Taiwan shopping loots

I am back from Taiwan trip. I am not too sure whether I will have time to blog about my trip. I would love to do it if time permits, because Taiwan is such a great place to shop and the food at the night market is all my liking . The moment I flew back to KLIA, I felt like booking a flight ticket to make another trip back to Taiwan again. I had never got enough of shopping at the night markets. Shoes, bags, and clothes are cheap. I could have bought even more loots, if it isn't a winter time.
Top: Pineapple cookies 凤梨酥. Bottom:  Sun Biscuits太阳饼, and  the "very tasty but don't know name" square biscuits. 
Top: two pairs of shoes for myself, the white&red one is only TWD100 (RM11.30) and the brown one is only TWD190 (RM21.50). Bottom: two tops TWD350 (RM40), one  bottom TWD190 (RM21.50) and one pajamas TWD500 (RM56.50). These are all mine. 
Top: April's loots are two dresses TWD600 (RM 68)and one pajamas TWD400 (RM45). Bottom: May's loots are two tops TWD200 (RM22.60) and two bottomsTWD200 (RM22.60). 

Top: Photo frame, key chain and mug with our photos printed at the souvenir shop in the hotel TWD390 (RM44). Bottom:  10 pairs of cute and lovely socks for the April and May TWD200 (RM22.60)
Every time we travel, my husband won't get anything for himself from the place we go, but from the duty free shop in the airport. This time, it is just the same.
During the trip,  he got himself Taiwan beer in cans from convenience store. He said Taiwan beer is cheap and nice. 

My two girls love their instant noodles in mugs. It tastes good indeed. 
I don't really satisfy with my loots, because they are not as many as I would love to grab. May be it was due to the time allocated for shopping in the tour package always short. I couldn't make my choice right when I was in a rush. I told myself so many times, I must go back to Taiwan again. Next time, I want go with a bunch of lady friends. I love to go there for shopping and also enjoying the night market food only. lol!
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Our year end holiday

This year, I work very hard and I save up many annual leaves. Now, school holiday is here. It is time for me to clear my leaves and do something to break my routine. I take 3 weeks off in a row. Yes!

We are going to a place inside Malaysia.
We are going to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for a few days. April is having a ping pang tournament there.
After visiting Siti Khatijah Market in Kelantan, we are going to a place outside Malaysia. Hooray!

I bought a few long sleeves and jackets for the girls.

I also bought many tights and leggings for them.

I have stolen some time to do some homework just now on what we can do there.

Woot! Taipei 101, Shilin Night Market, Sun Moon Lake,.......

Woot! Shopping, shopping, shopping for cosmetics, facial masks, bags, shoes and cloths,......

Woot! Food, food and food.

Taiwan, here we come.
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Our routine Sunday

How you spend your Sunday?
When I check my FB on Sunday, I always see my friends having good time on Sunday. Many go for outing, parks and malls.
How I spend my Sunday?
Morning, I go for a swim for at least an hour while my two daughters are having their swimming lesson in the other side of the pool. That explains how we get our tan complexion recently.
After swimming, we go back home to have my husband home cook lunch. He cooks 1 soup and 3 dishes as he always does.
When done with lunch, we watch an hour TV, we will go for our precious beauty nap for at least 2 hours.
Waking up from our beauty nap, we will go to the club. The girls are attending their table tennis training, and I will do work out in the gym above their court.
We have dinner in the club.
Back at home, I iron clothes and the girls watch a bit TV.  We call off our Sunday with a book before bedtime.
We are used to this type of Sunday routine.  I have no complain, children have no complain, and husband too has no complain to cook us lunch on Sunday.

Let me digress a bit, my two girls make me so proud again.  They are doing quite fine in swimming, table tennis and art, at the same time they are also doing well in their studies. April is still retaining her position 1 in Primary 3, she scores in all subjects. May is getting position 2 in Primary 1, she actually got position 3 in the mid-year exam.  To be honest, I was actually angry with May when she got back her exam papers. I found some careless mistakes in her English and Mathematics papers, which I couldn’t tolerate. I caned her hands. I thought she would drop from her position 3 to out of top ten. Little do I know, she is stepping up a position higher.  

