An exciting Saturday night

Tomorrow night is an exciting night for me. I have been waiting anxiously for this night. I wish that I can have my dinner earlier, settle my children earlier, bath myself earlier and change into my favourite jammies. I will take out the fruit that I have cut an hour ago from the fridge and lay it on the coffee table. I will sit comfortably on the couch exactly at 7.55pm.

Then, I will reach the Astro remote control and press 301. Another 5 minutes, Astro Classic Melody Singing Competition Final is showing LIVE from Astro CH AEC.  I have followed this singing competition preliminary rounds since a month ago. All because of this show, I skipped the chanting class. I will surely resume going to the chanting class next week, after this Saturday final round.

April and May will join me watching the show, they too get excited as much as I am. They enjoy watching this show too, as I have exposed them to this type of singing talent shows many years ago.

While we 3 ladies watching the show, we grant the only man in the house some off hours to do whatever he likes, but he musn't do anything naughty and must remember to come back before the show ends with our supper.

If you ask me why I enjoy watching this veteran group singing.
My answers are:
1) I love oldies, be it Chinese, Englsih or Malay songs, because those are the songs that my late mother sang to me last time.
2) I am actualy just 10 years apart from their age. If I want to participate in such singing contest in future, I must prepare myself now. Agree?

How I wish I can be as stunning as this finalist contestant when I am in her age? She is a 49 years old, very beautiful, best vocal and good stage performance contestant from Ipoh.

I pray hard that no raining tomorrow, otherwise all my beautiful plans will be spoilt. Astro, please be good.


  1. I'm also waiting eagerly for this show tomorrow. My mom introduced to me but didn't get hooked on it until lately.

    I'll give you my FULL support and will remember to vote for you through sms; should one day, when you were on the stage, singing as a finalist, kekekeke!

  2. hahaha.. so.. u r a die hard fan of this competition.. mine is badmintong, yours is singing! i dont have this channel... so i cannot be addicted but i heard my friend talking about this..

  3. so you are an oldie fan, so am I.
    enjoyed your day, btw you should changed to astro beyond, then you have no fear even if should rain.you can still have your astro.

  4. Haha...ok I will pray that there will be no rain tomorrow, for you.

  5. I like Chinese oldies too,hey when the time comes for you to qualify for this competition, please do go for it,,,, i really admire those contestants,,,I heard some of them would spend thousands of dollars just to get there,,,,,,

    This Bai ling is sure a stunner,and i am sure you will look even better when you are 49....

    don't worry your hub will not do anything naughty

    take care and enjoy your saturday night

  6. She is indeed very beautiful.

    My parents both are also watching this singing competition.

  7. hehe.. i tot apa lah akan terjadi tomorrow. When you said you'll bath urself earlier it got me excited to read more.. mana tau.. just to watch TV! @_@


  8. I thought you were preparing for the party of your life until I read the part "change into my favourite jammies". What? Haha :D

    Enjoy your show and have a great weekend!

  9. Guess my MIL will be like u too ... get everything done for dinner .... hahaha .. i guess i be watching as well .... happy weekends to u ..

  10. You mentioned before that you like singing. I wish one day, your dream will come true. :)

    At 49, she is a stunner. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  11. I think you will look that young too at 49 because you are so well-keeping yourself. Enjoy your show and pray no rain at that time too. :)

  12. wow, loyal supporter of the Astro Classic Melody Singing Competition huh!! this lady certainly doesn't look like 49, amazing!!

  13. I LOVE Chinese oldies songs too! I even LOVE Chinese opera songs. I sing duet with my Mum the song "Tai Lui Fa". If you were to be a contestant when you are eligible, you will get my votes! I will sure to be in front of the TV from the start of the competition till the end for you. That lady look stunning at her age and I am sure you will be too when you get there. You are a beautiful and attractive lady my dear:D
    Enjoy your show and a wonderful weekend.

  14. Yeah, having my grandma's 81 birthday buffet at home, stil can watch the final...enjoy ur show tonite

  15. WHAT?!! 49?!!! I thought she was 29... she looks younger thn me, paiseh!

    p/s: LOL, how I wish I could deliver some of my baking to you. I really hope we will have 緣 for tht!^^

  16. Wish you had a great night show. What was the result?

  17. Hi Sheoh Yan, Holy Smoke! That lady is really something! She's fantastic.
    Love her impish look and that million dollar smile.

    My SIL is 70, and looking at her looks more late 50s, and when she was here , a lot of men, young men too, salesmen in stores, our friends all complimented on her beauty.
    The women too.....and all got a shock to learn she 70.
    And still sexy, can put most young women in her back pocket.

    Yes, today lots of women past 50s looking like 30s.
    I'm sure you too will be looking good at her age, Enjoy your show.

  18. hehehheh...I also watch this programme but I haven't been following it closely. I love to listen to oldies too. However, some contestants are pretty funny especially when they start singing fast songs like those of Alan Tam ;) Do you remember the one last week? One of the previous year's winner came back on stage to perform and he gave out his photo...hahahahahahahaa

  19. Hi Yan, the thing on the pudding is frsh longan, got it cheap frm Carrefour too!

  20. LOL! I think you can be a contestant too. You have 10 years to start training. Physical appearance wise, you already have it, just work on the vocals!

  21. Hi! You're a fan? This show will always remind me of my late father. He will even take down the score on a piece of paper or his notebook. My mother is still following it. Hope you enjoyed the show and you look as hot as that lady ler..:)

  22. HeLLo Sheoh Yan,

    You like oldies? Cool...I think their music is soothing. I'm not into oldies but I like country songs very much.

    The lady you mentioned? Gee...she doesn't look like she's 49. She's still gorgeous. Not many can retain their youth or beauty. I guess many datuk datuk would like to marry her. Hahaha!

  23. Wah Ipoh Mali....so beautiful at 49...