Luo Han Gua Agar Agar

A few days ago, I watched a culinary show on TV. The show made Luo Han Guo Aloe Vera Agar-Agar, which claimed to be good to treat heat-induced cough, colds, lung congestion and sore throat. It’s also used to soothe vocal cords inflammation, reduce phlegm, and promote bowel movements. It was so interesting, and I was inspired to make Luo Han Gua Agar Agar on the next day. I skipped putting in Aloe Vera as my kids don't like it.
I got all the ingredients ready, Luo Han Gua, dried sweetening winter melon, and honey dates. 
I also added in rock sugar for sweeter taste of Agar Agar. Bring everything to boil in a pot of water. Remove Luo Han Gua and other ingredients, stir in Agar Agar powder until all dissolve. Remember to follow the measurement of how much Agar Agar powder that needed to put, otherwise the texture of Agar Agar will either be too hard or too soft.
Chill Luo Han Gua Agar Agar in a tin, then fridge it.
Cut the chilled luo han guo agar-agar jelly into small pieces and serve it as cold snack. 
It is so refreshing and healthy.
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Something about May

During Raya holiday, my husband was working to cover the duty of his Muslim colleagues, he didn't at home most of the time. April went to her ex-nanny house for a 3D2N stay. I was home alone with my younger daughter, May.

I didn't plan a lot of things to do with May at home. I didn't even bring May out for leisure, as I wanted to avoid the mall, the cinema, the restaurant, and those famous chains. She, always being my very sweet girl, never complained of the boredom for just staying home with me.
When she had finished doing workbooks, I let her play games. She was happy, as the big sister was not there to fight with her for the tab.
When I had taken too much carb (egg tarts),  and I didn't shed enough fat in the morning gym session, I took her to go hiking at the Second Emperor Hill at Lake Garden. We went up and down the hill for more than 5 rounds. She didn't complain about tiring and aching.
When all restaurants were fully packed and busy, I just took away a pack of curry mee from hawker center as her dinner. She loved it, and asked me to buy her the same curry mee again as her next day dinner. Silly girl!
While I was busy spring cleaning their toy cabinet, CD cabinet, book shelves, their wardrobes and my wardrobe, she was allowed to enjoy cartoons and snacked on fruit. She was happy to have the full control of the TV/Astro remotes.
At time when she was too tired and bored of watching too much TV, playing too much games, and doing too much workbooks, she threw tantrum on the floor and refused to go for a bath.
This morning, my two girls were back to school. I always wake May up the same time as April, though May doesn't need to go to her kiddy so early. I need to get both them ready to school, before I can settle myself to work. When I came out from the bathroom with April, I saw May still sleeping on the couch. She must be still in her holiday mode. I coaxed her, hugged her, and kissed her till she was wide awake.

Overall, May is so lovable.
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Yannie's egg tarts

I wanted to bake egg tarts long time ago, as my whole family loves egg tarts very much. I decided to try baking my first batch of egg tarts during the Raya holiday. I quickly looked up for a simple recipe in my blogger friend, Lena's blog (frozen wings)
The left one was the pastry, and the right one was the filling that I have mixed with pandan paste.
My first batch of egg tarts were tasted good in both the filling and the pastry. Of course there was still room for improvement in my next attempt.
I asked my 6 years old, May for her comment after taking her first bite. She said, "Good". I wanted her to show me her thumb up as a stronger gesture.
I take this chance to thank my 3 male blogger friends, Twilight Man, [SK], Simple Person for their very sincere comments. I had actually taken my egg tarts picture with my signature, the 2 purple plastic orchids as background. Then, I suddenly recalled what they have said. I quickly took away the orchid, and snapped another set of pictures with new background. TM, SK and SP, you guys have allowed me to become better.
Yannie's egg tart
Ingredients for skin: (adopted from Frozen Wings)

Butter 190gm, softened
Flour 225gm
Custard Powder 75gm
Sugar 60gm
1 egg

1. Just mix all the ingredients together into a pastry and place pastry into tarts moulds.

Ingredients for filling:
Boiling water 100gm
Sugar 75gm
Egg 2
Fresh milk 125gm

1.Preheat oven at 200C for 15mins
2. Dissolve sugar in boiling water, let cool, add egg and fresh milk. Do not beat, just stir and mix.
3.Strain the mixture and pour into the tart mould. Bake at 180C for 25mins or until cooked
4. Half the mixture into two, mix in 1 tablespoon of pandan paste to one mixture, and left one mixture in natural egg color.
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Port Weld Seafood

