Pineapple yogurt smoothie

I seldom take milk. The only time I bought milk powder, it was when I was pregnant. I hate the smell of milk powder. Once in while, I would buy myself the Merigold HL milk or other brands fresh milk. I only took milk which is cold.

Besides, I don't really like cheese. So, where should I get the calcium for my teeth and my bone.
Thank goodness that there is another good source of calcium which I can turn to. I love yogurt, my kids too love yogurt. Mixing plain yogurt with fruit in blender, I can make a glass of healthy smoothies which is high in calcium and vitamins.
Plain yogurt (3 big spoon) + water (half cup) + a piece of pineapple

Sunday morning, I made myself pineapple yogurt smoothie as breakfast, before heading to the gym.

1. Yogurt is easier to digest than milk. 
2. Yogurt contributes to colon health.  
3. Yogurt improves the bioavailability of other nutrients.  
4. Yogurt can boost immunity.   
5. Yogurt aids healing after intestinal infections.
6. Yogurt can decrease yeast infections.
7. Yogurt is a rich source of calcium.
8. Yogurt is an excellent source of protein. 
9. Yogurt can lower cholesterol. 
10. Yogurt is a "grow food." 


  1. Sheoh, yum yum, I love yogurt too. Have a nice day.

  2. There's always other solution ya? ^^

    Opposite with you, I love both milk and yogurt!

  3. So yummy. That's a good idea. I don't have prob taking milk but when I was pregnant I don't like plain milk...weird.

  4. make sure u eat lots of brocolli too as it is another source of calcium :)

  5. I love milk but somehow i nowadays when I drink some I will feel dizzy :( But i love yoghurt and I for sure will try ur idea too =)

  6. I love making smoothies for my kids too. I usually freeze banana and strawberries and use them for our smoothies - it turns out thick like ice cream. Way better than giving them ice cream! :)

  7. hmmm, so you are somebody that doesn't like the general dairy products, just like one of my friend.. but strange that you love yoghurt, probably because it's sour and flavored with fruits?? haha..

  8. Mmm...this smoothie sure look delicious. You are so healthy :)

  9. I don't take yoghurts alone but if you make me a cup of smoothie, I'll go wow! Strange me, right? :)

  10. That's very healthy and yummy too! I love milk, cheese, yoghurt and all the dairy products but I try to limit my intake cos I read that taking too much dairy products is actually not good for health.

  11. I also cannot take milk but I can take yogurt.. but once my sister in law gave me homemade ones, I couldnt swallow them.. hahaha.. i can only take those from the supermarket.. got flavour! :)

  12. Good to see you got the natural yoghurt and not the ones laden with sugar. Not all yoghurt is created equal :) Pineapple yoghurt sounds yummy.

  13. Mmm, good source of energy before heading to the gym.......can do bench press....100kg liao...he he hw

  14. you can take calcium pills but those will be less pleasant to take ocmpared to yogurt! I seldom drink milk too, only buy milk for making cakes and bread..can that be considered taking milk too? haha..

  15. I love all dairy products and consume milk daily. But like Chloe's mummy, I have concern about the health issue on too much of dairy products.

  16. Never like yoghurt until my daughter playfully feed me bit by bit and got 'hooked' to it. Learned how to eat yoghurt mixed with fruits while in India and has been my favorite ever since. Yummy!

  17. Hi Sheoh yan, I love milk, with my iced coffee, but yogurt not on my list to drink or eat, nor cheese.
    Soya drink also good for you....gives a smooth complexion.
    You stay young, stay beautiful.

  18. Yummy yogurt, it definitely healthy and appetizing!

  19. looks especially tasty..yoghurt is my fav too..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  20. i always encourage parents to let their kids have yoghurt. is yummy and healthy.

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  22. My big kid (my Quay Lo) loves yorgurt but me not so much:D

  23. I love yogurt too and my kids love it too. Maybe I should try to mix with fruits and blend to smoothie one day. That's a good idea from you!

  24. I prefer yogurt than milk.... ok, now I know the goodness of yogurt!