Here is a picture of them after making over by professional makeup artist and hair stylist.  They had almost everything ready except the lips color. They later let the makeup artist apply the lips color when I sent them to the school year end concert after having their dinner. 
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YES mood on

Time flies, and it is going to November soon. Many of us, women start hunting for clothes for the year-end holiday trip, Christmas party, New Year party and all sorts of parties. Checking at the calendar, Chinese New Year is on the month of January 2014.  There will be plenty of events and functions along these last few months of the years.

Those are employed, have started to plan how to utilize the bonus.  Many shopping malls, boutiques and outlets are having great sales to attract customers.   Shopping at year-end sale always thrills me. I can think of so many reasons for me to buy clothes.

People who are always busy like me would opt to shop online, because shopping online saves time, cost and effort. That’s solely my own opinion. I love those online boutiques that provide free shipping, good quality of material, reasonable price and trendy fashions.

If you want to be traffic stopper and make people turn head at your stylist outfits, I would like to suggest Ezra to you.
Now you can also find their chic designs and stylish fashions at the online shopping site, Zalora Malaysia.
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The best Mee Hoon Kueh (Hand-pulled noodles) in town

I have been staying in this town since I was born. I have heard many people talking about this stall, which sells the best Mee Hoon Kueh in town, but I never tried it until a few weeks ago. Actually, I was recommended to try the Mee Hoon Kueh soup at this stall by a gym buddy of mine.

This stall is located at Jalan Tupai, on the way Pokok Assam. So sorry that I do not have the address of its location. The owner of this stall is 2007 Astro Classic Golden Melody singing competition champion.
The champion singer and his wife are the chefs of this stall.
After trying the food there for a few times, I know that the chefs would take quite a long time to get the order ready. So, I would always order the Chee Cheong Fun from their next stall to fill up our time and also tummies while waiting for our food to be served.
Next stall Chee Cheong Fun. Very yummy!
Here are the noodles that we can get from the champion singer's stall.
Fried prawn noodles. Super good!

Mee Sua soup. Not bad.

Fish Head rice vermicelli soup. Tasty!

Fried prawn Koey Teow. Delicious!

The very popular Mee Hoon Kueh soup.  Super delicious.
I rate all the food from this champion singer's stall as very good. Only if he can speed up the  preparation time, then it will be even better. My husband and children have started to feel fed up at waiting for the noodles. If you are in the rush, please ban this stall. If you have time, then you can try their different types of noodles there.
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Banana Cupcakes & Chocolate Chips Cupcakes

I have stopped baking for a few months and I suddenly got bitten again by the baking bugs yesterday.

I baked one tray 10 cupcakes only. 4 banana chocolate chips cupcakes and 6 chocolate chips cupcakes.

When I checked my blog archive, apparently I have baked these types of cupcakes before.

My daughters prefer banana chocolate chips from this bake. They said banana chocolate chips cupcakes are more tasty than chocolate chips cupcakes.

Here I share these two very simple and yummy cupcake recipes again.

Banana and Chocolate rice cupcakes(recipe source: by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover)
*makes 10

125g butter, room temperature
80g caster sugar
2 large eggs
1/2tsp vanilla extract
100g self-rising flour
80g mashed banana
30g chocolate rice ( I changed to chocolate chips)

For the topping-chocolate rice ( I changed to chocolate chips)

1. Preheat the oven to 150C. Put 10 paper cases in a 12 holes muffin pan.
2. Put the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl, and beat together until light and fluffy.
3. Add egg one at a time, combine well.
4. Add in the flour and mashed banana, fold till well combine.
5. Add in chocolate rice, mix well.
6. Spoon the mixture into the paper cases. Sprinkle chocolate rice on top.
7. Bake the cupcakes in the oven for 25-30mins, or until risen and firm to the touch.
8. Transfer to a wire rack and let cool.

