Water Dragon Year 2012

I am back to blogging, and shall resume to blog hop very soon. Let me share with you some memorable pictures which were taken in this Chinese New  Year
On CNY eve, we had reunion lunch at PIL's house. MIL cooked up a storm in the kitchen and prepared us 12 different yummy dishes. I was only there to help her cleaning up the cooking utensils.
After the reunion lunch, we went to the mall for some last minute shopping and catching Ah Beng The Movie. Then, we went back home watching Astro AEC live telecast count down concert on TV.
On Chinese New Year Day 1, we took a family portrait after coming back from praying in 2 temples. I made April and May taking a short nap, so that their batteries could last till late at night.
After having steamboat at PIL's house, we went to meet up with some old classmates. While all hubbies were playing cards and drinking beer, we, women caught up with each other on our latest condition.
On Chinese New Year Day 3, Barbara, her hubby and her lil missy Ashley came all the way to our place to meet up with Yvonne, Hayley, Angeline and me. It was so nice of her to bring each of us a gift. It was indeed a very great meet up with her and her loved ones. Andy is such a friendly guy and Ashley is sweet and very pretty in person. Once again, I thank her for making this meet up happened. She was actually planning for this meet up a year ago. It wasn't happened last year due to her hubby's business assignment in Thailand. Finally, we all made it this year. We should cherish our friendship and make it last forever.
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Company yearly activity before Chinese New Year

It is a yearly ritual in my company that we have to pray in 3 altars before ushering the Lunar New Year.
While the big big bosses doing the praying, we the small fry were helping to prepare the praying papers.
We believe that praying to Tua Pek Kong, Guan Kong, Datuk Kong, Tei Zhu Kong and a few more Indian Gods in the factory will always keep us working together in peace and harmony. The most important prayer is to ensure our company continues to success, make profit, and create more fortune. Huat ah! Huat ah!
This is also the yearly food placed on the altar table. All the employees who participated in the prayer were treated with Nasi Kunyit and Curry Chicken for lunch.

Here I wish all my Chinese readers a very prosperous Chinese New Year. May you bless with good health, wealth and happiness in this Dragon year and always. Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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I have got Amelia's De-ssert

I have got Amelia's De-ssert courier all the way from JB to my house. How in the world did Amelia know I liked cookies? Ok I guess it's not a big secret, but she managed to get me my absolute favorite kind, and packed in a box so neatly. Amelia, thank you for thinking of me! You could not have picked out anything more perfect than these!
 My two princesses and I were so overwhelmed when receiving such a big parcel from Pos Laju.
 April was the first to explore all the goodies from Aunty Amelia.
I told them, "Aunty Amelia is mummy's blogging friend who can bake very very well. She reads both your stories in mummy's blog, and now she sent her own baked cookies, jelly moulds and cute food picks to both of you. "
Here the burger cookies, chocolate teddy bear cookies and peanuts butter chips cookies. Amelia, your cookies didn't turn into crumbs. It is still in pretty good shape and condition. Even if it turns into crumbs, I will still wallop it till the last crumb in the containers.
 She also sent me fruit cake which were nicely wrapped in a bow.
My two princesses took every type of Amelia's cookies and fruit cakes as their supper last night. April rated fruit cakes and peanuts butter chips cookies as the twin champion, burger cookies as the first runner up and the teddy bear chocolate cookies as the second runner up.
May rated teddy bear chocolate cookies as the champion, burger cookies as the first runner up, peanuts butter chips cookies as the second runner up and the fruit cake as the third runner up.
April took the second piece of fruit cake. She wanted me to take a picture of her in the gesture of 2 fingers. She wanted me to thank Aunty Amelia, as she loves the fruit cake very much.
Again, I really want to thank Amelia. She knows that I don't bake and I love cookies. She is such a thoughtful person that I get to know in blogsphere.
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Such a sweet darling

April is such sweet darling daughter to me.

Story 1
I wanted April and May to take a nap with me on a Saturday afternoon. If they took a nap, I offered to give them both a massage before bedtime that night. I would usually rub their back and tummy with the black colour Chinese traditional oil (minyak angin). They love me massaging them this way. Upon hearing this offer, they quickly went to sleep,  but I couldn't doze off at all that afternoon. I was so tired in the evening and felt regret to offer them the massage, as I had to stay up a bit late to give both of them the massage.

