Drink for better eye sight

I am a contact lens user of short sighted vision for more than 10 years. Recently I noticed that I have a hard time to read newspapers, SMS,  ingredients and instructions that printed on packing papers, boxes and bottles. I need to remove my lens only I can read those tiny words. I suspect that I have got Presbyopia. It also means that my short sighted has reduced.

During a casual chat with a China lady, whom I met in the gym told me that red dates and wolfberries drink are very beneficial to eyes. She said that if I could drink this everyday, I should see some improvement on my eye sight.
Therefore, I try to boil this super power drink for myself every alternate evening. Then, I pour it into a thermos and bring to work to drink in the morning.
I believe one will only see the effects of wolfberry after a substantial period of consumption.

Health Benefits of 1/4 cup of wolfberries

CirculationImprove circulation.
Eyes/VisionImprove eyesight.
FertilityBoost sperm production.
Immune System - GeneralStrengthen the immune system.


Calcium72 mg6%
Fiber4 g16%
Iron1.8 mg12%
Protein/Amino Acids4 g8%Contain 19 amino acids, including the essential amino acids.
Vitamin A8500 IU170%
Vitamin C12 mg20%

Health Benefits of 10 red dates

BloodIncrease absorption of iron into the blood.


BoronN/A N/A
Calcium43 mg4%
Fiber7.1 g28%
Manganese0.3 mg10%
Potassium732 mg21%
Vitamin K59.5 mcg74%
Zinc0.4 mg3%


  1. Yes, these 2 are magic food to the eyes. I used to drink alot of this during examinations time, hehe..

  2. During my confinement, MIL boil red dates for me everyday.

    My boy love wolfberries. LOL...din know it boost sperm production!

    1. Hahahha Hi5!...Boost sperm production :P..
      my kids love wolf berries too! I give them as a snack when I am busy to keep them occupied. :P

  3. yea...woflberries is good for eyesight. I will throw in some whenever i boil any kind of soup

  4. Wolfberries is really good for eyesight. I always love to eat it. I used to put in my son's porridge when he was small that time

  5. I believe the drink will have good effect on your eyes.
    Not mainly because of the wolf berries. But it's because 它已经被佛陀加持.:)

  6. Yes, woflberries is good for eyesight. I used to drink it too!

  7. So envious that you are having this healthy drink every day.

    I tried having red dates drink twice per week and I ended up feeling giddy the following week. Stopped after that :'(

  8. yes wolfberries is good for eyesight..
    n dates are good for blood circulation..

  9. It was only one head

    ell at least somone take the initiative....

  10. hmmm, i have been a short-sighted person since 10 years old.. and have been wearing contact lens more than 10 years already..

  11. but my short-sightedness didn't get better, it just maintain at the current power i think for the past 10 years..

  12. hmmm, are you sure the power will reduce by itself?? or you are getting "old flower" already, so neutralised?? haha~~

  13. i heard about the wolfberry is very good for eyesight.. never heard of dates though, because it's more associated with blood cell renewal..

  14. hmmm, i also want to know how effective this is.. i just wish for one day when i wake up opening my eyes, everything i see is crystal clear..

  15. I also have the same problem as you... have difficulty reading small prints on the labels of food packages! Age is really catching up and it's hard to deny it hehe ;) I do take wolfberries and red dates very regularly (in soup) but don't find that they help much with my eyesight...

  16. Tut Tut Tut, Lena just reply muffin mix consider as one ingredient! :) good luck. She hopes to see our entries...

  17. OOo for better eye sights ka? I thought for blood circulation. Okay thanks. will go cook this. Need it



  18. I like wolfberries and I know it's good for eyesight also. Didn't know red dates could help too. Drinking red dates drink reminds me of confinement.

  19. I drink this every alternate day :)

  20. I thought I was the only one who has problem reading small prints. I should drink this too then. :)

  21. Hi Sheoh Yan, hey, maybe you need reading glasses?
    Have your eyes checked by optician. Also, always wear sunglasses when going out.
    I do that and past 10 years hardly any change in my eyesight.

    Here in Toronto we very often even in winter get very blue skies, no clouds, so the sunlight can be strong, can get sunburnt even in winter, and always advised in the press, doctors to wear sunglasses to protect again UV rays.
    You have a nice day.

  22. Informative.....good job...glad to follow you

  23. Sheoh Yan,
    Is that what is is call ? (those tiny berries) I didnt know that. (until now) shy, shy I heard about the wonders it can do for the eyes too.

  24. hmmm..maybe i can drink this to improve on my complexion. i want to have rosy cheeks like the yvonne, angeline and you!

  25. I love this drink too, drank lots of it during my 3 confinements. But recently there have been news that those red dates & wolfberries from China are tainted with sulphur. So I am a bit apprehensive after reading about it from the newspapers. My mil normally soaks the herbs for a short while before boiling them.

  26. i am getting Presbyopia too :( Can wolfberries really cure that? If it works for you, do share again. I'll be diligently boiling this :)

  27. I know this two items especially wolfberries are good for eye sights, but I too lazy to make this, hehehe.. Next time try to soak them first before you cook it, as I understand now the China supplier add some chemical substances to extend the shelf life.

  28. interesting. i always heard it was the caretene in Vitamin A...like carrots.
    they say as long as you can read at arms length you still don't need glasses..who knows?!

  29. Actually,China QingHai Province Black Wolfberry is much beter Than gouji berry.Good for eyes and you can go:http://www.sinaeangift.com/ get more info!