the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

  • protecting the heart. Laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help protect you against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.

  • Value 3.
    The Yoga master raised a very controversial topic when asking audiences to avoid taking milk, meat and egg.

    Value 4.
    The Yoga master told audiences to minimize wearing high heels. Long hours of wearing high heels may cause pressure on the knees and feet, and result in bad posture.

    Value 5.
    The Yoga master reminded us that a healthy body comes from balanced diet, regular exercise, quality sleep and great emotion.

    So now, folks, if you hear me talking to myself in the washroom, please don't ring the TR. I am alright, I am just trying to heal myself by telling my face, my legs, my hands, and my body "I love you", "Sorry", "Thank you" and "Please forgive".

    Folks, if you hear me laughing non stop, please don't stare at me also. I am just triggering the release of endorphins in my hormone.
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    Holiday activities in June 2011

    During the most recent school break in June, my princesses were occupied with a lot of activities. I tell ya!
    Other than visiting Penang and KL in the first week, my princesses were at home, but they never free.
    Each of them bought a 5 in 1 or 6 in 1 holiday work book from their teachers.
    We brought along these 2 books to Penang. They managed to complete the work book, before we left for KL.

    These were the 3rd batch of story books which we borrowed from the club library. I have finished reading the first 2 batches with the total of 8 story books to my princesses before bedtime in the 2 weeks holiday.
    April's primary school needs her to do 'Program Nilam'. That was the reason why I needed to read to them every night, so that April could fill up the moral of the story, the publication, the author, and etc in this booklet. We are still doing this now.
    April was also asked by her Science teacher to do their first computer project by using Paint program. She used the laptop to complete the above task in the hotel when we were in KL. She did this on her own, and I only gave her very minimal assistance. I reckon, she did a good job. I like this task of her very much.  

    Other than these activities, April and May  were also practising their song and action on some evenings, as they want to take part in the singing contest in next few weeks after the school reopened.

    They were allowed to watch their favourite TV programmes, which they hardly got time to watch on school days.

    They got to ride on their bicycles in 3 evenings, which April complained that she has forgotten when she last touched on the bicycle.

    Both of them had managed to complete the Father's Day cards in the 2 weeks holidays as well, that was the only time they got to do some crafts.

    Prior to the school break, April and May had urged me to let them go staying with their ex-nanny for 1 or 2 nights, but I couldn't schedule it to happen, since they had got so many things to do each day.  I have to park it  in the wish list for next school break.

    Even the school holiday, we were so busy and tied up. What about yours?
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    Chapatis for supper

    My princesses have developed new liking on variety of food as their supper. In one evening, they  requested me to buy them chapatis with curry dhal.  
    They proudly announced to me that they could eat spicy curry now. But for me, curry dhal is not spicy at all.
    By the way, chapatis are more healthy and nutritious, if compare to 'roti canai'. Chapatis are made with whole wheat,  a rich source of dietary fiber. Besides, chapatis contain less oil and less fat than "roti canai' .
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    Drop black and wear pink

    Although I got a little bit disappointed for not wearing the black outfit for the Rock themed dinner, I sweared to myself that I must wear this outfit for my next occasion.  I made it finally on my colleagues' wedding dinner on the same evening I returned from KL.

    I dropped the black top and went for the pink top. I have two two identical tube tops in different colours. Due to running short of time, I didn't style my hair properly. I was dissatisfied with my hairdo that evening.
    On my husband's company annual dinner, all of them were my husband's colleagues, whom I didn't know well. That's why I chose to listen and respect my husband's opinion.

    Whereas, on my colleagues' wedding dinner, majority were my colleagues. Hence, I felt more comfortable wearing this outfit that I like.
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    2011 Sports Carnival at KL - Annual Dinner

    Continue from previous post.....

    Spending 4 happy hours at Sunway Pyramid, Cannie sent us back to Hotel Quality, Shah Alam. The princesses and me took a rest in the room after the shower, while waiting for my husband to come back.

    There was an annual dinner held in the ballroom in that evening. I got myself dressed in the theme of Rock,
    as I heard from my husband that there was a best dress competition for this Rock themed night. When my husband came back from the match, he gave me some discouraging comments, which made me dropping the idea of wearing this outfit out. tsk..tsk..
    My family was certainly not fit for the theme. We ended up sitting quietly the whole night, enjoying the food and watching the live band performance.
    However, my princesses' mood was still good. They were joyful the whole event showing off their new shoes.
    Since we were not dressed to the theme, we reached there rather early.
    The Malay dinner was served.
    The dessert was 'cendol'.
    I forget to mention that my husband won in the final match. He and his partner were the men double badminton champion.
    My princesses said that they are the colouring champion and the father is the badminton champion. Before they could say anything which might offend me, "Mummy is the shopping, eating and sleeping champion" I said. Boohoo!
    I didn't know that the organizer was so kind to give away welcome gift. I got something that really match with my championship.
    A Longchamp inspired foldable shopping bag. Suit me well, right?
    That's all our trips in this school holiday. Next Monday the girls will be back to school and we will also be back to the homework revision routine.
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    My happy hours at Sunway Pyramid

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    We were staying in Hotel Quality Shah Alam for 3D2N, as my husband represented his plant playing in Badminton men's double match for his company Sports Carnival. His match was scheduled on Saturday noon. Instead of going to the stadium to cheer for him, I made a lunch appointment with my best buddy, Cannie at Sunway Pyramid.
    Cannie recommended me this Taiwanese restaurant, Fong Lye at LG1.43A, Lower Ground 1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
    This was Cannie's recommendation as well, sesame chicken mee sua set RM19.80. I love the taste of the sesame chicken soup so much. It is really delicious.
    Again, Cannie said that this was the must-eat side dish, sweet potato ball RM5.30. April and May took 3 balls each. Cannie and I walloped the rest. Nice and crunchy sweet potato balls.
    I ordered this seafood fried noodles RM18.80 for Little May. Little May couldn't finish this and the father food disposal machine wasn't around. This plate of noodles left 50% untouched.
    April and Cannie shared spare ribs with sweet and sour RM19.80. The bill for 2 adults and 2 kids were RM77.70. I love the Taiwanese food in Fong Lye Restaurant, I will definitely bring my husband there again in our next trip. Please beware of the enormous crowd, it is quite hard to find an unoccupied table in this restaurant at meal times.

    After treating our empty tummies, there started my happy hours at Sunway Pyramid. I was so excited to see so many SALES on most of my favourites outlets, such as Cotton On (Adults and Kids), Nichii and Kitschen.
    The above 3 pictures are my loots this trip. I got the best buy Ogival swim wear from Jaya Jusco, 2 tops from Nichii, and 2 hot pants from Cotton On. I adore all my purchases very much. No regret until today. Wakakkaka!
    Of course, I didn't forget to get something for the princesses. The girls got to choose what they wanted from Cotton On Kids. April's purchases were a pair of gold colour flat shoes, a strap legging and an orange top. May's purchases were a pair of pink shoes and a green jumpsuit.

    We left Sunway Pyramid contentedly, as my husband had called and informed us that he had made it to the final match, and he had to stay in the stadium until the final game finished. I know that, even though we didn't  cheer for him, he could still make it. Kiahahaha.

    Here, I must thank Cannie for the ride and her companion. She allowed me to give myself a very revitalizing retail theraphy.
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