Yesterday, before I returned to hell work, we went to Kuala Sepatang (Port Weld) for heavenly delicious seafood. Kuala Sepetang is only 20km from Taiping town, this cost us roughly twenty five minutes traveling time. 
In previous several trips,  we had tried Xin Kuala Sepetang Sea Food Restraurant. This time we tried Restaurant Tepi Sungai.
MIL bought a pack of trianggle Kuih Kapit for the girls to quench their hunger, while waiting for the ordered food.
Dishes that we ordered. 2 big plates of steamed baby octopus wasn't in the picture, and steamed big fish was half savored.
April loves eating crabs. After the feast, they were enjoying the beautiful view at fishing village.
This fishing river scenery is a heaven most appreciated by photographers.
The total food bill for 4 adults and 2 children came up to RM125, plus the fruit juices. I truly enjoyed the scenery and of course the seafood. If you love photography, you can sure capture nice shoot here. The main selling point is you can try out absolutely fresh seafood with a cheap rate that you can't find else where. Do take some time off your schedule and plan a visit to this beautiful town, if you drop by Taiping.

Restaurant Tepi Sungai (RT Weld Restaurant)
No 150 Tepi Sungai
Kuala Sepetang
34650 Taiping
Tel : 05 8581169
Business Hour : 11am – 9.30pm
GPS Coordinates : N04 50.150   E100 37.620
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Breakfast that I prepared the day before.

On school days, I wake up at 6am every morning, and I need to get my two daughters ready to school in 45 minutes.
I usually retire to bed quite late, so I don't think I can wake up earlier than 6am. Otherwise I will be yawning away like drug addict in the office.

Therefore, I would prepare breakfast the day before. Out of all, egg mayo sandwiches and french toast are the girls' favorites.

1. Egg mayo sandwiches.
I used Kewpie Mayonnaise Mild flavor, Naturel Margarine, 3 half boiled eggs, slices of cucumber and tomato, Massimo breads and pepper.
Mash hard boiled eggs, put in a dash of margarine, and then mix everything well with mayonnaise.
Get ready 2 pieces of breads, layer slices of cucumber on top of one bread, and slices of tomato on top of another bread, spread enough egg mayo on top of the veggie.
Put two slices of breads together and cut into 2 triangles.
I would usually serve this egg mayo sandwich as their bedtime snack, and keep some in the fridge as their breakfast on the next morning.

2. French toast.
I used Massimo breads, 2 eggs, condensed milk, Planta margarine, and castor sugar.
Whisk eggs well and mix well with condensed milk.
Dip breads into egg mixture and put breads in HCP, which has heated with a dash of margarine at medium fire. Flip over bread until both sides have turned brown. HCP is able to pan fry 4 breads at one go.
French toast was  ready to be served as my daughters' supper . They love having it with some sugar sprinkled on top.
I usually prepare more and keep some as their breakfast on the next morning.

Sometimes, I will bake cakes or muffins in the evening, and they get to have cakes and muffins as breakfast.

I take this opportunity to wish my Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin, and my non Muslim friends Happy Holiday.
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By spamming blog of ...

...him last year, I got his handmade card though I was just at 10th place. He stated that it was a little appreciation from him and he hope that I will be winning even bigger this year.
Finally I was at 3rd place in the month of July, I got another handmade card from him. I am glad that I am a hot mama in his comics.
He wrote a heartfelt message at the back of the card.Thanks SK. I will show my true colors until you cannot "tahan" me.
At the same time, I got the Versatile Blogger Award from mummy's bloggers, Angeline, Alice and Zoe. Thanks a lot for remembering me, and I really appreciate your support in my blog.

I feel so thankful for all the above handmade cards and awards. I am so glad to connect with all of you in blog sphere. I really learned many things from reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing all your valuable experience and knowledge in life. Many, never fail to make me laugh out loud with your lively sense of humour.

I am required to share 7 facts about myself for The Versatile Blogger Award. I guess, my old readers who have followed me for some time should have known me quite well. So, I  revise the 7 ME things a bit for those who are still new to my blog.

1. Height 173cm, weight 60++ kg. Don't mind people say me old or ugly, but very mind if people say me putting on weight.

2. I am a glutton, but I am very scared of getting fat, so I am very hardworking in doing exercise. 

3. I am a forever on diet woman, because I can never achieve my ideal weight, due to I am a glutton. 

4. I love singing, reading, watching TV, baking and sleeping.

5. I love fruit and veggie. 

6. I love noodles and biscuits. 

7. I love petai and pumpkin. 

It isn't easy to share 7 things about our own self. If you don't believe, please try writing the 7 things about yourself  in your next post, and accepting this Versatile Blogger Award from me.
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May is the champion

Last Tuesday morning, I took a half day off, and together with my husband, we went supporting May in the singing competition final round at her kiddy. Last year, I chose a tough song for her, and she couldn't overcome her terrible stage fright, at the end she was eliminated at the preliminary round. Later I found out from her teacher that she had cold sweat all over her body that day. 

