April's achievement in 2011

Time flies, tomorrow is the last day of school for year 2011. It is time for me to pen down all their achievement in school for this whole year. Lil May is only getting all her prizes and trophies back from her school tomorrow. So, I will start with the year end review of April.

April is a very active student,  she would put her hand up for whatever competitions held in school.
She got 13 prizes altogether. I didn't remember I got any prize in my Primary 1.  I don't think her father had so many either.

1. Chinese pen writing  - Champion
2. Chinese making sentense from pictures - Champion
3. Chinese written test - Champion
4. Chinese story telling -7th
5. BM puisi (reading) - 7th
6. BM ejaan- 3rd rnner up.
7. English spelling - Champion
8. Mathematics contest - First runner up
9. Art (drawing and colouring) contest - First runner up
10. Chinese songs singing contest - 3rd runner up.
11. Sport day 50 M female run - Champion
12. Computer knowledge contest - Champion
13. Standard 1 examination - Position 1 over 96.
Out of 13 prizes, there are 7 trophies of champions, 2 trophies of first runner-ups,  2 trophies of 3rd runner-ups and  2  trophies of number 7th.  Way to go, April.
In order to not collect dust and make cleaning job tough, the 13 new trophies together with those collected in previous 2 years have to be kept inside the cabinet.
Shall see what lil May bring back home tomorrow.


  1. Wow, well done April!

    School's out, I'm happy for the kids too!! :D

  2. Well done, April! A pat on addy and mommy's shoulder for a job well done! School time is almost over.. Welcome School Holidays! Weee... :)

  3. WOW!! And April is only in Std 1. You might need to clear one whole room to store the rest of the trophies that she's going to collect until her secondary and university days! Well done, April... you are one very brilliant girl! :)

  4. wow.. a special cupboard for the trophies! geng!!

  5. You very geng lah April,if you got come Penang,let uncle Eugene know,uncle Eugene sure buy you ice-cream to say a big big congratulation to you one,ok ?

    now,go and enjoy your holiday ya

  6. Fantastic. that's alot of medals. well done April.
    Im sure you must have been proud of her

  7. **clap clap** for april. Yan, no trophies during your days never mind, april is already your trophy!!

  8. i don't have that many trophies too.. first we didn't have that many types of contest, second we were given gifts rather than trophies back then.. but i think i had over 20 trophies for the last two years of primary life.. :)

  9. Oh my, she sure is an overachiever! You must be so proud! :)

  10. Wow! April is really smart! I'm very proud of her achievement. Way to go, April.

    P/S: Do you have any tips to share on how to turn your children to super achievers..hehe.

  11. Hi Sheoh Yan, outstanding! Thats something to be proud off. She has exceeded her parents expectations, the beautiful trophies tell the story.
    Have a nice day.

  12. wow! Congrats April!
    Sheoh Yan, you gotta prepare a big cupboard for that. :P

  13. Congrats to April. Bet mummy and daddy are so proud of her! And keep the good job up!

  14. Bravo April. Such a smart girl who will go far in life :)

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  16. Very smart little April..congratulations for your achievements..you will need a bigger cabinet to house more trophies next year..:D

  17. Congratulations to April and you Sheoh Yan! She is really an all rounder. What are you rewarding her? My you really need a bigger cabinet already!

  18. Yan, Lena is right, April is your biggest trophy! You must be so proud of her!

  19. Wow Gongratz. Would dedicate this song and stand up for April..Stand Up For The Champions


  20. You must be so proud for her, I keep wow-ing over her trophies. She will be something when she grown up, I believe that!
    One of the smartest girl I've ever seen, April she is...
    Hope nothing but the best for your princesses, take care Auntie Yan!

  21. Wow, that's really a lot of trophies! You must be so proud of your girl :)

  22. You have 2 very pretty and smart girls and a loving hubby too. Lucky you!

  23. Congratulations to April on your great achievements!

  24. Congratulations to April! Errmm...the cabinets no more space la. Should scout a bigger cabinet. haha