Food is to nourish the body,and book is to feed the soul

I have talked a lot about my home made snacks for the past few days. I  shall pause for a while and talk about other topics. When Ian's mom shared about Ian's Chinese Reading Frenzy, I was inspired by her on getting Chinese reading materials for both my girls. Before that, I only borrowed books from the club library, and I only borrowed English books for them.

These are the books that I ordered online from Odonata(红蜻蜓).

1. 《闪亮的时刻》Bright Times - 漫画 Comic MYR 12.00
2. 二年级 我会读好故事(一套六本)Standard 2 Self Reading Stories Books (1 set 6 books) MYR 25.00
3. 《十月》 October - 漫画 Comic MYR 12.00
4. 风云人物郑小强 The Extraordinary Boy - 绘图小说 Illustration Novel MYR 14.00
5. 三年级 我会读好故事(一套六本)Standard 3 Self Reading Stories Books (1 set 6 books) MYR 25.00
6. 神奇望远镜 The Magical Telescope -  绘图小说 Illustration Novel  MYR 14.00
7.  一年级 我会读好故事(一套六本)Standard 1 Self Reading Stories Books (1 set 6 Books) MYR 25.00

Since I bought a total amount of RM127, I got them in free delivery.
April and May had finished reading all the Self Reading Stories Books of Standard 1, 2 and 3 in just 2 days.
April had also finished reading 风云人物郑小强 The Extraordinary Boy - 绘图小说 Illustration Novel on last week. She will finish reading 神奇望远镜 The Magical Telescope - 绘图小说 Illustration Novel in these 2 days. Then, I will let her start with the two comics 《闪亮的时刻》Bright Times and 《十月》 October . 

At first, I worried that April would not be able to comprehend the novels. Then, I was surprised to know that April likes the novels very much. She finds the novels funny and interesting. She is eager to read the novels everyday. She has asked for the next copy of the same author. I helped her to check with the publisher yesterday. There is a new illustration novel launched soon,  and it is allowed for pre-ordering next week.

I am now reading all the books that they have finished reading. I want to learn that what is the morale of the story of each book, I also want to know that what new vocabulary they have learned in the books. After I read, we would share and  discuss about the interesting parts that we found in each book.

I believe that my girls will improve in their essay writing by reading lots of books.


  1. Yan, Odonata do sell very good chinese reading materials, be it text books, story books, flash cards or even CD on proper pronunciation. And frankly, their books are not expensive as compared to some others selling in the market.

    My boy currently attending the chinese class in school is also using Odonata system and I find it quite effective.

    So, happy reading to both April and May.

  2. yeah, reading is good, it really helps the kids to develop their skills.. and i think RM127 is ok lah, this money is worth spending..

  3. furthermore i like the idea that you also read their books, and then discuss with them.. this is a good example where parents involved in developing the kids, exemplary!! sure the princesses are gonna have fun..

  4. my daughter like to read story books a lot but the boys like to play computer games..

  5. many kids do enjoy reading storybooks and with pics especially, go to popular and you will see a whole bunch of kids just sitting there and read storybooks of such kind! you really good mum, they read and you read too to chk..

  6. u had plant the book worm in your children..
    GOOD ....
    I am trying to read a book/week .. but it drag to a month..
    must be discpline...

  7. If not mistaken these books come with 'pin yin,right?

  8. Yeah, your gals love to read! Keep it up. I also encourage my son to have this habit! is a good thing.

  9. I read my kid's book too because I want to know what they had been reading. Thks for sharing the website. Wanna check it out.

  10. Reading habit should start from young :) And it's good to learn that you are not far from behind, just to catch up with your princesses.

  11. Agreed with yvonne, reading should start at vy young age ...!! That kids will automatically pick up the books anytime . Thanks for sharing the website, will check on it ... any 'pin yin' on the reading ???

  12. Wah, lots of good books for reading. Yes, it's good to start them reading at young age. Good to develop the reading habits!

  13. Reading nourishes the mind and soul...

  14. wow..interesting website..will check on it now..
    book reading is my favorite timepass, when am happend to
    have leisure time for myself..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  15. Glad to hear that both your princesses love those books. I got the self reading story books for year 3 & 4 and also the read along CD for Ian. Ian has finished reading the yr 3 books. Too bad, they don't have a CD for year 4, the mommy gotta learn the actual Hanyu Pinyin before letting him read. Hahaha...

  16. well done to the girls. no wonder they are so smart :)

  17. I am so interested in your parenting! your girls sound like fabulous students! good for you!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.