Darling April noticed my tiredness. She said, "Mummy, you don't need to give me a massage. If May wants, you just massage her. Let me give you a massage."
True enough, when May and her father had gone to sleep. April gave me a massage on my shoulder, my back, my hands and my legs. She even put some lotion on my foot. While she massaging me, she asked me a few times, "Mummy, are you feeling better? Do you feel more comfortable now?"
Before we both off the light, I thanked her, she said, "You're welcome, mummy."
Mummy was touched.
Story 2
When the school reopened, I told April that I didn't want her to be the class monitor. I wanted  her to concentrate on her study. Actually I didn't want her to get disappointed, what if she was not being chosen by the teacher again. ( She wasn't the class monitor last year)  On the second week of school, I noticed that she had a new class monitor. When I asked her, she said that the teacher asked her to be the class monitor this time, but she rejected the teacher as mummy didn't allow.
I feel so sorry for her, as I know she wants so much to take the responsibility to be the class leader. I am the one stopping her from exercising her leadership. What a bad mum I am!

Mummy said, "Sorry, sorry."
April said, "Why sorry?"
Mummy said, "Because of me, now you can't be the class monitor, teacher has chosen someone else. You have to wait for another time."
April said, "It is ok, mummy. I will pray to Amituofo, one day I sure can be the class monitor."
Mummy teary eyes.
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Usher the Chinese New Year

In fact we have started to do the spring cleaning during the Christmas and New Year weekends.
My husband and me reorganized the children wardrobe, the children toy cabinet, the children book cabinet, the store room and our own wardrobe. We packed some old clothes, old toys and old books to giveaway to the environmental recycling department.
Last weekend, I also spared some time to DIY the CNY decor which was shared by Merryn over here.
I also got new clothes and new bags for my two princesses. The pink colour sling bag which May was carrying is the new bag to the keep Ang Bao.
None of the thing that I needed to buy to make this Hello Kitty Ang Bao Wheel of Fortune. All the things were found in the house.

11 days to go, what have you done so far to usher the year of Dragon. I have yet to go for a hair cut, I have yet to achieve my ideal weight, I have yet to bake buy any cookies, I have yet to buy CNY gifts for the elderly, I have yet to wrap the Ang Bao, I have yet to buy enough makeup and clothes, I have yet to buy a pair of shoes, I have yet to DIY enough CNY decor and I have yet to............
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Love notes

One weekend morning, I woke up very early and left home for gym. Before I get into the car, I was concerned that my two girls would wake up sulky when finding me not in the house. I removed my sport shoes and returned to the living room. I wrote some notes on the whiteboard.
I hope they would feel loved by reading this. When I had done with the work out and come back home, my husband had sent April and May to their table tennis training. I found their reply notes next to my notes.

Love is the language that every heart speaks. Do you fancy the idea of leaving sweet message for your sweetheart?  Nice notes like my two girls' sure put a smile on my face and bring warmth to my heart.
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2012 New Year Dinner

I went for a company dinner yesterday. I didn't know whether this was for 2012 New Year celebration or Chinese New Year celebration, as long as I was invited, I just went to enjoy the food and have fun with my colleagues.
Yours truly with Yvonne and Celine
I had missed two events in December, where by my fellow colleagues got to attend. Whenever I am invited for any event, I have to check against my husband's schedule. I can accept the invitation only when my husband is available to babysit my two princesses, otherwise I have to excuse myself from the event.  Last night, I have to thank my husband for taking care of my princesses, when I went jolly with friends.
Yours truly with Yvonne
The food was only so so and nothing to shout out. Since it was token of appreciation from the management to the employees, I shouldn't complain anymore.
Yours truly with Angeline
Angeline, who just got back from her maternity, kept asking me to photoshop her picture to make her look less chubby. I said "Don't need", because she looked so sweet and pretty the whole night.  

Angeline, Yvonne and Celine, I truly enjoyed your company at the dinner, and Hayley, we miss you.
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First day back to school 2012

Today is the first day back to school after the long break. I set alarm at 6.15am, but I automatically woke up at 5pm.
 I prepared egg mayo sandwiches for my two princesses to bring to schoo1.
 I forced them down with a cup of beverage.
I offered them snacks. While April finishing her breakfast, lil May was still sulking and whining. I was almost raising my magic wand, then only she gave me her cooperation.
I sent both of them to bed at 10pm last night. They woke up at 6am. Both my princesses were all set and ready to go to school at 7am. Mummy wiping sweat off, breathing in and breathing out, as hectic days start today.  Mummies and daddies, how is it going on yours?
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