Nothing compares to books

We bought them 7 books, April has finished reading 3 books there before coming back home.

During our trip to KL last week, we went into Toys' RUs.
I said to my girls, "Look and see, no buying". They would come out from the toys shop quietly.
We went into Cotton On Kids, while browsing the kid shoes, and the kid apparel, I said to them, "No discount and not cheap, no buying". They would leave the shop quietly.
We went into Popular and MPH book stores, they said to me, "Mummy please, don't say No Buying, ok."
 April was reading on the bed in the hotel.
 While waiting for me to hop from shop to shop, she was reading on the bench.
Every time, I needed to rush her to close her book when I wanted to catch up with more shopping in other floors.

Only lil May would accompany me to go into each shop, their Papa would take a seat next to April outside the shop.
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KL shopping loots in Nov 2011

Hey folks, I am back from a short hiatus.
We brought the kids to Sunway Lagoon last week. We put up a stay of 4D3N at Pyramid Tower Hotel. Before I blog about my trip to Sunway Lagoon, I want to first share with you my shopping loots there.
 Casual wear from Nichii (around RM170) .
 Sport bras and undies from Jockey (around RM 100).
 Sport attire from Reebok (around RM200).
 Sport attire from Adidas (around RM200).
Reebok Zigtech and matching socks (around RM200).

Other than the above, we bought 7 children books (RM100) from MPH and Popular for the girls. My husband bought a Puma sport shoes (RM130) for April, a shirt from Uniqlo (RM70) for himself. We also spent about RM100 at IKEA on pyssla beads, candles, cushions and etc.
Looking at my shopping loots, many sport items were actually bought to motivate myself for going to gym more often.

I shall start my blog hopping soon
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Pineapple yogurt smoothie

I seldom take milk. The only time I bought milk powder, it was when I was pregnant. I hate the smell of milk powder. Once in while, I would buy myself the Merigold HL milk or other brands fresh milk. I only took milk which is cold.

Besides, I don't really like cheese. So, where should I get the calcium for my teeth and my bone.
Thank goodness that there is another good source of calcium which I can turn to. I love yogurt, my kids too love yogurt. Mixing plain yogurt with fruit in blender, I can make a glass of healthy smoothies which is high in calcium and vitamins.
Plain yogurt (3 big spoon) + water (half cup) + a piece of pineapple

Sunday morning, I made myself pineapple yogurt smoothie as breakfast, before heading to the gym.

1. Yogurt is easier to digest than milk. 
2. Yogurt contributes to colon health.  
3. Yogurt improves the bioavailability of other nutrients.  
4. Yogurt can boost immunity.   
5. Yogurt aids healing after intestinal infections.
6. Yogurt can decrease yeast infections.
7. Yogurt is a rich source of calcium.
8. Yogurt is an excellent source of protein. 
9. Yogurt can lower cholesterol. 
10. Yogurt is a "grow food." 
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May's achievement in 2011

Clap, clap, clap for lil May. She participated in Singing Contest, Drawing Contest, Colouring Contest and Chinese Word Writing Contest.

She received prized from all the categories, except the Singing Contest. Her teacher commented that when she sang, her voice was too soft and she had stage fright.

My very shy girl won in best colouring, best drawing, best hand writing and best in class throphies. Her kindergarten didn't state the position clearly for all the contests. The winners were given the same prizes.
Way to go, May. I hope she will gain enough courage to sing louder next  year.
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April's achievement in 2011

Time flies, tomorrow is the last day of school for year 2011. It is time for me to pen down all their achievement in school for this whole year. Lil May is only getting all her prizes and trophies back from her school tomorrow. So, I will start with the year end review of April.

April is a very active student,  she would put her hand up for whatever competitions held in school.
She got 13 prizes altogether. I didn't remember I got any prize in my Primary 1.  I don't think her father had so many either.

1. Chinese pen writing  - Champion
2. Chinese making sentense from pictures - Champion
3. Chinese written test - Champion
4. Chinese story telling -7th
5. BM puisi (reading) - 7th
6. BM ejaan- 3rd rnner up.
7. English spelling - Champion
8. Mathematics contest - First runner up
9. Art (drawing and colouring) contest - First runner up
10. Chinese songs singing contest - 3rd runner up.
11. Sport day 50 M female run - Champion
12. Computer knowledge contest - Champion
13. Standard 1 examination - Position 1 over 96.
Out of 13 prizes, there are 7 trophies of champions, 2 trophies of first runner-ups,  2 trophies of 3rd runner-ups and  2  trophies of number 7th.  Way to go, April.
In order to not collect dust and make cleaning job tough, the 13 new trophies together with those collected in previous 2 years have to be kept inside the cabinet.
Shall see what lil May bring back home tomorrow.
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April's Primary School Concert 2011

Since I had the experience of doing makeup for lil May a week ago, I knew what I could do better the second time for April last Friday.
I tell ya! Though it was very tiring for me to go to work in the morning, rush back home in the afternoon, get her ready for the concert in the evening and wash them up late at night, it was all worthy.  
I really enjoyed playing with my two Barbie dolls. My Princess April was all set to go for her very first dance performance.  She was really excited and happy the entire day.
 A group photo of her dance members from Standard 1.
 The show ended at 11pm.
I could see that lil May was really tired, but April was still very thrilled. She kept pestering me to take more pictures of her, before I wanted to remove all her makeup and hairdo.

