Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2011

Due to rainy season and busy schedule, my daughters didn't get to play lanterns until last Friday.

May's Kindergarten hold the Mid Autumn Celebration on last Friday. Before performance started, we took part in the lantern parade.

So glad that Big and Little Chi, Yvonne and hubby were also joining the parade.
Class by class performance began after the parade. May participated in two dances.
April was the loyal audience of the night, paying full attention to her sister's performance.

Weekend evening, we went to Lake Garden to join the crowd and feel the Mid Autumn Festival atmosphere. Again, the girls got to play lanterns and candles.
We were doing picnic under the moonlight. I brought mooncakes, drinks, steamed ground nuts, 'Bak Kua' and jelly.
April was getting braver when holding the candle. She wasn't like this brave a year ago.
Many stalls there in the park, selling lanterns, candles, drinks, food, and fire crackers.
I bumped into Hayley and other department colleagues, having picnic there too.
It was a very happening weekend, it had even more excitement than CNY. Not only Chinese, other races also joined in the fun and carried lanterns.
It will be perfect, if everyone is well aware of the cleanliness of the environment, as I could see rubbish after the crowd left.
April and May enjoyed the festival to its fullest. I had to bath them at 22:30 to wash away their sweat and dirt.
They ran here and there, watching people playing fire works and sky lanterns.
Tonight, we will have celebration at my PIL house.

What about you?


  1. This year I'm kinda miss out the dun at Taiping Lake Garden...hehehe...I was busy at home with my boy birthday!

  2. The lake garden is so happening! I bet tonight will be even more grant. I missed this event every year because my hubb hates crowded places :(

    Please snap more photos for me to view and admire.

  3. i went there only once..it was indeed very crowded and happening..hopefully next year i can bring along my son and daughter to join the event...yan, your gals must be having lots of fun..

  4. Thanks Yan for the photo! Btw, I saw my friend and his gf in your 6th photo, hahah :D

    I'm thinking wanna go or not tonight, scare of the traffic =_=

  5. Happy Mid autumn festival to you and family Yan.
    wa your children are really enjoying themselves.

  6. 中秋节快乐。 Nowdays the lanterns are so different no more that oriental and traditional. Guess time change people change even lanterns need to change. Seeing lots of 'Angry bird', Ultra man, Doraemon etc taking over the dragon, fish or birds. Trend to capture the young ones and our old horse time are over. Noticed the lanterns are not as beautiful as those days probably the expert lantern makers are no longer here and the skill passed down are not 100% 'downloaded' to the younger generation. May & April sure had a great time at the Lake Garden.

  7. what a nice celebration :) happy chung chau to you and your family. we are staying home tonight...not doing anything :)

  8. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you too! WHat a great time y'all had! We were at the One Utama do over the weekend. Also very nice, the kids enjoyed and I loved looking at the lanterns.

  9. so good the school is celebrating mooncake festival.. i don't remember we had that during my time, so unfair!! haha.. anyway, happy mid-autumn's day to you and family, sure eating lots of mooncake right?? :p

  10. Happy mooncake festival to you and family

  11. We'll hv a simple celebration at home! Wow, There are KongMing lantern too(sky lantern), such a grand celebration at Taiping, envy!^^

  12. Happy Mid Autumn to you and your lovely family, enjoy and hv fun tonight!

  13. Hi Sheoh Yan wow, I really enjoyed looking thru the pics here. Very nice. I have lost touch with mooncake festival as well seeing children carrying lanterns.
    We have mooncakes sold in the Chinese supermarkets, but have not seen one lantern like those in Malaysia.

    Incidentally is that you in 2nd last photo in stripped blouse? You grew your hair long?

    You take good photos, Sheoh Yan.
    Have fun, stay young.

  14. Does this happen every year at the Taiping Lake Gardens? It really brings out the festival atmosphere. My family never celebrated the moon cake festival. In the past years I would get some candles for my kids to play and a few lanterns to put around my house. Unfortunately, this year apa pun takda.

  15. Happy Mid Autumn Festival To You and Your Family! What a great celebration you all had. :) Every year my parents will have prayers at home. I've been missing this for 2 years already.

  16. That's truly a nice celebration there,i can see Malay friends there too,kan?

    I truly enjoyed looking thru the pics,, how i wish i was a boy haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Good health,happiness always

  17. Uncle Lee, I only exist in first picture. The pretty woman wasn't me, I still keep my hair short.

    Ai Lian, Lake Garden is very happening on Mit Autumn Festival. Yes, it is a yearly event. Many families gather there to enjoy the atmosphere.

  18. The Lake Garden picnic is really happening!! Both kiddos must be very happy. ;)

  19. Really happening.. We just went for a simple dinner at a clubhouse with the inlaws, minus hubby and bro in-law as they had co. dinner and called it a day. We had mooncakes days before but none on the night itself. Hahaha...

  20. wow....the kids sure enjoyed a lot !

  21. That looked like a very fun and merry celebration!