Take many pictures with parents

Last Saturday, we celebrated my FIL's 70 years old birthday. We invited few family friends and close relatives for a humble dinner in a restaurant.
My two princesses dressed up in their concert costumes.
They knew so well that this was a big day of Grandpa, they were trying the best to get their Grandpa's attention.

FIL didn't fancy creamy and lots of icing cake. He prefers something plain and simple like this pandan layer cake as his birthday cake.
My PIL are always labeled as a loving old couple. When you see my FIL, you will definitely see my MIL. I never heard them quarelling so far. They really make many old couples envy with their togetherness, I reckon.

p/s: In order to show your love to the parents. there are many ways. Here, I would like to share a few.
1. Bring them out for dinner, movie or shopping.
2. Take them together in your trip or vacation.
3. Talk to them and listen to them.
4. Remember their birthdays.
5. Take many pictures of them.


  1. I am sure one day someone is going to say likewise about you and your husband,,,"loving couple" and I am sure your hub will be as loving or more coming from the parents,,,

    thanks for the reminders

  2. Happy belated birthday to your FIL!

    Yea, I can see they are very loving couple ^^

  3. Happy belated bday to your FIL. I love pandan layer cake, have not had it for years since I can't get it here in Sydney. Good idea to spend more time with the elders, especially the grandchildren. It's important that they see the good example that parents set in looking after and loving our elders.

  4. Cherish the precious moments together and seldom can see such loving couple like your PIL. Some old folks are even shy to hold hands saying no need lah 'lau ang lau boh liao'. Why not? Would hold my soulmate as long as we are alive and kicking.

  5. it's so true that we have to cherish every moment with them :) happy celebration there!



  6. This is one of the reasons why I never fail to visit my folks once every 2 weeks (they live in another town/state). I guess my next mission is to take more photos with them :)

    Happy belated birthday to your FIL!

  7. I happened to come across ur space...i think u have an awesome space here with some gr8 recipes n wonderful writeups...happy to follow u here....do visit mine sometimes :-)


  8. Always great to see loving couples in their golden age...Happy Belated Birthday to your FIL..

  9. i think parents don't really care what we are doing with them, as long as we are spending time with them together.. :)

  10. Ohhh...I love your post..
    so sweet of you to delight them n get their blessings on a very special day like this..;)

    I've got some awards for you..:) drop by to collect it..Cheers..!
    Tasty Appetite

  11. Happy belated birthday to your FIL. We ought to cherish our elders as they are the gems of the family. I try to :)

  12. Happy Belated Birthday to your FIL. I love the last pic. Really very sweet of them :)

  13. Very rare to see couples who rarely quarel. What a happy, loving couple. I'm sure your hubby is like your FIL too, lucky you.

  14. When I see older couples holding hands, I will admire them in my heart... this is what I call a true Loving Couple...

  15. Your FIL looks very cheerful...
    sorry.. 3 comments in one go.. hahaa...

  16. hey, really good that the concert costume can be worn on normal days..some are too exaggerating that cant wear it to anywhere. I really love to see old couples holding hands!

  17. Your PIL are the same as my parents. They are never separated. Your girls look very pretty in the concert outfit.