Chocolate Chips Cupcakes


100g Butter
80g Sugar 
2 eggs
120g self raising flour 
20g cocoa powder
50g chocolate chips 
60g milk
Adequate chocolate chips to sprinkle on top of the batter.
1. Cream the butter and sugar until well combined. Adding 1 egg at a time and make sure they are well-blended in each addition.
2. Add the flour into the mixture, mix well.
3. Gradually add in the milk.
4. Fold in the chocolate chips.
5. Pour the batter into the cupcake cases, about 80% full, bake in a preheated oven of 150C  for about 25mins. (This is depended on  individual oven)
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Happy Mid Autumn colouring work

Happy Mid Autumn to you and your family.

Here is a colouring work done by April. Just guess, what was colouring material that she using here?
She used only colour pencils here.

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August holiday

Why I only blog about my August holiday now? Please read.....

August school break + Hari Raya = two weeks holiday. We didn't go anywhere out of town. We watched two movies, Despicable Me 2 and Smurfs 2.

I didn't manage to get them any McD Minion, but I got McD Papa Smurf and Smurfette. My brother got them each a Minion soft toys, now they hug them to sleep every night. By the way, my brother is a Taiping food blogger. If you can read Chinese and you are interested to Taiping food, you can visit his very well-written blog.

On the Sunday before school reopened, we took the girls to paddle boat at Lake Garden. You know what? I have forgotten when was my last time there. Probably more than 20  years that I didn't paddle boat at Lake Garden.

There are a few types of boats. We chose the yellow one, because the white boat didn't seem to have good air ventilation. Paddling in the yellow boat was definitely more cooling.

April and me were in one boat, May and papa were in another boat. I was using my Samsung S3 as camera. When I passed my phone over to my husband, I was so scared that it would drop into the lake. We were so careful when passing around the phone.

However, pictures of this outing were probably the last batch that were taken by my phone before it dropped into the squat toilet bowl in my office two days after the outing. I was the one giving SK the idea of his post on 26.08.2013. How my phone was dropped into the Jamban? You can find the reason in his post. SK and Twilight Man thought that I might not read that post at all, hmpf...

Today, you can see all these pictures. It was because I brought my phone to the shop. It was repaired. I was able to set it ON again, and I could copy all the data that I wanted, before I said "Sayonara". The circuit board is spoilt and it will make a fully-charged battery flat with just one call.

So now you know why I was hiatus, because I was still mourning of my drowning phone.
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Merdeka drawing and coloring

In conjunction of Merdeka day, I published two National Day art works of my two daughters. I had forgotten to snap picture of the papers before painting. Now, I only can show you the pictures after painting. Actually all students were given a paper which already had a few objects pre-printed. Students could draw additional things on the paper with their own creativity and imagination. School teachers would then shortlist top ten best drawings from each form to be the winners. They were one of the top ten.
May's drawing

April's drawing
Here I wish everyone Happy Merdeka Holiday, and Happy Birthday to Malaysia.

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Healthy Steamed Bananas Muffin

I made these on my Hari Raya holidays. I personally love these healthy steamed bananas muffins a lot, because it is healthy. My recipe isn’t too sweet, and I add in ovelet and rice flour, the muffin texture is fluffy and soft. When my kitchen has overripe bananas, I will sure remember to use this recipe again. Steamed cake is always easier to prepare than oven baked cake, and it is healthier too.

2 eggs
100g sugar
2 overripe bananas
75g corn oil
130g superfine flour
20g rice flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of ovalet
Pinch of salt
Whisk eggs and sugar until pale and foamy. Sift flour, baking powder and salt, set aside. Add in mashed bananas, and ovelet. Gently fold in flour, baking powder and salt. Add in oil alternately.
Prepare steamer, while pouring mixture into cake liners for 90% full. Steam for 15 minutes in high heat.

Very simple recipe, I hope you like it.
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I posted these pictures in my FB on Friday evening, because I need friends' comments to ease my feeling.

