Meme: Most frequently heard compliment

Hi folks, this my first meme (tag). I hope you folks can give me your support and respond to the meme if it has spreaded to you. It will be fun to see all your answers to the meme.

Here it goes,

what is my most frequently heard remark?

My answer,

in my 39 years, I heard these the most from my friends (especially new friends) and relatives.
1.You are very tall.
2. How tall are you?
3. Why you so tall one?
4. Does your husband taller than you?
5. Can you play basketball?

So, my responds to all the remarks above regarding my height are always,
1. Smile smile.
2. 173cm or 5 feet 8 inches.
3. Don't know, perhaps it is the gene.
4. No, we are almost same height.
5. No, I can't. (Then, they sure say, "Wasted la!")

I received Happy Blogger Award from Amelia last week. Thanks a  lot Amelia, for thinking of me.
Here I would like to pass this meme and this award to 5 people as below.

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Hope to read about what is the most frequently heard remark of yours.


  1. Hi Sheoh, Love to read your MEME. wow.. you got the super model height. :)

    Thank you for thinking of me and pass me the award. *hugs*

    Have a nice day. Regards.

  2. haha...u must be bored hearing that question again and again. But then, it is not a bad question thou.

  3. Oohh...now I know you are a tall lady..ehehheheh

  4. haha, yalor, how come you so tall one?? :p

  5. so maybe your two princesses inherited your gene and will become tall girls in the future??

  6. Yeah lah you are very tall. I envy your height. Taller girls are more attractive...my personal opinion lah.

  7. wow 173cm...you are tall, Yan. I always love to be tall but unfortunately I'm 20cm shorter than you :(

    And I think your girls too will be very tall too.

  8. Man,, you are 5 8,,that's tall for a girl and man again you don't anything near 39 to me,,hahahah but seriously you don't look 39 at all.......next time come to Penang, you must share with me the secret of your youth, boleh tak?

  9. pls dont stand beside me...:D

  10. Wah, I envy your height!! Don't have to wear high heels :)

  11. You are 2" taller thn me.. My hubby is a 6 footer and is still growing, sideway though. Bleh..

  12. I envy your height!!

    wow the giant lollies that hang on the ceiling look magnificent.

    Wonder how the mushroom sauce is like.


  13. My first impression upon seeing you when we first met, "Wow, this lady is so tall!" Of course I didn't say it out la, hahaha.

    Will write about this soon :D

  14. wow..congrats..
    height is a lovely plus to girls..envy your height..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  15. Ok thanks for the Meme (actually what is it.. haha).
    I will write about it soon! ;)

  16. My daughter is almost same height like you, so I have no problem to stand beside you.,hehehe.,my daughter also hate peoples always say she is tall and skinny.

  17. You are tall. Your girls will be tall too I'm sure. Anyway, the silliest question I think is the "Why you so tall one?" Hahahha.

  18. You are tall. Hahaha I'll make my own "meme"...Sorry darling for the late reading. You know I'm busy these few days....

  19. Hi5! I agree 100% with you on all the questions from 1-5. Last time when I was younger (teenager), people even used to say "Wah you are so tall, next time very hard to find husband"... Luckily I managed to fine a man taller than me haha (hubby is 188cm and I'm 175cm) ;)