2011 Sports Carnival at KL - Annual Dinner

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Spending 4 happy hours at Sunway Pyramid, Cannie sent us back to Hotel Quality, Shah Alam. The princesses and me took a rest in the room after the shower, while waiting for my husband to come back.

There was an annual dinner held in the ballroom in that evening. I got myself dressed in the theme of Rock,
as I heard from my husband that there was a best dress competition for this Rock themed night. When my husband came back from the match, he gave me some discouraging comments, which made me dropping the idea of wearing this outfit out. tsk..tsk..
My family was certainly not fit for the theme. We ended up sitting quietly the whole night, enjoying the food and watching the live band performance.
However, my princesses' mood was still good. They were joyful the whole event showing off their new shoes.
Since we were not dressed to the theme, we reached there rather early.
The Malay dinner was served.
The dessert was 'cendol'.
I forget to mention that my husband won in the final match. He and his partner were the men double badminton champion.
My princesses said that they are the colouring champion and the father is the badminton champion. Before they could say anything which might offend me, "Mummy is the shopping, eating and sleeping champion" I said. Boohoo!
I didn't know that the organizer was so kind to give away welcome gift. I got something that really match with my championship.
A Longchamp inspired foldable shopping bag. Suit me well, right?
That's all our trips in this school holiday. Next Monday the girls will be back to school and we will also be back to the homework revision routine.


  1. Wah, Photo 1 so stylo mylo. See, I wasn't wrong about you being stylish! :D

  2. eh, i think you should wear that first outfit. that is one stylo mylo top and not many can wear it and look good like you :) your hubby is afraid that his wife looks too sexy? heheheheheheh. congrats to your hubby. so i guess everyone is a champion in your family...just in different fields...LOL!!

  3. Hi Yan, You look great in the Rock outfit. I like your hairstyle too, very "IN":D What a handsome family you have there. Your girls are so adorable. They will show grow up to be pretty ladies like mummy.

  4. men are men.. they scared they wife "chau kong"... possessive ma.. nanti all men googling at you whole night.. hahaha...

  5. Congrats to your hubby for winning the badminton game!

  6. The 1st outfit suits you well coz you have a smoking body. ;) Hehe..your Hubby disapprove ah..it's ok. The pink top also very nice. :) Congrats to your Hubs too.

  7. I like this company Malakoff,to me they are very generous and professional as far as activities are concerned, I love to particpate in their 26Km Malakoff Penang run, very professional one..

    hey you look great in the first outfit,, should have worn it and let the hair down

  8. hmmm, not fun at all right?? i think your planned outfit looks a lot better than the final one.. anyway, you got something in surprise from the dinner.. :)

  9. I like your outfit in the 1st photo!

  10. Hi Sheoh Yan, love that outfit of yours. Both of them....you look great especially with your height, and being slim.
    I enjoyed looking thru your pics here. Food looks good too.

    And congratulations to hubby re his win.
    I sure miss playing badminton.
    Thats a very nice tote bag....glad there's at least a token gift for you.
    Have a pleasant week,

  11. Sheoh Yan, you really look great in the 1st outfit.. nevermind laa.. wear it for next occasion. :)

  12. But i LOVE the first outfit! Very cantik!

  13. You look good in the Rock outfit you intended to wear! I guess some men (usually the family men type) are more traditional or old-fashioned (my husband is also one of those kind), so they won't feel comfortable when their wives dress a bit more unconventionally. But what to do....sometimes have to ambil hati the husband....

  14. Ohh.. such a huge different between the black and pink tops. You should follow your instinct to go with black.

    Hey, you got extra the championship - LongChamp(ion), lol!

  15. No lar, mommy is the karaoke champion and the beautiful mommy champion, lol!