Banana pancakes

I had made pancakes many times, but most of the time I only mixed the plain flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, sugar and margarine to make the batter. This time, I used the ready packed pancake flour which  was only needed to add water.

Since I had some bananas on my dining table, I wanted to make banana pancakes for my girls as their supper.
This pancake flour that I bought came in 2 small packets. I used only 1 packet which could make 12 pieces of pancakes, if I followed the measurement stated in the instruction correctly. I blended 1 banana and the pancake flour with 250 ml of water, and the batter was ready.
Heat up the pan, and melt the Snow brand margarine in the pan, pour in the batter and pan fry the pancake one by one.
I had eventually made exactly 12 pieces of pancakes. My two girls stood next to the stove watching me frying the pancakes. They couldn't wait to lay their hands on the banana pancakes, when its aroma  started to fill the air in the whole house.
Out of 12 pieces, April took 4 pieces, May took 2 pieces, my husband took 5.5 pieces and I took only 0.5 piece. I wanted to sleep in a bit late on the next morning, as I had dragged myself up early and jogged like a crazy horse on the treadmill for the past two mornings.


  1. Sheoh Yan
    I just love pan cake. I made the tradional way, using flour and eggs.
    I have tried the ready made ones too.
    The snow brand butter is also my favourite brand
    because it reminds me of my darling daughter.:D

  2. My boy and I loves pancakes. Next time i can follow your recipe - add in some banana pureed. Sure very nice smell.

  3. Delicious banana pancake yum yum
    If serve with nutella even nicer.

  4. I can almost smell the aroma from here! :)

  5. Mmmm...delicious. BTW, do your girls have supper every night? May I know what time is their dinner?

  6. oh you only used one banana?? for me sure i'll use more for more flavor, haha!! wow, April took 4 pieces, and your husband 5.5 pieces?? OMG, heavy supper huh~~ :D

  7. Ha..good idea..I could imagine the sweetness of banana aroma here. Yumm..
    Just wonder, does your girls go to bed immediately after supper? what time they go to bed every night?

  8. Johnnie, Snow brand butter is nice. Pan cake is also nice.

    mNhL, putting in banana and pumpkin are making pancake tastes sweet.

    Amelia, my girls love to just eat like this.

    Kiddotings, you must be hungry already.

    Barb, they have dinner at 7pm. Then, supper at 10pm - 10.30pm. They have suppper most of the nights ever since they stop taking milk.

    SK, more bananas will be nicer, but my girls don't want their taste too sweet. Pancakes are quite fattening one, just like Roti Canai.

  9. Shenny's mummy, they go to bed after supper, they go to bed at 11pm. They are skinny, so I don't mind them to take supper.

  10. So easy and healthy too.. banana.. my kids will love them!

  11. Claire, after taking banana pancake, you will refuse to take plain pancake.

  12. Chloe loves this too! I'm not as rajin as you to use the blender though. I usually just mash the bananas with a fork... I prefer it to be lumpy so that you can taste the banana bits in the pancakes.

  13. I must try to make this one day. Wah..they sleep quite late eh...Gwen too..hehe.

  14. yan, you are genius..by combining banana into making pancakes..i'll give it a try too..