Young kids should be banned from

When Ai Lian tagged me on her entry of Young Kids Should be Banned from, I started spinning my head to think of what I normally ban them from doing.

Young kids should be banned from
1. taking chocolates or candies right before the nap or  bedtime, as sweet things will make kids stay active.
2. interrupting mummy watching her favourite dramas.
3. interfering adults' conversation.
4. mocking parents in front of others, like calling mummy "big buttock" or papa "botak head".
5. TV and computers, before finishing their homework and revision.
6. shouting at each other.
7. taking unnecessary things to school like toys and stickers.
8. staying up late at night.
9. using violence to settle issues.
10. whining and throwing tantrum.

In fact, I can make the list go on and on, but I better stop here, and see what other parents would ban their kids from.

Here I would like you to try posting your list,
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To those I didn't tag you, you can feel free to write too.


  1. This is interesting :D

    I got a few bans which are similar as yours, and the more to come.....

  2. Thanks for the tag! Will post mine soon! Agree with your list! And so funny on the 'big buttock' and 'botak head' - you mean your girls use these terms on you and hubby-ah?

  3. I agree with all in your list too. I assume Look Who's Talking is me? Well, thanks for the tag. Will do it soon but I don't think I can come up with 10 points. I'm strict and lenient at the same time hahaha. I don't really ban but I control :)

  4. Very informative! Will keep it for future reference!

  5. wow, what a strict mummy, haha!! so your kids used to call you "big buttock" and their papa "botak head"?? hahaha, interesting~~ :D

  6. Hmm...this is fun. Let me go crack my head. Thanks for the tag :)

  7. LOL, I feel like banning my husband frm all sort of stuff thn my kids...

  8. Kids would like to know....Papa and Mommy should be banned from.......

  9. Wow quite strict mummy can negotiate on #5. Bananaz very obedient one but on that day overloaded with homework..

    Mummy: No TV before finishing homework and revision, told you so.

    Bananaz: I know! But if you not let Bananaz see 'Popeye' then TV show finish liao so how? *croc tears almost coming out now*?

    Mummy: No! *arms folded*

    Bananaz: Mummyyyyy can plz let Bananaz see 'Popeye' first, agree crozz my heart fast fast do my homework when finish 'Popeye' can ah mummyyyyyy? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Mummy: *What would you do?* Yes/No/Depends/Set T&C?

  10. interrupting mummy watching her favourite dramas... but then again, if you are watching those dramas on Astro, it will never END! poor kid! :P

  11. i don't have any kids to band from now... but nvm I can ban my bf!

  12. Totally agree about the "no interruption when watching drama". Hahaha. I tell my kids I don't disturb them during their tv time, so they should not disturb me too. But I don't watch tv all the time anyway.

  13. Spot on...haha. I agree with all the things on your list. ;)

  14. Bananaz, i guess you are a very cute and lovable darling when you was a small kid. If I were your mummy, I would say "Yes, sweetheart, go ahead watch your Popeye, then only do your homework, after finishing, please read BM, Chinese and English from unit 1 to unit 10." Kakakkaka! I am a devil mum.

  15. Aiyo mummy Yan ok ok can forget my Popeye will do my homework now and late cry silently in bed boo hoo...