Kidzania 2012

Entry fees: RM55 x 2 (kids)  + RM 35 (adult) + RM 2 special charge for buying online =  RM147

When my husband attended the training course for two weeks in KL, the girls and me were joining him on the second week.

During our stay in KL, other than meeting up with some bloggers, my intention was to bring my girls to KidZania. I had bought 2 children and 1 adult tickets of the evening session from Kidzania KL website in advance.

On that day,  my husband's cousin took a day off to bring her daughter to join us in KidZania. So we went into Kidzania in a group of 2 mothers and 3 kids. It was good to have them joining as her daughter who is 1 year elder than April, have been there once. She gave a good briefing of some tasks that she had performed before to us. She could be my girls' tour guide.
First stop was lining up at CIMB bank to cash out 50 KidZos.
Three of them decided to work in PosLaju courier service as their first job. Earn 8 Kidzos.
May's second job was working as Nail Artist in the beauty saloon, their cousin was her customer. May earned 8 Kidzos. Cousin paid 6 Kidzos.
On the other hand, April went to work in construction site. She earned 8 Kidzos from stacking bricks.

When May and cousin finished their nail painting task, they proceeded to work in Nippon Paint worker. Earn 8 Kidzos.
While waiting for her sister and cousin to finish the wall painting job, April went to do window washing. She earned 8 Kidzos.
Her cousin wanted to work at KPJ Emergency Room, but both my girls wanted to be Polices. They earned 10 Kidzos from Police Station.
They compliant about hand soreness when asking to control the crown from entering the fire disaster site.
When the kids started to feel thirsty and hungry, I asked them go to work in food and drink factory, such as Vitagen & Marigold Milk Factory. The kids took one vitagen back with them and they needed to pay 6 Kidzos.
It was time to utilize the Kidzos that they had earned so far, they went to work in Sushi King Sushi bar. They were allowed to bring back a box of their hand rolled sushi. Pay 16 Kidzos.
Next, they went learning culinary at Ayam Brand Cooking School. They finished their own made sandwiches there. Pay 10 Kidzos.
After stuffing them with food and getting their bodies battery recharged, they went queuing up to be the most anticipated KidZania Fire Fighter. They waited for 1 hour in front of the fire station.
They said Fire Fighter is the best task of all others in Kidzania. Because they could take a ride in the fire engine.
Earn 10 Kidzos for being the fire fighter.
Their last task was to work in Merrybrown Burger Shop.
They were given a chicken burger that they made themselves. Pay 10 Kidzos.

We were there in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur on 4 December 2012, 4pm to 9pm. April performed 9 jobs and May performed 8 jobs.

They have made me promise to them that I must bring them to Kidzania every time we go to KL.


  1. i like the idea of KidZania actually.. it's brilliant to make the kids experience the real world, that they have to work to earn money to get a living..

    1. but i was wondering, how come there isn't a job call "housewives" that they stay at home doing housework and cooking?? hahaha.. i bet that isn't any fun right?? :p

    2. They should have created a booth called "Kaldip's Tai Tai" and let Meow teach people how to buy books, eat, sleep and shit whole day! What a good life!

    3. LOL . Kaldip tai tai..
      then they should prepare some poddle dog for the tai tai to bring the dog for a walk..
      then go for manicure pedicure. then lastly high tea with all those rich tai tai.. BEST LIFE

  2. so they earn the salary between 8-10 Kidzos but then the food are all more expensive than what they earn!! i like this, it reflects the real situation that our pay is always lower than the living standard.. this is SO REALISTIC!! haha..

    1. so you were actually allowed to stay with the kids all the time and see what they are doing in there with the adult ticket?? not bad, cos i heard from a friend that parents are not allowed inside..

    2. hello my friend .. you only work for few hours that is the pay le.
      It is only RM5/hour le...

  3. yeah, how nice!! April and May love Kidzania so much huh?? good, then next time when you come to KL again, you can just ditch them there and you go meet the HHBC or shop till you drop in the shopping mall..

    1. so how much is the entrance fees?? have you calculated how much value is 1 Kidzo actually?? then you can figure how the salary and also the food prize..

    2. aiya .. why so calculative..
      go there enjoy and papa mama pay for the entrance fee.. kakakak

  4. I can see that they truly enjoy their experience at Kidzania. My boy has been there twice and can't wait to go for the 3rd time. I asked him to wait for mommy to win another round of vouchers first. Not going to pay for the tickets. Ahahaha...

  5. I;m sure they have fun!! I'm trying to delay my girl's visit till she is older. hope by then, the centre is still 'operating'.. LOL!

  6. This is such an educational place for kids!

  7. I also plan to bring Aden there when he grows up later, haha!

    1. I'm postponing this plan until my boy reaches 8 years ole, kakaka~

      Younger children don't really know the value of the money, unless we start from very young.

    2. is it?
      small kucing know all the money.. i touch his head and he ask for RM5...
      must learn from mama kucing....

  8. I heard about it when we were in KL in November 2012 but haven't got the chance to check it out..we had a smaller scale one during one of the exhibition here in KK some time this year..it is very educational if the kids are briefed well of the meaning for the program.

  9. Nice place for kids! My son surely love this place.

  10. KidZania is fun!

    And with those job to work and get paid with, it teaches good value to kids. :)

  11. Kidzania is a fun place, provide there isn't huge crowd! I was shocked that April and May needed to wait for 1 hour to be the firefighter. It's kinda waste of time, queuing up for a job :(

    1. All the kids have become the cheap labour, work hard to earn mere 8 kidzos and the food like sushi is double the price!!

    2. Yes..holiday season, we really have to wait for a long queue especially the fire fighter. Even the Vitagen extablishment have to wait for about 20 mins because each time they can only accomodate 4 person.

      Still kids enjoy going there..aahhahah

    3. they should follow like the universal studio/disneyland
      that could have a speed pass..

  12. The entrance fee is so high!!! Yannie didn't dare to reveal kah?

    1. aiyo .. so a good experience..
      and ku ku chi pai..
      yannie and jin jin rich people. no problem le..

  13. Anyway it is worth it as every kid loved that place. My wife strongly recommends that place to groom kids from young. She always told our cousins to bring their kids there.

  14. So you have to come to KL every year! Next year we will meet you there and bitch whole night while your kids go inside to have fun.

  15. I yet bring my kids to Kidzania. Wait till my boy able to follow instruction. Wah they wait so patiently for the Fire Fighter. It's a very good educational land for the kids.

  16. heard alot about kidzania..maybe I should go there to have a look with my nephews one day..

  17. Nice and fun! Will bring my kids there when I go to KL. :)

  18. Wow holidaying in kl again..nice. Glad to know yr girls had fun in kidzania. We still have some kidzos from kidzania Jakarta.

  19. Nice and fun experience for the girls! I haven't brought Chloe there although we stay nearby and we go to The Curve/Ikea almost every week!

  20. Pretty expensive to enter Kidzania huh? You look great Yan!

  21. Ah.. Every kids FAVOURITE city!! We'll be going there again next week :)

  22. wow, great job to the girls. They managed to do so many jobs. Mine is still bugging me to bring her there again.

  23. thinking to bring my youngest son to this place too, this is a fun place for all kids.

  24. I would love to go...still haven't been to Kidzania yet!

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  25. Oh this is a very good idea... Kids would really enjoy... It's fun to do it on holidays :)
    I wish we have this in the Philippines

  26. looks fun wor...nice way to enjoy themselves.


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