I was down of  flu and cough, despite of feeling sick and tired, I was pleased to see my princesses enjoy the every single bit of their concerts.
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Girls just wanna have fun (with hairdo pictures)

Whatever my husband and I did for lil May on last Friday, it is going to repeat for April today.

My husband is going to bring April for a hairdo at her school at noon. The appointed hair saloon is coming over to the school to give all the performers a hairdo.

At the same time, teachers are giving away the report card to the parents.
No formal lesson today, as the Graduation Concert for Standard Six is on in the evening.

There were many rehearsals on the past few days. Tonight, April is going to receive the prize in cash from her headmaster for being the top in form. In the rehearsal, she heard drum rolls sound when calling her name to receive the prize. She is really excited and happy.
This is her dance costume. She and her friends from Standard 1 are going to dance in the concert. The song of the dance is Ha Ha Ha, a Korean pop song.

I will be the makeup artist again later.

Last night before going to bed, I told April to enjoy the show and have lots of fun, no stress and no worry.

Have a nice weekend, folks.

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May's kindergarten concert 2011

1. Ta da... I only used half an hour to do the make up for May.
2. She was leaving for her concert.  
 3. Tips for other parents, if you have another kid to tag along, remember to pack food and drink.
 4. The concert would last for more than 3 hours.  We brought along food and drink from home, although there were some temporary food stalls set up in the hall.
 5. A picture with grandparents after the dance. A proof of very lenghty show, see the guy at the back yawning.
 6. A group picture with their form teacher, she also taught them the dance of BO BEEP.
 7. Closing songs were sung by all teachers and students. There are about 400 over students, and this kindergarten has morning and afternoon sessions. The biggest number of students in town.
 8. Back at home, there started mummy's nightmare. Before I could wash them up, I still needed to prepare supper for them. Luckily, Sunday is Hari Raya Haji public holiday, and thus I can have long weekend.
Next week, it is April's turn to have her first concert in her Primary school.
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May's first concert hairdo

Papa brought her to the hair saloon appointed by May's kindergarten at noon. There were a big group of children lining up for 5 hair stylists to tie their hair. 

They came back 2 hours later. I took a half day off to doll her up for her concert later. Looking at her hair, the only thing I know, it will be a hard time for me to wash her hair tonight.
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Life is too short...

... to stress ourselves with thing or person, which or who don't even deserve to be an issue in our life.

So, we must do thing or be with people, which or whom we think is fun.
 Today, 3 of us, went to Sushi King RM 2 Bonanza to have a feast on our favourite sushi.
 Don't need  to guess, I am the tallest, my plates are the tallest too. Who cares? As long as I am happy.
After saying bye bye to Hayley, two glutton mummies went up to Big Apple to buy 2 boxes of donuts.
I didn't forget to get some mini muffins for my kids.
A picture to tell why I call her 'glutton mummy'.  Good to know that Yvonne isn't stressing herself with the weight gained issue. She was happily eating her donut at 3pm tea time.

Lastly, this explains why I spent hours in the gym and I didn't lose any single pound. If I carry on believing in the theory for not stressing myself because of life is too short to be happy, I think I need liposuction. What say you?
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There's a princess in every girl

My two girls are both very girly type.  They love Disney Princesses and Barbies. They also watch Mickey and The Tom & Jerry Show, but they never like cartoons such as Ben10, Transformers, Power Rangers, Spider man, Batman or Superman. I don't remember that that I ever taught them so. In fact, it is April, who is the one influencing her mei mei to be as girly as her. April kept telling May that this is meant for boys, and that is meant for girls most of the time.
When jie jie wasn't at home, many times I noticed that May having a peep at Ben10 through Astro CH616.

They have just finished watching Barbie "Princess Charm School" recently. Let see what the girls were inspired by Barbie.
 1. April wrote me a note to remind me to call them "Princess April" and "Princess May".  I kept forgetting because I am not used to call them so. However, I would suddenly remember when I wanted them to help me putting the laundry away or pouring me a glass of water.
 2. April drew a portrait of Lady Royal, Delancy. The 2nd main character in "Princess Charm School".
 3. April drew a portrait of Princess Sophie a.k.a Blair, the 1st main character in "Princess Charm School". The toga gown is quite similar to the first picture.
 4. April and May have started to walk  and sit very straight, just like the training that Barbie had gone through in "Princess Charm School".
I can tell they are always princesses in the house.

There's a princess in every girl  ~~  Barbie
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