Another milestone after Chinese New Year

When we went visiting relatives during Chinese New Year, April and May got the chance to ride on the cousin's bicycles. I found that they had more excitement riding the two wheels bicycles than the 4 wheels one at home, although they kept falling down from the bicycle.
Last weekend, their papa got the small training wheels from their bicycles and the front baskets removed.  He also lowered down the seat, thus his princesses are able to have both feet on the floor. April and May got so much fun learning to get the balance and go steady on the bicycle.
April acquired the skill on the first day, whereas May got it right too on the next day.
They achieve a new milestone this Chinese New Year, and need no training wheel anymore on their bicycles from now on. However, my husband and I have a special duty to do following by their new milestone. We need to treat bruises and cuts on their knees, legs and hands before we can retire to bed.


  1. YAY, they can finally cycle like a pro now! My girls still need the training wheels as they seldom practice cycling.

  2. Yes...i need to treat the bruises and cuts each time my girl got back from the training...ahahha. Now she is cycling like a pro without the knee pads.

  3. Ah... my kids still need the training wheels. It's a good and early milestone for both your girls. I achieved this one when I was 10 years old.... yeah, old already

  4. being able to get the balance and ride on a bicycle is indeed an achievement, besides having to say excitedly happy!!

  5. i still remember i learned to ride a bicycle at the age of 10, took me a day or two to get balanced (and of course all the fall downs, haha!!).. the moment i was able to balance and ride without falling was just like magic!!

  6. wow straight away remove both small wheels.
    last time i remove one at a time..
    Good achievements.......
    soon they will ask for a bigger bikes ..LOL

  7. Sheoh Yan,
    well your two girls have grown up. falling from bike is part of the process of riding one. They will soon master it and be very steady in no time.

  8. Well done April and May! Hmm, must have fallen down then only consider learnt! Hehehe :P

  9. it wont take too long for them to learn balancing..they are brilliant kids! your whole family can then all go cycling in the park!

  10. i remembered riding on a 4-wheeled bike till i was 10 years old lol! that's a pretty bad experience for me though

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  11. Calvin still learning with 4 wheels...good for April and May. *Thumbs Up*

  12. Whao! Applause! They are good lar, I can't wait for my gal to improve too(might take much more time though, lol)!

  13. Good job, girls! The bruises and cuts are only temporary so no worries. Chloe still needs the training wheels because her bicycle is too big so she has no confidence in trying yet.

  14. Well done to May & April. They learn really fast!

  15. Hi Sheoh Yan, I guess every kid, boy or girl loves bicycles....and yes, bound to be bruises and tears beginning stages, but they have fun.
    You know, if and when you get another baby I know what you'll name her if a girl.
    Ha ha.
    Have a nice day.
    Love your house porch, looks like a dance floor so clean and shiny.
    Whose motorcycle outside the gate? Hubby's?

    1. Lee, if i have a girl, sure she will be JUNE. hahahaha!
      yes, it is my husband's motorcycle.

  16. Yeay! Well done! They did it in just a day! Okay so two days for May but still, that's amazing!

  17. Pity to say I never skilled in riding a bike! hahhah! I have a bike for my kids. Maybe it is time to get a bigger bike for my girl and see how she rides without the training wheels.