We went fetching April and May back from school as usual. While waiting for the bell to ring, I had
some casual chat with a parent, Bell rang, one of May's classmate ran out. I smiled at her, she didn't smile at me.
Then, softly, she spoke to me, "Auntie, I pushed May just now, she fell down. "
Since she admitted to me, so I just asked nicely, "Did her hurt?"
She said, "Hand, a bit ...." Then, she ran to her mum and left.

When I saw May, I was shocked to see her having cotton wool covered up both her knees and also palms. A few of her other classmates were being very busy body to tell me how the girl pushed May from behind when both of them were running to the field.

Back at home, I checked at her. Her watch was broken. My husband reminded me that May needed to skip the Swimming Gala events which included the swimming competition on that Sunday. We had signed her and April up a month ago.

I actually had lost some of my cool and gone into angry mode. I was angry at May for running so wildly. I was even angrier at her classmate. She was so smart to tell me up front. That was why I forgot to give her a stern warning when she told me. May told me that the teacher too didn't punish her, because she was the first one admitting to the teacher her own sin.

The more I think, the more I mad.  The more I see her wound, the more my heart aching.

When anger flare-ups, I lost my calmness. I lectured May whole night, I made her promise not to run again. I got so emotion until I forgot to attend to her wound.

Thank Goodness, my husband was around. He helped May to bath and wash hair, he gave May first-aid on her knees and palms.

While I tried to scare May that her wound may leave scar permanently, he tried to comfort her by saying that his wound was even worse than her when he was young. 

Now, should I go to school to warn her classmate for not  doing "pushing"  again, because this is a very dangerous act? or should I tell the form teacher how I feel about the whole thing? Lastly,  should I confront the parents?

At the mean time, I want to bring them to the Buddhist temple. I hope we can clear all our bad Karma by chanting and donating to charity more . Amitoufo!
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I give you 3 options

Friday evening, Home Tutor was coming over to give the girls tuition. So, we would have 2 hours free from babysitting our two daughters.

I called up him from office,
Wife: "Dear, this evening when the girls are having tuition. What is your plan?"
Husband: "I give you three options."

Woot woot! In my mind, I actually imagined these 3 options.

1. How happy if my Friday evening was spent on shopping together with him!

2. How overwhelm if my Friday evening was to have a fine dining in a posh restaurant with him!

3. How relax if I could lean on him comfortably while watching TV on couch together!
I  back to reality immediately when he said, " My plan is 1st swimming, 2nd gym, and 3red cycling. What is your choice? "  Period.

That is my fitness freak husband.

But, this doesn't make me love him less.
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Breakfast in a cup

I never really mention about my job transfer.  I have actually transferred to a new setup company 2 months ago. It is owned by the same top management of my previous company.

I am occupied by additional work load. In a very short period, I was expected to master new skills and learn new knowledge from the hand over training one after another. That’s explained why I am so passive in blog sphere.  

Besides, I need to adapt myself to lots of unwritten company policy, such as 5 minutes morning exercise, no lunch at outside, no munching on food in office, and etc.

No munching on food in office!!!???

Yes, the new policy includes no food in the office at any hour.  We are only allowed to have our food at lunch time at inhouse canteen. 

Let me rephrase. We can only drink in the office, but not eat in the office.

I was so used to having my breakfast at my work desk while checking my emails.

Now, I still love to have my breakfast before I start my work in the office.

So, I decide to make my breakfast in a cup, and drink food from my cup. Like this, I can have my breakfast at my work desk while checking my emails.  At the same time, I don’t go against the company policy.  Cleber right? 
Let see what I drink every morning.
4 scoops of organic oatmilk

2 tea spoons of Chia seeds.

Top up with cornflakes that is meant for fitness.

Mix well and drink.
This breakfast in a cup can last me for 3 hours before I need to drink another cup of beverage. When I am busy, it can last me from 8 am till 12.30pm.