This year, when I knew that she was chosen to go into the final competition, I was so happy. There were around 150 students in preliminary round, only 20 were chosen to go into final round. Out 20 students, prizes were given to top 3 winners and 5 consolations winners. Everyday, I let her practice singing through karaoke VCD with microphone at home. I just wanted to see my 6 years old walking up to the stage bravely and singing her song confidently. If she could bring back a prize, that was a  bonus.
I stood at the middle of the floor, watching her and recording her with Nokia phone.
Her Papa walked from corner to corner, taking many blurry pictures with Sony digital camera.
When the kiddy principal announced the winners, I just hoped that she could get a consolation prize as a motivation for her terrific improvement. To our utterly surprised, her name was announced as the champion. She got another trophy from the colouring contest that held months ago. The champion trophy now has to be put on top of a cabinet, as it couldn't be fitted into the cabinet which was allocated to store only their trophies. 

Here is the video of her singing the competition song on stage. I was so proud of her, as she has managed to conquer her stage fright. She sang the song so loud and clear. A big applause to my younger girl for winning the champion.

Just a side note, we have bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7 to reward my princesses for their achievement in school. I restrict them to use it only on weekends. On other days, the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7 is mine.
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The only Gold medal

Many people amazed at my time management. I am being a full time working mother for 2 kids, and being able to maintain a blog,  going for exercise at least 3 times a week, baking, cooking on weekends, coaching my girls in their studies and watching some TVB dramas that I like. Mind you, I can cope up with my hectic lifestyle so well, all because I have a Gold Medal husband.

Why I say so?

When he sees bruises or mozzie bites on our hands or legs, he will rub ointment and make all bruises and wound disappear in only 3 days.

When he comes back from work late, and I go to tuck the princesses to sleep, he will check their school bags to review their  homework and help sharpening all their pencils and color pencils.

Since my princesses were still babies until now, he does the cleaning of their ear wax and trimming their fingers and toes nail.

He supervises my princesses in their homework, when I am not around.

Even if I am around, he does all the cleaning in my house that your 2 Indon maids cannot compete with his tidiness.

Weekends, he let me go to gym and he stays home to cook us lunch of 3 dishes and 1 soup.

After the gym, I go home all thirsty and hungry, he has prepared a hearty meal and a big mug of my favourite fruit juice for me on the table.

On and off, he will check my wallet at night and replenish some cash inside.

I have forgotten when was the last time I refilled the gas in my car.

Despite  I can drive and I have my own car, he likes to be my driver sending me to Yoga class, hair saloon and beauty saloon, and picking me up after I have done. 

When my two princesses go to bed, there is the time we watch TVB drama together through PPS.TV  at computer.

Usually I will have very light dinner, I crave for snack before bedtime . He won't allow me to nibble on peanuts, crackers and chocolate. He will serve me a big plate of fruit that he cuts into small cube like these.

He has told me before not to flatter him so much in my blog, but what to do, he is the only Gold Medal that I have in my life.
Picture was taken in March 1998 at Pulau Langkawi. 
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A different Sunday

We usually sleep in a bit late on Sunday, I will cook breakfast and lunch for my family, and then go to gym in the afternoon.
Last Sunday was not the common Sunday we used to have, as I signed up a stall at April's school building fund raising charity fair. This school was also my husband and my own primary school. So, I think it is good that we can do something to help raising fund for the new school building.

I asked my MIL to help steaming yam cakes and pumpkins for me to sell. I shared a stall with a man who wanted to sell Nyonya Kuih. We all woke up early like weekdays. My two girls took part in the colouring contest event of the Charity Fair. This Charity Fair was actually run by Nanyang Siang Pau, Astro and the school. The whole activity ended at 2pm. 
We went home to take a nap, as at night, we got more exciting thing to do. We ordered Pizza Hut Delivery and watched Olympics Badminton Men's Singles Final at home. You shall see my two girls, one hand holding National Flag and another hand holding praying beads. They were cheering and chanting at the same time, praying for Dato LCW's victory.
Now, I shall pictures do the talking.
I reached school at 7.30am setting up my stall with my MIL steamed yam cakes and steamed pumpkin cakes.
I fully sold out all my MIL steamed cakes, but uncle's Nyonya Kuih wasn't 'laku'. I gave some to the neighbour stalls and some brought back for friends. I would like thank my colleagues and friends for dropping by and supporting my stall yesterday. I feel so proud for being able to do something for my  primary school.
p/s: 《南洋商报》、astro及太平华联二校联办的“我来自新村”太平嘉年华
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