First piano mini concert

Last Saturday, April and May music center held a mini concert for the Music for Little Mozarts students. Basically the students are from age 4 to age 6 only.

April wasn't in the group, but her music teacher would like her to experience the performance in a concert. She turned out to be the older in the group. Thus,  she was the steadiest performer, I reckon.
Since it wasn't a big group of students, the concert was held in their music school only. We were there rather early.
May and her peers were given a certificate of finishing her Book 1 Music for Little Mozarts .
Book 1 graduate students were required to play a song and perform a dance. May played Hot Cross Bun solo, and danced Feel the Beat on Your Feet in group. I could see that my 5 years old had a little bit of stage fright. Since this was her first concert, she was considered doing a good job.
April played Mary Had a Little Lamb calm and cool.

She danced with a 6 year-old peer in Catch the Rhythms and Barn Dance.

At the end of the concert, all the students who took part in the concert were given a set of McD Happy Meal.

p/s: May has learned piano for 6 months and April has learned piano for 3 months. 


  1. Can see that your princess April is very calm and steady in her performance that day! Keep it up April.

  2. April looked nice in the pink dress~

  3. Hello Sheoh Yan, Outstanding! Your girls are good....and I am always very happy to see, know parents let their daughters learn the piano or violin.

    Here in Canada, there's a National music contest open to all kids, below 17.
    And always, it's the Chinese kids from as young as 6, sweeping the main prizes, on their Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss renditions....

    Violin, piano....really heartwarming to see these 6 to 8 year's olds, Chinese girls and boys play solo on stage watched by thousands, as well on National TV.
    And many go on to get to learn under well known music teachers.
    If 17, they get scholarships to study music apart from other studies.

    Practically every Chinese home here has a piano too, new or used.
    Yes, Sheoh Yan...your kids got a great future.
    Best regards, you stay young and beautiful.

  4. Bravo, April and May! Though the concert is mini, I believe they not only had fun but also gained new experiences. Hope to hear more of their piano performances.

  5. oh, 6 months already can go to the "stage" to perform la?? haha.. she must be cool, and excited about getting the certificate and McD vouchers!! :p

  6. Must be very fun watching the kids perform. I'm sure you felt very proud too :) April is a good performer. She's a very confident girl (after seeing her sing in the last video you posted).

  7. My son also goes for little mozart class. His teacher kepala pening liao.....lol!

  8. Wow, your girls had done well, applause!

  9. Yes, I agree, taking part in music performances is a good learning experience for your daughters becos performance is part and parcel of music education.

  10. Wow, April performed solo after 3 months of enrollment? She doesn't have stage fright, eh? May was doing well with her singing and dancing too. Bravo to both of them!

  11. Well done girls :) love their dresses :)

  12. They both are the promising pianists!


  13. Such a good experience for your girls. I hope to let my girl learn music. Hope I have the time to sent her for the class.

  14. Yes, can see April played with confidence and poise. Congrats to May for completing her Book 1. Gwen always blur blur when performing on stage..haha..although it wasn't her first time. I think may did a good job.