Happy Papa's Day

Teacher's Day card and Mother's Day card that April created were both chosen to be the Top 10 best cards in the contest.

April got really motivated to make cards. This June, she made two Father's Day cards. One is meant for the contest, and another one is really meant for Papa on this Sunday.
This is the card that April created to take part in Father's Day card contest in her school.
There are some pop up ocean creatures inside the card.
Colouring, drawing, lucky stars and greetings were all done by April. I was there to advise only.
The Apple Macbook card that Little May created for her Papa.
A family portrait was pasted inside the Macbook as the wallpaper.
Another card that April secretly did for her papa, and she is going to present this to him on this Sunday.
Initially, April started with some cute drawing that she always enjoyed doing during her free time. Then slowly, she decorated the paper into a card.
It is the heart that count. I believe their papa will be touched by his angels.
When they missed their papa and their papa wasn't home, they would ask me to take pictures of them and sent via MMS to his papa.
Their papa in return, would also send back his picture to them. Then, they would laugh together and chat a while through phone before saying goodnight.

I am going to have them chipping in money to buy her papa a cake this Sunday.

To all great dads out there, Happy Father's Day.


  1. very creative indeed.Just notice April looks so much like you.

  2. It's wonderful Yan. I like this entry! Enjoy ur weekend.

  3. Lovely cards!!
    Wishing your hubby Happy Father's Day!

  4. Your girls are very creative. Like the laptop!

  5. sobs, sobs, no card for me.....

  6. I am sure their father's smile will be from left to right.. :p

  7. Your girls are very artistic. Did they learn all these in art class?

  8. Aa.... My girl has just completed her card *fuh*. Taking such long time to finish this task, which mostly I did it for her, hehe...

    Happy father's day to the white knight of your kingdom, yan!

  9. wow, they are really talented. well done :)

  10. Wow, so many creative yet beautiful gifts, papa's heart sure melted one! Wht most important is these little handmade pressies are all frm little angels' thoughtful heart! Proud of your princesses!

  11. Hi Sheoh Yan, your girls are very creative and talented. And love their drawings and use of colours. Outstanding!
    Can see they big girls now from the pics. Great looking kids you have.
    Have fun, keep well.
    ps, drop by if free.

  12. wow wow, man, i can c a future designer here. april is so creative. all handmade, really the heart that counts. fuiyoh. so geng.

  13. Those are nice cards. Peace to her. Err...where's one tooth?

  14. hey, very nice cards indeed.. the popup underwater world and the mac book card are just very creative, love them..

  15. oh...Sheoh Yan, your girls are all so creative. The cards are so nice especially the Father's Day card with pop-up ocean creatures by April and also the Apple Macbook card by May.

    I'm sure you must be very proud of them.

    April & May....keep it up.

  16. awwwwwwww that is sooo cute!!! yes happy father's day, to my pa as well~

  17. The MacBook card is awesome! :D

  18. i like the mac book one, very creative. They will be good at doing scrap booking.

  19. The cards they made are indeed creative and very beautiful....and made with full of love for their Papa! I'm sure their Papa is going to secretly shed a tear or two when receiving their cards!

    P/S: I especially like the Macbook card idea....it's ingenious!

  20. Very nice the cards ... i haven hv time to take photos of the boy art work for father's day ... hihhi
    Last , Happy belated father's day to ur hub !!