If I happy, and you know it

I read about Barb's I feel happiest when, and feel like want to do an entry similar to share with my readers,

If I happy, and you know it,
  • I wake up from a very good nap in the afternoon. I love taking nap.
  • I sweat out a lot in the gym and burn more than 500 calories.
  • I get to eat the best durian.
  • my kids are well behaved and my husband is loving.
  • I have a good chat with my girl friends.
  • I see a drop in KG when I step on the bathroom scale.
  • I get a nice hair cut.
  • my kids sleep early and I can have some quiet time with my husband.
  • I have a satisfying retail theraphy in a Big Sales.
  • I receive gift.
Basically, I am quite down to earth person. Enough sleep and lots of exercise will keep me happy for the entire day.


  1. errr, there are really a lot of happy moments i could have but in a sudden i can't think of any, hahaha!! but definitely not your point #3~~ :p

  2. I feel happy when I see a tidy house, clean and fold laundry, well behaved kids and peaceful day .... which happens very rarely, kekeke!

  3. I'm happy when I have enough sleep. I think I need to go to bed earlier..hehe.

  4. Ohhh.... I would be super happy too if I were at your shoes!!!^^

  5. now you to me is synonymous to afternoon nap, read about your love for noon nap in your previous post(s) hahahahah.

    and i really think you can be happy all time and like you said, you didn't ask for more, right?

    well,like you said again,simplicity is happy....

    and i am happy for you too,,,, come lah to Penang, i treat you to best durian but too bad they say end season already, may be a cuppa of good coffee will do?

  6. My Kg always drop whenever I am busy....susah lah...have to eat a lot to put back...lol!

  7. I love to nap too and if I don't get enough sleep, i'll turn into a cranky monster :D

  8. I feel happiest when I lost weight, kekeke, which is something similar to your point #6. But of course, there're many other things which made me happy too!

  9. I feel happiest when I'm on holiday... no need to wake up early, no need to cook, no need to do housework... aaah total bliss! :)

  10. Haha. ALl of the above makes me happy too! Now can you share with us the
    Top Ten Things I wish I Could Do

  11. I feel the same too :) High 5 to you!