Perseverance paid off

Being a loyal reader to ParenThots, I knew that they were giving away a set of Disney Scholastic School Skills Workbooks worth RM159.20, since April, right up to September.

I composed my email to them on how I encourage my children to read in May.

Too bad, I wasn't the winner in May.

I touched up my entry and sent to Parenthots for the second time in July.

When the result was announced, I wasn't the winner.

I revised my entry and tried out my luck for the 3rd time in September, the last month of  the promotion.

To my utter surprised, I won. ParenThots sent me a congratulation email yesterday. My entry was published in Parenthots now.  Since yesterday, I feel like I am in cloud 9. I want to give this Diney Scholastic School Skills workbooks to my two princesses. They sure love it.

Here, I would like to share with my readers on how I encourage my children in reading. My winning entry is as below.

Most parents are aware of the importance of cultivating the reading habit in their child. It is so important that it cannot be emphasised enough.

As a fulltime working mother, I always do my best with the limited time I have at home to encourage my kids to read.

1) Reading bedtime stories to the children.
I started reading to them when they were still in my womb. I still read bedtime stories to my five-year-old and seven-year-old daughters every night.

2) Reading their stories on my personal blog.
I love writing about my children’s development and daily activities. My children are excited to read about what I write about them. They find reading their own stories interesting.

3) Reading kids' magazines.
I always send in their artwork to children's magazines. They are thrilled to see their artwork published in magazines. They are rewarded with little gifts from the magazine publisher. Most of the gifts are also books. Indirectly, they are exposed to more magazines and more books.

4) Reading craft books.
We make Mother’s Day cards, Teacher’s Day cards and Father’s Day cards together. I have them look up ideas from craft books.

5) Books as their gifts.
I buy books and magazines for them as their birthday and Christmas presents.

6) Set up a mini home library.
We have a big bookshelf in their study room, which keeps all their favourite books, so that they can locate the book easily at any time they like.

7) Take part in storytelling.
I encourage them to take part in storytelling or story reading contests in school. When preparing for the competition, they are motivated to read many varieties of story books.

8) Visit book fairs, book stores and libraries.
We go to book fairs, book stores and libraries to spend our family time together on weekends.

9) Reading news from newspapers to the children.
I share with them news that I read from the newspaper. At the same time, I show them the pictures from the newspaper.

10) Set myself as the children’s example.
I read books and magazines in my free time, in order to set myself as an example for them.

11) Make books our companion.
We take books with us wherever we go. They read books and magazines while waiting for flights in the airport, and also while waiting for food to be served in the restaurant.

12) Get books about their favourite movies.
I also get them books which have the full story of movies that they like, such as Toy Story, The Princess and The Frog, and Rapunzel.

13) Praise them for good reading behaviour.
When I see them reading quietly, I always praise them for their initiative and good concentration.

14) Fix a time for reading daily.
After dinner, we, the parents and the children will allocate some time to read our own books together.

15) Sing songs from their nursery rhyme books.
Kids love singing songs. We have many nursery rhyme books at home. I teach the children to do the action and sing the songs from the nursery rhyme books. They enjoy doing this very much.

There are still many ways we can encourage children to read. Once your children love reading, you will want to keep the fire burning in them.

Folks, perseverance paid off!


  1. Wow, congrats Yan! The patience and the spirit of not giving up is worth!

  2. wow, congratulations!! your effort and perseverance finally paid off with that prize you wanted so much.. lucky April and May to have such a nice mother huh.. and wow, you have lots of strategy to promote a reading culture in the house huh, haha, no wonder you won!! :)

  3. Congrats once again, Yan.. Inculcating a habit in reading can be a lifetime gift for your kids. Well done! :)

  4. Congratulations!! Those are great tips you shared there :)

  5. Congratulations to you again! Yup, perseverance paid off indeed! Bravo! You are very lucky!

  6. Congratulation! You have set another good example here - never giving up! Btw, nice tips on developing reading habit at home :)

  7. Happy for ya.........and I am sure many mommy bloggers out there will learn a tip or two from you,,,thank you and congrat

  8. congrats Yan,
    your hardwork and patience sure pays off.

  9. Congratulations Yan. I wish I am as hardworking as you when it comes to encouraging Ashley to read :) Well done!

  10. COngrats!! Great tips! :)Thanks for sharing!

  11. Congrats!! You write very well. Thanks for sharing. I really need this. :)

  12. Yan...Congrats!! I really learned a lot from your tips. Keep it up and get the fire burning as you say.

  13. Congratulations Sheoh Yan! I'm so happy for you and a well deserved win that was. What a great article you wrote! You have every right to bask in the glory of your win!!

  14. Congrats! You are such a good mummy. I'm such a lazy mum... ever since Chloe could read on her own, I never spend time reading with her anymore. She reads on her own most of the time.

  15. Congratulations! I'm sure your princess loves the winning prize.