Love is more than 3 words

Today is my White Knight, my Only One, my Gold Medal husband's birthday. Happy Birthday to you, 老公. Thanks for making me your wife, thanks for giving me the two wonderful princesses, thanks for the home, the love, the care, the support, and everything.
He is not Angry Bird's fan.
Because his daughters like Angry Bird, he had to happily accept the Angry Bird cake as his birthday cake.
April and May sang Happy Birthday songs to their beloved Papa, Papa had just arrived home shortly from KL.
 He purposely teased the girls and yawned while listening to them singing the Happy Birthday song.
I have started this post with Thank You, should I end this post with I Love You?

I always think that love is more than these 3 little words. I just want to say this, "Please marry me again in your next life." and I wish you good health always and forever.

"Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day." - Nicholas Sparks


  1. Yan, ur hub looks tired isn't it? But the gals looks so happy indeed cos celebrate their daddy's birthday! I'm sure your hub felt the love from you all.

    happy birthday to your white knight!

  2. Happy sweet birthday to your White Knight!

    The cake is cute!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your White Knight! Old or young can have Angry bird as b;day cake.

  4. happy birthday to your husband. wah so touching.
    I thought he should be the one saying taking you for giving birth to two lovely children.
    I like the last part please marry me again .. keep the love burning.

  5. Many Happy Returns to the yawning Bird day Papa haha..

  6. I like this post, Yan. Happy birthday to your daughters' Angry Dad, opps, Doting Dad.

    p/s: his look reveals he was forcefully accepting the cake, bwahahaha!

  7. That's so sweet. Happy Birthday to the man of your life.

  8. wow, so sweet!! "please marry me in your next life", wow, you must copyright this statement, i like it~~

    hehe, i already know why you get that angry bird cake, not for the father but for the daughters~~ :D

  9. Alamak, my heart melted with your confession, " Please marry me in your next life!"

  10. Happy belated B'day to your thoughtful and wonderful hubby, many many happy returns to him!

  11. It is Angry Birds hit now.. hehe. Happy birthday to your hubby!

  12. I like how you described your lau kung,, white knight,, it sounds as though we guys like still dilamun cinta,,, so sweet.

    I always like to see happy family, we must treasure it and just be proud of it and I am sure yours is one of them,,,

    I am sorry,a day late to wish you lau king aka white knight Happy Birthday,better late than never right?

    here wishing him
    good health,sufficient wealth,having good people around him in works and in social setting,,,,,and finaly great joy to his family...

    once again all the best WHITE KNIGHT

  13. wow..."pls marry me again in your next life". I can't imagine a sweeter statement from a wife!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby.

  14. Oh i'm late. Happy Belated Birthday to your White Knight. I can feel so much love. Hey, I remember you said the same thing in the previous years that you want him to marry you again in your next life. That is so touching. I hope your wish will come true :)

  15. Happy belated birthday to your hubby! This is really a touching post from a loving wife. :-)

    P/S: ABout buying Angry Birds cake even though hubby is not a fan, yeah, actually it's more for the kids' delight, right?But all in all, the loving thought for the Man of the House is there whether it's Angry Birds cake or not. :-)

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to Your Husband! Lovely dedication from you to your white knight. So touching.

  17. Happy birthday to your prince and white knight! You're very lucky to have married someone whom you don't mind marrying again in your next life :D

  18. Happy belated birthday to your darling and hero of the house!

    I find it so coincidental my hub and I also said the same thing (to marry each other again in our next life) on our 11th wedding anniversary yesterday :)