Roll, roll, roll my Sushi

Thanks folks for all your very kind words and support in my cooking attempts, though the ice-cream moon cakes got "ripped off skins" showing the "flesh inside" like what [SK] has sincerely said. lol!

Here my second plan executed on the Sunday evening before Hari Raya.
1. Get ready all the ingredients,
  • giant sheet seaweed
  • Japanese rice - boil 2 cups of rice and 2 cups of water,add in salt and sugar.
  • sushi mat
  • eggs - fried omelet.
  • lime - squeeze the juice on the cooked rice, to replace rice vinegar. 
  • carrot - cut into sticks and steam for 10 minutes.
  • a pinch of salt - put into the rice.
  • a tablespoon of sugar - put into the rice.
This giant sheet seaweed is RM8. It contains of 12 sheets of seaweed, each sheet is packed separately.
2. Lay the seaweed on the sushi mat, which had wrapped with cling paper to prevent it from getting dirty. Spread the rice evenly on the seaweed.
3. Put a slice of omelet and carrot stick on the rice. Since it was my first attempt, I only put in very simple ingredients.
4. Roll, roll, roll my sushi.
The picture above is only showing the nicer ones. Those very ugly ones, I had swallowed into my stomach before my two princesses returned from their art class. Damn it, I actually ate almost 1 cup of rice which I would normally consume that much of amount in 3 days. Thus, I dragged myself up an hour earlier to the gym on the next morning.
My princesses commented that it tasted ok, but it was ugly.  T____T.
April took 4 pieces and May took 2 pieces.

Success rate: 35%
Failure reason: Rice was not enough moisture.
Second time, I put in more water when cooking rice. 1 cup of rice with 2 cup of water.
I didn't put in any ingredient, as my princesses only like to eat the sushi rice.
This time the rice was actually more sticky, it was easier to roll.
Success rate: 40%.

Do you think I will try for the 3rd time? I seriously need more skills before I try again. Anyone, please give me some insight. I will be very thankful.
After taking one piece of plain sushi, they opted to munch on the very crispy seaweed.
They commented that the seaweed was very yummy and totally forgot about the plain sushi. Again, I needed to swallow all the sushi and woke up an hour earlier on next morning to exercise.


  1. Sheoh, good try. Never if it's ugly but the sushi is made with motherly loves. Can see your girl is enjoying it. As for your ice cream mooncake,I would suggest you scoop out the ice cream into round balls ( smaller that the mold size )then freeze it until firm. Prepare the melted chocolate, pour in the mold and swirl it to coat evenly. Put in the fridge for a min or two, put in the ice cream then pour the melted choco to cover the ice cream. Freeze until firm.

  2. Very good try d....practise makes perfect!

    Go for the 3rd try k...You can do it! Jap rice usually need more water than normal rice. If you feel too sticky (cook again like ur 2nd attempt) just leave the rice cooker lid open wide..let it dry up the rice for a moment. I think shud be fine after that. Carrot abit too hard for them chew...Try out cucumber and sausage! Definitely they like it!

  3. I feel like making sushi lor...see this weekend got time or not!

  4. Did you use the rice vinegar? Actually the portion of the ingredients must be nicely measured in order to cook a nice sushi rice. And after the rice is cooked, we have to let the rice mixture cool down for 5-6 mins =)
    (Based on my previous experience)

    But nvm, practice makes perfect! ^^

  5. They don't look as bad as you described, hehehe.... try to roll as hard as possible, I know, say is easier than done...

  6. Sushi rice is a tricky thing to cook. You must get the recipe just right. My first and only attempt ended up with very hard/dry sushi rice. Good effort here. I would also be the one finishing up the ugly ones and the ones with no takers - the sacrifices of a mom! :)

  7. From my experience, you'll need rice vinegar to make the rice more sticky. I normally just use our normal white rice (Japanese rice very expensive la :P) then put more water than u usually cook the rice, add rice vinegar, sugar n salt.
    When wrapping don't put too much rice on the nori sheet. i normally just put about 60-75% of the whole sheet. SO that you won't end up eating too much rice :P Just enough to cover the ingredient.
    I find it very nice to put some cheese :P (learnt from Azuma Restaurant) And put some mayo. so that the sushi is not so plain. Sometimes can add avocado too! If you put carrot, u can steam it a while to soften it a bit.
    You can cook the rice earlier and let it cool down while opening the lid. So, even you put too much water, it won't be too sticky.
    Lastly, roll a bit tighter. :)
    Good luck! :) Practice makes perfect!

  8. Good attempt. Nevermind to swallow all the sushi alone. At least you tried! Next time will definitely be better!

  9. Good sushi....my son loves sushi very much...quite long time didn't make liao....

  10. Good effort...thumbs up. You have very good advice on cooking the jap rice from your friends. I learn a thing or two too..hehe.

    What a clever idea to put cling wrap sheet on the mat!

  11. Amelia, thanks for all the valueble input and tips.

    Angeline, I know you can do much better sushi than mine. Thanks for input.

    Hayley, thank you, I definitely need more practices.

    Yvonne, those loose and ugly ones already vanished (all in my stamach). lol!

    Kiddothings, Hi 5 to you. I thought it is easy, now i know it is tricky.

    Broccoli Ginger, yes, I need to put mayo next time. Your tips are good. Thanks.

    mNhL, thanks for the support. Appreciate it.

  12. Pete, am looking forwards to your sushi making. Please update in your blog when you make it.

    Mummy Gwen, hehehe, don't forget to share when you try making sushi.

  13. why ur sushi so ugly wan??!!

    Lol! Go buy the rice shaper lah. I think that is what they call it. A plastic container where you stuff the rice and ingredients in it, take them out put on the seaweed and roll :D

  14. Merryn, it is indeed ugly. T__T. Sob.

  15. they look great to me Sheoh Yan. I don't think I can do it like you. Try again the 3rd time and I am sure it will turn out to be what you want :)

  16. nice or no nice, still goes into the stomach. never mind la just keep on making it, you will get it right eventually.

  17. That's a very good attempt already. Give yourself a pat on the back and try harder to improve on it :) I've never made sushi before. It's easier and safer for me to just head to Sushi King hehe...

  18. hahaha, and you know kids are always very honest with their preferences.. never mind, sushi needs a rather long time to master.. practice make perfect!! you should keep on trying and one day sure the kids won't leave you a single piece of sushi by then~~ :p

  19. Hi Sheoh yan, well done.....looks real nice too.
    And I too love that seaweed.
    Incidentally I have never eaten sushi..never had a taste for Japanese food.

    By the way, you'll look really glamourous in a Rayban Aviators gold rim sunglasses...with your ahemmm, traffic stopper looks, height and personality.
    Check it out....hubby will not recognize you, ha ha.

  20. Barb, I sure want to gather some courage for 3rd time. Thanks for the motivation.

    Johnnie, hehehe, thanks for telling this.

    Mummy Chloe, you are just too humble, you can good cook.

    SK, I thought you will say my sushi is the ugliest sushi that you have ever seen. Thanks for being so nice. hehehehe!

    Uncle Lee, you definitely have good taste. Rayban Aviators gold rim sunglasses is really cool. Thanks for dropping by.

  21. muahahahahhaha... don't lah cry! joking only! :P

  22. ugly better than none :) practice makes perfect. You're much better than many ppl edi la. You too have a great weekend