Till then, I hope I can update more soon.
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2013 drawing contest (actual result)

I would to thank to all of your input and comment. It means a lot to my two daughters. I personally love their drawings very much. They are my champions, regardless the position that they got from the judging of their school teachers. When I took these pictures, I have told my daughters that I wanted to publish in my blog. The judging from my different readers can be varied and also can be the same as their school teachers. The important thing, we can hear different opinion from all of your very constructive input. I sincerely appreciated your comments.

I agree with many of you, “Art has no rules and the limit is beyond the skies!”. I told my daughters the same thing too, especially my Standard 3, April. She has been remained at the position number 2 since Primary 1. The same boy in her class was still retaining the position number 1. He is the champion from Primary 1 till Primary 3.

Thanks to those who acknowledged Picture B and Picture Z. Picture B is May’s drawing. Picture Z is April’s drawing. They both are first runner up in their own category.

Primary 1 winning drawings
Primary 1 actual result                  

Number 1 , Picture C                  
Number 2, Picture B (May)         
Number 3 , Picture A.       
Please refer to my earlier post for individual drawings.
Primary 3 winning drawings
Primary 3 actual result

Number 1 , Picture Y
Number 2 , Picture Z(April)
Number 3 , Picture X

Please refer to my earlier post for individual drawings.

Thank you once again for spending time to scrutinize all these drawings and leaving me so many useful comments.
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2013 drawing Contest

2013 drawing contest was over. This year, the topic of Primary One is toys and the topic of Primary Three is Beach Activity. 

Here I took the pictures of  the drawings of the top 3 winners from Primary One and Primary Three only. Because my two daughters are one of the winners in these two categories. 

The winners' drawings were all  locked inside window glasses. So, please bear the shadow of reflection at the pictures. 

I do not want to tell you the result of the contest, because I want to hear from you. If you are the judge, how you would rate these drawings? 
Picture A

Picture B

Picture C. 
The above 3 drawings are the top 3 best drawings in Standard One.

Picture X

Picture Y

Picture Z
The above are Standard 3 Top 3 best drawings.

I sincerely want to hear your comments on the above drawings. I will let you know the actual position of all drawings in my next update.

April and May are looking forwards to hear all of your input and opinion.

1. Primary 2 drawing contest (2012)
2. Primary 1 drawing contest (2011)

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Girls in the kitchen

Whenever I did my cooking in the kitchen, I was always in a rush to get my food ready on the table on time.

I would feel upset if my daughters complained about my food, and I would feel disappointed too if they showed no interest on my food.

I have a way to address this now. Just get them into kitchen and prepare their own food. However this can be done when we are not in rush hours.

So far, my nine years old April have tried to cook scramble egg and pan fry pancakes for the family.   I will let my seven years old May to have hands-on in cooking very soon. They would learn to appreciate the food more.

Hopefully, not too long from now, I can just give them the menu of the day, and they can prepare the food and serve the food on the table for me. How nice eh!
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His Father's Day gift

I wanted to buy him a smart phone. Stingy husband turned down my good intention. He said that he is comfortable with his old Nokia which costs only RM400. He doesn't always take picture and video, he doesn't know how to play Candy Crush, he doesn't like to WhatsApp and WeChat, he has lost his password to his FB account ....So there is indeed no point for him to own a smart phone. He wants a phone merely to receive calls and to make calls. Therefore, his current phone is good enough to serve him for these two purposes. Period.

When we visited a bicycle shop, he talked to the shop owner for more than 2 hours, and then he took home two foldable bicycles. One is for himself, one is to share between April and me. These two bicycles, the gadgets and the accessories are easily cost more than 2 newest smart phones in the market . He never sweat when paying for these. On the other hand, how I wish the money was actually spent on getting me a LV handbag. blergh!

Anyway, that is my husband. He just loves sports and fitness more than anything else. He is definitely not one of those people as described in this quote below. 

The girls created him Father's Day cards. They also chipped in money to buy him a NIKE wrist band.

We went to Port Weld for seafood dinner with in-laws family. 
 I don't think he mind that I didn't buy him anything. He will only mind if I don't go cycling with him. I am looking forwards to more night cycling with my White Knight. Now , it is depended on when the haze will go away.
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