Can I have your body?

Since I have been worked out so religiously, I braved myself to wear slightly exposed in Sunway Lagoon last Wednesday.
Ahemm! Pink colour one.

Sorry, it wasn't a pink bikini, but a pink two pieces halter neck swim wear.
Nonetheless, I am proud of my toned shoulder, all thanks to the shoulder press machine that I have just recently increased the weight.
Anyway, before I could further flaunt myself in the water fun, my husband had hinted me to slip myself in a T-shirt like in the picture below.
Perhaps, he wasn't being possessive, nor being conservative, he just scared that I would catch a cold. Wakakakaka!

Bananaz trapped me in his formula to make him my role model. He is rock, he can do a head stand yoga pose which I still can't. Actually, I have made a yummy mummy aged 45 my new role model. She is able to make ladies aged 25 jealous of her perfect body.
Halle Berry flaunts bikini body during 45th birthday celebration in Malibu
I have to paste her picture at the fridge to remind me to keep working out.


  1. Keep it up Yan! You can do it~

  2. I think your hubby possessive la! ;) I need to get rid of my jelly belly - how ah?

  3. I bet those mummy same age as you or even younger than you, jealous over your tone body.

    Keep it up the good work!

  4. You should be proud, Yan. Not many out there have toned body. Don't compare with celebrities - they have personal trainers and dietitians.

    Continue to sweat in yoga and gym classes and don't skip breakfast ;)

  5. Go for it Yan,, it is always nice to feel great with our "BODY" and to those who think we are "narcissist" ,simply because they don't have the "body " to flaunt

    Keep it up, keep pumping those irons and bells ya..... and do show us the "improvements" well done girl,well done.

    You know I have always have respect for those women who are determined to look fit and good,cos I believe keeping toned and fit is never an easy thing to do,,, proud of you,girl

  6. wow.. i also want a body like that.. got por..got lor.. hahaha..

  7. Yan, I think you have a nice hourglass figure. Why cannot wear bikini meh...you are more than qualified. I think your Hubby takut other men will ogle at his pretty wife..kekeke.

  8. Your body already looks perfect to me! Just maintain it and you will look fabulous anytime :)

  9. I was just ogling at your body. LOL. I must start to be hardworking like you and exercise la. How to get rid of my jelly belly too? Halle Berry is your role model? No wonder your hair is short like hers..hehehe. Don't worry you are nearly like her already!

  10. Phewit!!!! haha. Ooops takut lah loh-kung so big size nanti kena squashed. Sorry gotcha in the role model formula almost there Bananaz Split and Bread Pitt sounds quite close. You can do the head stand use the wall as support first and once you are steady move a few inches away and keep the wall as insurance. Good luck.

  11. hehehe, but i think with that soaked t-shirt on, it's easier to catch a cold.. hmmm, so you're already confident of yourself, so no shy lah, hehe..

  12. Halle Berry sure is a hot mum.. in fact many hollywood celebrities are hotter as they gets more matured, don't your agree?? :)

  13. Dont worry Sheoh Yan, you will have your dream body, if you continue your work out and about all believe in yourself. You can do it.!
    sure would love to see you in bikini ,with a body you are proud of.

  14. I think you are self disciplined enough to maintain a well toned and slim physique at all times, good job Yan :D

  15. Hayley, I will do it, otherwise wasting all my money in the sport attire and new running shoes that I just bought.

    Kiddothings, you think so. hahaha! I heard hu la hoop will help. You can try.

    Angeline, thanks. I got slim down, but not really toned yet. May be, take some time.

    Yvonne, sweat it out making me feel good most of the time. Thanks for the support.

    Eugene, thanks for support and thought. I will keep you updated with my progress.

    Claire, you are a miracle, eat all you like and yet stay rather small in size.

    Mummy Gwen, you are kidding me, you are the one have hourglass shape and make men ogle at your pretty face. I am serious, no kidding here.

    Mummy Chloe, thanks for your compliment.

    Carolyn, you are right, Halle Berry is the one always keep hair short, and yet looks so sexy and

    Bananaz, love your humour. Thanks for the tips. I will try.

    SK, you make sense with the soaked T-shirt. If I have the body of Halle Berry, I sure no shy to flaunt my body in bikini. hahaha!

    Johnnie, sure, I will prove to you and show a picture of mine in bikini in my blog. Thanks.

    Shireen, high 5 to you, I know you have the same self disciplined that I possess. Thanks.

  16. Haha. I think I need that picture on my fridge too and in front of my dressing room mirror and on top of my scales and in my bathroom....

  17. wow..lovely post with beauuuuuuuuuuutiful cliks..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  18. great bodies..you and halle berry!!

  19. ahhh..you look great Sheoh Yan. You work so hard and you really look good :)

  20. You look great! Love your toned shoulders and arms. I have flabby arms so you know how much I'm envying YOURS now!

  21. yours already very toned and nice! U r a hot mummy. hehe.