April's Primary School Concert 2011

Since I had the experience of doing makeup for lil May a week ago, I knew what I could do better the second time for April last Friday.
I tell ya! Though it was very tiring for me to go to work in the morning, rush back home in the afternoon, get her ready for the concert in the evening and wash them up late at night, it was all worthy.  
I really enjoyed playing with my two Barbie dolls. My Princess April was all set to go for her very first dance performance.  She was really excited and happy the entire day.
 A group photo of her dance members from Standard 1.
 The show ended at 11pm.
I could see that lil May was really tired, but April was still very thrilled. She kept pestering me to take more pictures of her, before I wanted to remove all her makeup and hairdo.

I was down of  flu and cough, despite of feeling sick and tired, I was pleased to see my princesses enjoy the every single bit of their concerts.


  1. April's polka dot toga top and ballerina skirt is very catchy!

    I can see the girls left early and returned late. No wonder little May is exhausted.

  2. I love April's makeup, very natural yet not plain and she looked so pretty in her dancing dress.

    Ian is also down with flu and fever since last Friday, haiz.. You take care and drink lots of water, ya.

  3. April is so pretty!

    Take care ya!

  4. She looks so pretty! Hope you recover soon. The bug's around again!

  5. aww i miss the time when i was a performer in my kindergarten too :)


  6. hi yan, i think april is really an active girl..a lot of little girls tend to shy away when ask to take photos. Hope you 're feeling much better now.

  7. oh, April looks really pretty girl leh.. thanks to the magic hand of mummy to give her such a nice makeup.. hahaha, their group photos looked from afar, i would have thot those are adults actually..

  8. Hi Sheoh Yan, you definitely going to get a lot of goreng pisang, char kueh teaw, KFC, etc when your 2 girls reach 17. Boyfriends bring over bribe mother to date daughters, ha ha.
    You sure got great looking girls there.
    Got their mom's traffic stopper looks.
    Have fun, keep well.

  9. Pretty girls.. next time you will be very busy shooing the boys away.. hahaa..

  10. Your girls are so pretty. Love April's polka dot outfit. Gosh! the concert ended at 11 pm. That's very late. But all worth while ya.

  11. Mommy really done a good job in the makeup. I have to learn from you. And your daughter is by far the prettiest among all her classmates!

  12. I like how you put make up on April. She looks so pretty and sexy in her dance costume.

    Get well soon ya.

  13. What a nice & sexy costume :) And you did her make up very nicely too!

  14. So PRETTY! Love her make up! Very nice. So so nice. seriously!