Holiday activities in June 2011

During the most recent school break in June, my princesses were occupied with a lot of activities. I tell ya!
Other than visiting Penang and KL in the first week, my princesses were at home, but they never free.
Each of them bought a 5 in 1 or 6 in 1 holiday work book from their teachers.
We brought along these 2 books to Penang. They managed to complete the work book, before we left for KL.

These were the 3rd batch of story books which we borrowed from the club library. I have finished reading the first 2 batches with the total of 8 story books to my princesses before bedtime in the 2 weeks holiday.
April's primary school needs her to do 'Program Nilam'. That was the reason why I needed to read to them every night, so that April could fill up the moral of the story, the publication, the author, and etc in this booklet. We are still doing this now.
April was also asked by her Science teacher to do their first computer project by using Paint program. She used the laptop to complete the above task in the hotel when we were in KL. She did this on her own, and I only gave her very minimal assistance. I reckon, she did a good job. I like this task of her very much.  

Other than these activities, April and May  were also practising their song and action on some evenings, as they want to take part in the singing contest in next few weeks after the school reopened.

They were allowed to watch their favourite TV programmes, which they hardly got time to watch on school days.

They got to ride on their bicycles in 3 evenings, which April complained that she has forgotten when she last touched on the bicycle.

Both of them had managed to complete the Father's Day cards in the 2 weeks holidays as well, that was the only time they got to do some crafts.

Prior to the school break, April and May had urged me to let them go staying with their ex-nanny for 1 or 2 nights, but I couldn't schedule it to happen, since they had got so many things to do each day.  I have to park it  in the wish list for next school break.

Even the school holiday, we were so busy and tied up. What about yours?


  1. Study hard play harder..hahaha

  2. sometimes i really hate that school teachers stuffing loads of homework for students during holidays, that really defeats the purpose right?? i thot holidays are meant for rest and relax, but why are they forcing the kids to do homework while they themselves relax??

  3. Wow, your girls really enjoyed their holiday to the fullest...... kennot lar, next holiday we must replaced whtever we hvn't do or missed out during ths holiday, lol!(Fingers crossed)

  4. Wah, good activities to ocupy them throughout the holidays!

  5. For me, school holiday or not is busy as usual except that I could get up a bit late. For the girls they have got tuition 2.5 days in each week, since I was not home to guide them, they have their free time to watch TV and play computer games which they have minimal time to do that during school days.

  6. Hi Sheoh Yan, glad your kids enjoy their work, as well going on holidays.
    Hey, I love that green vase n the table. Is it Jade? Looks really expensive. As well I have always loved rattan furniture.....
    You got good taste, Sheoh Yan.
    Have fun.

  7. wow, good job to the girls. so hardworking even during school holidays. mine watches tv when she's back home and during the day, just played with her toys at the office :D

  8. Hmm... I think mine is more "free" during her school holidays. We only managed to do part of her craft (still got halfway to go), keke! I'm more busy than my girl :p

  9. wah...u got so much of activities for the girls. Time well used!

  10. Both of them are so hardworking. Gwen would give me a long sigh if I tell her to do homeowrk. :(