My happy hours at Sunway Pyramid

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We were staying in Hotel Quality Shah Alam for 3D2N, as my husband represented his plant playing in Badminton men's double match for his company Sports Carnival. His match was scheduled on Saturday noon. Instead of going to the stadium to cheer for him, I made a lunch appointment with my best buddy, Cannie at Sunway Pyramid.
Cannie recommended me this Taiwanese restaurant, Fong Lye at LG1.43A, Lower Ground 1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
This was Cannie's recommendation as well, sesame chicken mee sua set RM19.80. I love the taste of the sesame chicken soup so much. It is really delicious.
Again, Cannie said that this was the must-eat side dish, sweet potato ball RM5.30. April and May took 3 balls each. Cannie and I walloped the rest. Nice and crunchy sweet potato balls.
I ordered this seafood fried noodles RM18.80 for Little May. Little May couldn't finish this and the father food disposal machine wasn't around. This plate of noodles left 50% untouched.
April and Cannie shared spare ribs with sweet and sour RM19.80. The bill for 2 adults and 2 kids were RM77.70. I love the Taiwanese food in Fong Lye Restaurant, I will definitely bring my husband there again in our next trip. Please beware of the enormous crowd, it is quite hard to find an unoccupied table in this restaurant at meal times.

After treating our empty tummies, there started my happy hours at Sunway Pyramid. I was so excited to see so many SALES on most of my favourites outlets, such as Cotton On (Adults and Kids), Nichii and Kitschen.
The above 3 pictures are my loots this trip. I got the best buy Ogival swim wear from Jaya Jusco, 2 tops from Nichii, and 2 hot pants from Cotton On. I adore all my purchases very much. No regret until today. Wakakkaka!
Of course, I didn't forget to get something for the princesses. The girls got to choose what they wanted from Cotton On Kids. April's purchases were a pair of gold colour flat shoes, a strap legging and an orange top. May's purchases were a pair of pink shoes and a green jumpsuit.

We left Sunway Pyramid contentedly, as my husband had called and informed us that he had made it to the final match, and he had to stay in the stadium until the final game finished. I know that, even though we didn't  cheer for him, he could still make it. Kiahahaha.

Here, I must thank Cannie for the ride and her companion. She allowed me to give myself a very revitalizing retail theraphy.


  1. Good food, great loots and a lovely companion :)
    Guess it's worth every cent you spent...

  2. Hi Sheoh Yan, I smell smoke somewhere, ha ha....maybe credit car smoking?
    You sure got good taste in clothes.
    Very nice.
    Holy Smoke! Hot pants! Swim wear!
    Wayyyyyy to go, Sheoh Yan!
    Nothing like looking good....

    Have fun.

  3. Love the seafood noodles great looking prawns yum. Hubs sweat it out at the badminton court and you heat up your credit card haha. Did he win in the finals?

  4. Nice food and nice shopping loots!
    I like your swim suit...

  5. Wah, shooping and good food. My wifey loves to shop at Sunway Pyramid...

  6. My trip to Sunway Pyramid is never complete without walking into Cotton On too (both adult and kids) ;) I've never tried Fong Lye although I've heard so much about it. Well, hopefully one fine day...

  7. I'm jealous now since you got to go shopping and bought so many things. I've heard about Cotton on in Sunway and a friend told me you can get really good deals there when there's a sale. I must go one day.

    BTW, I have something for you on my blog.

  8. i can't help laughing when i read that your hubby is playing in a tournament but you went shopping instead..kekekekeeke. i love your shopping loot! now you make me want to go to Cotton On Kids but i must really control myself :(

  9. Yes, that's indeed retail therapy. About the unfinished noodle dish.....haiya.....should have called me - I can help to finish it! LOL! By the way, I'm also the food disposal machine for my Juan Or. Well, my hubby is too, but still I'm the main food disposal machine for my son....heheheh!

  10. Wah, your husband so geng, he is one fit guy lar!