Golden glutionous rice balls (Pumpkin)

My Water Dragon New Year resolution is to bake and cook more. " I am a full time working mother of two young kids, I don't have time to bake and cook." I hate making this an excuse anymore. I must bake and cook, and get my two princesses to involve in the kitchen more with me. I want to prepare them for their future husbands. I don't want their in laws and husbands blame me for not raising my two daughters well. For my two daughters' goodness sake, I have to set myself as an example, I must start making full use of my kitchen.

My very first attempt in Water Dragon year was to make pumpkin glutinous rice balls. I got the idea and recipe from Hong Kitchen. I love pumpkin. I couldn't wait till the Winter Solstice in December. So I made it with my two girls one day before the Chap Goh Meh.
Cut the middle size pumpkin into cubes and steam it until it became puree. Mash the pumpkin and knead it with glutinous rice flour. I didn't know the measurement for each of the ingredients. I just  made sure that I could formd a non sticky dough. Then, I got my two girls to help me roll the rice balls.
I boiled the sweet soup with sugar, water, a few slices of ginger and pandan leaves in a pot. Set aside to let it cool.
Cook the rice ball in a wok with medium fire. The rice ball would float to the top of the water if it was cooked.
Hong Kitchen suggested to put the cooked rice balls first into cold water, then only into the sweet soup. I just put directly into the sweet soup. When I tasted it, I found it was too plain for having only the glutinous rice balls.
I quickly digged out the Japanese sweet potatoes in the fridge. Steam the sweet potatoes and add it into the sweet soup. My two girls love it, but my husband found it was too much work to make it. What a discouraging comment for my first attempt!

Happy Chap Goh Meh, everyone.


  1. You did a very good job Yan. I would prefer if our husband give us an encouraging comment. *_^

  2. I like the soft and bouncy balls, although you said you've kept them refrigerated.

    Looking forward more dessert like this... but do you mind text me a day earlier so that I can come empty stomach with no breakfast tapau-ed?? Hehehe...

  3. Looking yummy la!

    Cook and bake more, meaning more food sharing in your blog this year! ^^

  4. looks very nice leh.. and so smart of you to put in extra sweet potato, I think they both match perfectly!! now I'm very thirsty and one bowl of this icy cold soup would be so nice!! :)

  5. ** clap clap** bravo! you did your first tong yuen. I understand from my mum that soaking in cold water is to prevent them from sticking and also makes the texture a better mouthfeel. Usually they are quite bland in taste, that's why some people put in fillings. That's a good idea to add in the pumpkins to the soup. see? you can do it! yay!!

  6. Hi Sheoh Yan, you make new year resolutions? I have never, sure to break within 5 days, ha ha.
    Your rice balls look really good.
    I have not eaten these ages too.
    And the sweet potatoes looks best.
    You have fun and keep well.

  7. I like this dessert! and I also love your new year resolution. Must do it with my 2 kids when I move into this house this year and have my own kitchen. :)

    1. THe rice balls look simply yummy! I love pumpkin too.

  8. 金黄色的,很漂亮噢~~

  9. Yummmm...golden rice balls. Simply delicious!

  10. Hi Sheoh, wow... look delicious. Keep up the good work, looking forward to see your cooking or baking in dragon year. Have a nice day.

  11. hahaha..like that also he said too much work? He sayang you too much lar. Don't want you to suffer.:)

  12. Tang yuan for Chap Goh Mei... that's very unique :) I also seldom bake and cook other food besides lunch and dinner although I am a SAHM. I'm not a very kitchen person and I prefer to do other things than creating food...