Art analysis report

I knew this Free Art Analysis from . Since it is school holiday, I asked April and May to draw something by listening to their own hearts. Lil May was the first to start the drawing.
At first, she just drew her jie jie and herself at a park. When her jie jie started to draw, she was very much influenced by her jie jie to add more things at the background .
On the other hand, April drew almost everything in family of 4 at the park. Butterflies, birds, and us were all 4.
They used magic pens only in this drawing.
I love these drawings of them. It tells a lot about what inside their minds. If you want to know what is the report after the Demoments analyzed their drawings, please click at the button below.
p/s: Special thanks to SK for the tutorial and Yvonne for her assistance on creating the very first button in my blog. Everything also got first time right?


  1. I see you've got your first push button up ;)

    I think they missed out one important point here, your kids are very discipline. Can tell from the neat drawing there.

    1. i agree ...
      furthermore they obey mummy instruction to draw something....

  2. wow!! two interactive posts in a day i saw, hehe!! not bad huh.. got the expert javascripteaser yvonne to guide you~~ :)

  3. i would say those are very nice drawings, maybe they need to fill in the colors to make them perfect.. and the analysis also quite detailed huh, so is the analysis accurate??

  4. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    April and May's drawings are very neat and expressive. From their drawings, it could tell that your kids put family at first place. What a thoughtful kids you have, Yan! You are lucky mom.

  5. sometimes it's really fascinating to be able to read someone's mind or their character through drawings. i guess the happiest thing to read from the report is they are feeling happy, a healthy soul and enjoying life! Cheers!

  6. I saw mNhL's post too but didn't try it.

  7. wow, their drawings are so neat and beautiful. i think i can also analyse their characters from what they drew :) beautiful girls you got there, Sheoh Yan :)

  8. your kids can draw really well :) and im wondering how accurate is the analysis actually?

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  9. Nice drawings by your 2 girls!

    Thumb up Yan, you get to create your first button. I yet to know even I have blog for so long...ahahhaha

  10. Hi,

    Glad that you are really kind for sharing. First time I saw your kids' drawings, I feel not to analyze since they are good and healthy...at last I also finish the report as well.

    Yan, keep up your good job! Welldone!

    For those who is interested to know more about the analysis report then you may send your drawings to us.....

    How accurate is it? Our percentage of accuracy achievement is up to 70% and we only write the important points. Besides, parents' acceptance level is the most important issue. Kids will draw their inner self feeling and thoughts and it is not easy to observe from their outer parts and they normally can't even show it in front of parents.

  11. I knew my girl will draw 4 of us in her drawing, and she will usually draw we at the parks/playground. Thanks for the sharing.

  12. Nice drawings! Both April and May can draw so well :)

  13. You usually can't create passionate users unless you deeply care about them. God bless you !Business Analysis Report Template

  14. I am sure it is a great feeling to know that your kid is happy more than anything else. There is no reason why she is not. She is Mummy and Daddy's jewel.