{Closed}Giveaway on Create-A-Monster Starter Set

Giveaway time again! Please squeeze all your brain juice and put on your thinking cap for my last giveaway question. This time, there is only 1 question, but we are looking for three most creative answers to be our winners of Create-A-Monster Starter Set.

I hope you have got enough heads up from my review on Create-A-Monster Starter Set. There is really a lot of fun in building, designing and assembling your very own creature of Monster High ghoul.

This giveaway contest is opened for Blog With Yan's reader who live in Malaysia.
Giveaway question:
If you could Create-A-Monster to be a part of the Monster High student body, what would be the name and personality traits?

For more info on the Monster High student body, please visit http://www.monsterhigh.com/

Please answer the above question in the comment section of this post.
The contest starts now and ends on 23 December 2012, Sunday, 8 am (GMT +8) .
Winners will be announced in this blog on  28 December 2012, Friday.

Please also leave your email address when you place your answers in the comment section below so that we are able to contact you should you be selected as one of the lucky winners.


  1. Another great news to bloggers! Hehe..

    Wanna wish everyone best of luck first!

  2. Looking at the separated heads and limbs - those sure are scary monsters! LOL

  3. woot!! another great giveaway.. I think this set is rather more interesting as it allows the girls to unleash their creativity..

    1. yay yay yay.. so looking forward to see all the creative names and characters to be laid down in the comments here..

    2. Yeah Thambee should try to win and let your Fing Fing play! He will wrap them in towels and molest!! Kakakakakakaka

  4. That would be nice for young girls. My girls are too big for that. Anyway, all the best to those who take part.

  5. Okay noted...! Anay will wear his thinking cap turban and start thinking. Will be back!

  6. Oh my! I'm running out of idea.

    Evil Grimm! A monster that can change the face from human to a monster. Wearing black jacket coz he only moves at night.


  7. Oh my this is very hard. Will put on my thinking cap and i'll be right bec....

  8. Oh, giveaway time! Your one and only one question is very hard.

    1. I'm currently lacking of brain juice. Will be back after I refill them. :)

  9. Everyone is waiting for others answer... Lol

  10. Good luck to all participants for this contest..I wish I can be creative but my creativity failed me on this Monster High question..:(

  11. Hi Yan,

    Thanks for organizing this giveaway! I don't really have a good answer for your question... And of course, I would call my monster, Monster Zoe. LOL!


  12. Good luck to all participants :)

  13. At first glance it look scary to me. But very creative way to play a doll.

  14. Hi Yan, first time I see this 'monster set'. Looks interesting.
    Okay, I guess I'll take a pass on this...
    Here's wishing all those taking part, good luck.
    You have a nice day, keep well.

  15. Since MH is lacking of lads, here's a fine one. Meet Ingriss Teferi, a cheeky little imp with jet black hair - Mohawk styled, little wings, and a pointy tail. And not to forget those little fangs that would occasionally show up (he's missing his pitchfork, though). He is free-spirited and fond of pranks. Often involved in the mischief happenings around the school ground. But worry not, as his practical jokes are usually harmless. Sometimes hated, sometimes loved among his friends. He's always there to cheer up the mood. So he's teasing little nature is often excused. Don't underestimate the power and speed of the Imp's iron claws, for he is protective of his beloved school. When danger is at hand, he won't hesitate to strike. Isn't he our impish little friend !

  16. I will name it : Monster Sweetie, a monster that always give a scary big smiles..

  17. I'm gonna try my luck, here goes:

    Came new student in Monster High,
    A girl called Syreena with enchanting voice,
    She lives near the ocean where the tide is low and high,
    With her monster mother named Siren.

    Syreena is portrayed as a femmes fatale,
    She sings beautiful, mesmerizing songs,
    And is nicknamed "Winged Maiden" as in tale,
    She is half girl, half bird with scaled leg and colorful wings.

    Her favorite subject in school is Music,
    She plays instruments well especially the harps,
    Syreena sings sweetly she lulls her audience to sleep,
    She's so talented she gets all the claps.

    Email: tyycelinet@gmail.com

  18. If I were to create a monster, I would name her Orenji-chan, the distant cousin of the nine-tailed fox. She comes with a fluffy tail, and foxy ears which stood out, hers of the color reddish-orange. She wears mostly white, complementary to her golden almond-shaped eyes and very long black hair floating about her. Her rosy cheeks would grow even redder against her porcelain-white skin when she feels embarrassed. This foxy lady does not talk much and would mostly respond to her friends with giggles when being teased. But lo and behold! For this creature would accidentally puff fire when startled. She wanders about in the human world a lot. Equipped with keen ears and sharp eyes, she walks ever so swiftly that she could pass anywhere, or anyone unnoticed. She could make a good spy, but that's soon to be discovered.

    email: hamdanani@gmail.com

  19. Would love to have this set as a Christmas Gift to my cousin. Here's my entry:-
    Q: If you could Create-A-Monster to be a part of the Monster High student body, what would be the name and personality traits?

    A: Name: Alaina Harper (Daughter of the Harpies)
    Personality traits: " I'm a ghouls who has wings and a beautiful face. I also spread out my wings whenever other monsters tries to mess with my temper. Other than that, I'm a ghoul who loves all thing fashion which is why everybody keep there eyes on me because I like to dress to impress. Whenever there's a sale going on at the Maul, I like to snatch things first before they go out. I also care and very protective about my ghoulfriends and that's why we became BGFF (Best Ghoul Friends Forever). My freakiest flaw would be monster calling us, Harpies, ugly! I mean, those are just myth... I think but for sure, I'm not ugly!"

    E-mail: frankiestein65@yahoo.com.my

  20. My name is Jeannie, a genie descent,
    My favourite fashion item is the harem pants,
    I have long luscious black hair tied neatly in a ponytail,
    Being almost-perfect in everything is a trait that never fail,
    I am lucky I have magic to help me get by,
    But years have taught me to never be shy,
    Other than being understanding, I make wishes come true,
    I am friendly and loyal and often never feel blue,
    Although I seem to be energetic and full of life,
    My mood swings sometimes do go for a dive,
    That’s why I carry an exotic purse,
    When I’m low on magic powers, in it I disperse!

  21. A young man approached the school carrying two bags, one in each hand. He wore nice clothes that consisted of black slacks, a white button up shirt with a few top buttons unbutton revealing some of his chest, and a black trench coat that stayed unbuttoned. This was Walden Willow, the youngest born of the Whipping Willow's spirit. Though he planned on having the school think he was just another monster, without seeing what he really looks like. This way, nobody will treat him like some freak. He flipped back his long golden green hair and reminded himself to be careful not to affect other monsters' moods. For he is capable of instilling emotions in other beings around him even if he didn't intend to. He came from the valley of the forest. It would be a difficult task. "Hmm", he said aloud. "Welcome to Monster High."

  22. wow...more and more giveaways :)